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marydavid04 03-19-2020 06:03 AM

I want to lose my weight!
Guys please tell me how do I lose my weight with a healthy diet. My current weight is 121.2 lbs (55 kg) and my current height is 164.5cm (5.4 ft). So I think my weight and my height is not good for me.

MSNik 03-19-2020 07:54 AM

Re: I want to lose my weight!
You actually sound like you are the perfect weight for your height! Have you spoken to a doctor about this? I am 5'4'' and I fluctuate between 120 and 125 lbs daily..
I also work out 4 times a week (hard) and do not eat any processed foods. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat so if you are gaining muscle by working out, you may also gain some weight.

The best way I can tell if I am "in shape" is how my clothes fit... at my weight and height, I can still wear a size 4 in both pants and dresses. I am not going to argue with that!

Znky 09-08-2020 06:16 PM

Re: I want to lose my weight!
I was also going to agree there! I'm 168cm and 58kg and know I'm fine and within normal range!
Dont try and lose weight if youre not actually over weight it's pointless and not a fun time. Your body doesnt need that stress.

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