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springssooner 01-21-2022 07:52 AM

I’m 45, male, 6’ tall, 195 pounds. I’d like to be around 175-180, very lean. I’m active, healthy…

I have some excess sub fat just above my belt line that WILL NOT come off. I’m not even looking for 6 pack abs; just want and desire a flat stomach.

I have done IF for the last couple of years, naturally restrict my calorie intake to around 2,000 a day, and 5-6 days a week I do 120 burpees per day.

According to what I read I’m doing everything right to continue to burn fat, but…no progress.

Why does it seem like this rocket science? Any advise would be appreciated; or, just tell me, if I don’t spend 5 hours in a gym everyday it’ll never happen…just need to know…thanks.

JohnR41 01-21-2022 12:21 PM

Re: Frustrated
A lot depends on the microbes in your gut. This community of microorganisms in your gut is known as the microbiome. If you haven't heard of it, it likely sounds very strange.

A healthy microbiome helps with digestion and even manufactures certain vitamins, among other things.

Studies have been done where they perform a fecal transplant from a lean rodent to an obese rodent and the obese rodent becomes lean. But fecal transplants have not yet been approved (for humans) by the FDA.

So the next best way is to take some prebiotics and probiotics to establish some of the beneficial bacteria you need. But at the same time you have to eliminate such things as sugar and baked goods made with sugar and white flour. In other words, eliminate processed carbohydrates and at the same time eliminate most other processed foods. "Junk foods" or "fast foods" are very destructive to a healthy microbiome.

That's basically what it's all about and you can do some research on your own to get more details on how to go about it. So, there's more to weight control than counting calories and exercising.

Maxxx17 01-29-2022 05:49 AM

Re: Frustrated
That's too bad.

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