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Old 09-08-2003, 01:11 AM   #1
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triton770 HB User
Post to: paper clip

i saw you speaking about refeeds in a different posts to help get rid of surface fat, to see your abs and such...that's all i have left is a few minor pounds that i'm trying to get rid of so i can have more definition in my abs...i was wondering what is a refeed and how do you go about doing it?...thanks for your help...

show me your friends, i'll show you who you are...
show me your friends, i'll show you who you are...

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Old 09-08-2003, 10:41 AM   #2
paper clip
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paper clip HB User

My refeeds are based on the work of someone named Par Deus and some others who have done extensive research into this area. I wish I could reference it, but I don't think other web sites can be posted on this board.

Anyway, here's what I do:

When cutting body fat, my diet is largely composed of low fat lean meat and low carbs (vegetables my only source of carbs). I don't remain on the Atkins plan during the first part of my cutting phase so I'm not measuring my ketones at this time. Almost any diet will do, so long as you're below maintenence calories (multiply your weight in lbs x 12). But I prefer to go high protein, low carb and low fat. It's hard to do I won't lie but it works best for me.

I consume a hefty amount of omega 3 from fish oil during this time, but my meat selections are lean so other than this I'm just making sure I don't go overboard in the fat department--in which case I don't eat a lot of nuts or seeds.

I do this for a few weeks until I hit my plateau, which is almost invariably some time in the 5th week. Weight loss stalls and I know my body is attempting to shut down any further weight loss.

At this point, I select a convenient day and do a refeed. Here's what my refeed schedule looks like:

8 am--breakfast: lean meat selection only.
10 am--low carb protein bar.
Noon--lean meat selection only.
(here's where the refeed starts)
2 pm--half a bag of candy corns and a regular coke
3 pm--the other half of the bag and another coke
4 pm--caffeine free sweet tea and some fat free candy
5 pm--skim milk with super sugar crisp cereal
6 pm--sweet tarts
7 pm--candy corn
8 pm--a spoon of sugar right before hitting the gym
11 pm--beef jerky or other lean meat snack
12 pm--go to bed

the next day I resume my high protein, low fat, low carb diet as usual. It is not unusual to see a pound of weight gain (mostly water), but it goes away pretty fast. Usually within a few days I can tell there is further weight loss. I would not sugggest jumping right in with my schedule--it might make you nauseated from the huge sugar rush. Also, don't overeat huge portions. This is not a free-for-all, but then again, don't worry if you have a couple thousand calories of junk sugars. You're trying to stimulate your metabolism hormones into thinking the starvation period is over. By the time the hormones are back up to normal, there's very little food in the system to convert to fat. You will gain a little bit of weight, but the idea is to take 2 steps forward even if you have to take 1 step back. start out with a refeed and then wait a week and see if you lost weight. You have to get right back on your diet right away though.

As you know, it won't work nearly as well for someone who is obese, unless they do a very simple refeed (like 1 meal of low fat, low protein and high sugar).

Also, forget about fruit, you need junk sugars.

This sounds crazy I know, but this is one reason why many people on a diet who slip up and eat a cheat meal wind up weighing less the next few days when they expected to weigh more.

If you don't lose any weight a week later, then you may need to do refeeds for longer than a few hours or more often than 1 time a week.

I do this about every 3 or 4 days, which is perfect for me, but some people with very low body fat levels and fast metabolism may have to do refeeds every other day.

You should not gain any extra weight doing just 1 refeed. If you do, you consumed too many calories or you weren't at a plateau in weight loss.

Something else I do is on days I'm not doing a refeed in the mornings I make sure and drink plenty of diet coke because it contains a hefty amount of citric acid. If you read some of my other posts you'll know that citric acid kicks you out of ketosis, but that's not the point, as at this time when I'm cutting I'm below my maintenence level of calories anyway and ketosis is too slow a weight loss process for me while cutting. By drinking the diet cokes, the citric acid will help curb appetite and stimulate certain aspects of the metabolism, as I understand it. It has actually worked quite--better than when I did not drink the diet coke--so I'm now using it on days in between my refeeds. First things first though, just try a regular refeed and see if you lose weight.

I usually reserve refeeds for about a month in duration. After that I'm usually within about 5 lbs of my goal. Refeeds or no refeeds, my body won't let me lose the last 5 pounds just by diet alone. So at this point I use Lipoderm Y (probably the only effective topical fat loss product I know of). However, like with refeeds, it works best if you're almost seeing abs already. I would research the lipoderm y before trying it to make sure it's something you can use. It's not for everyone though.

Let me know if you have questions. I just glossed over it and so I'm sure I left something out. Hope that helps anyway and let me know how it goes.

Old 09-12-2003, 04:04 AM   #3
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Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: hi, usa
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triton770 HB User

thanks for the reply and thorough info paperclip...looks like i won't be able to do that as i am not capable of stomaching that much sugar...i'm usually not too much into the sweets and more than a handful gets me sick to my stomach...

since you seem to be heavily into working out can you recommend any exercises that are good for toning the obliques...thanks...

show me your friends, i'll show you who you are...
show me your friends, i'll show you who you are...

Old 09-12-2003, 03:41 PM   #4
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Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: hi, usa
Posts: 22
triton770 HB User

also thanks for the info on the lipoderm y...i tried ripping gel but it just did not work...i'm going to research the refeed method and see if i can adjust it accordingly...and i understand what you're saying...i eat right most of the time but when i eat something that is considered junk, i tend to look better the next day or now i'll eat some junk every few days or so and those last two-three pounds are SLOWLY witteling away...

show me your friends, i'll show you who you are...
show me your friends, i'll show you who you are...

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