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SandyK 02-19-2004 09:51 AM

South Beach Diet
Hi everyone. I'm new to this board, and am glad to meet everyone! :wave: I have a question.

Has anyone here tried the South Beach Diet? If so, what was your results? I have started the SBD and am now in my second week. After the initial 2 week "cleansing" from "simple" carbs, it is a diet that is rich in low fat protein (high fat cuts are to be strickly avoided), only high fiber unrefined carbs as well as low fat/ fat free dairy, most fruits and veggies are encouraged (with a few exceptions).

I am now beginning my second week, and wonder how others are doing?

This diet came highly recommended by my doctor.

Thanks. :wave:

zimman 02-19-2004 10:28 AM

Re: South Beach Diet
[QUOTE=SandyK]Hi everyone.

Has anyone here tried the South Beach Diet? If so, what was your results?

I am now beginning my second week, and wonder how others are doing?[/QUOTE]
Hi, Sandy. I have been on the SOBE diet for a month and have lost almost 20 pounds. I expect to reach that goal this weekend.
As expected, I lost a bunch at first in Phase 1. As I switched to phase 2 and added a bit more exercise, I have slowed the weight loss to a very exceptable 2-3 pounds a week. I still have 30-40 pounds to lose, but I am very happy about the progress so far.
It really has been a pain-free change, at least for me. I have a very strong sweet tooth, and have been really addicted to carbs. I have been able to walk away from them with this plan. I say plan, since this is a lifestyle change, not a weight-loss diet. If you don't break the addictions which led to the weight loss in the first place, you'll go right back to those ways (weighs?) when you reach your desired weight or get tired of working at it. Remember: the weight didn't go on overnight, and it's not going to come off overnight, either, not if you want it to stay off.
Stay the course. Enjoy the sugar-free jello and pudding. ;) If you fall off, get right back on. A single slip doesn't negate all the good you've already done. :angel:
If you haven't alreaqdy been there, you may want to check out the forums at
Good luck!

apatim 02-20-2004 04:53 AM

Re: South Beach Diet
We (wife, daughter, me) have been on SBD for 16 days and love it. Thought I would miss rice, pasta, and potatoes but I really don't. I've lost 18 lbs, daughter has lost 12.5 lbs. and wife has lost 3.5 lbs (she is a little pear shaped and post-menepause which is, they say, the hardest type to lose). All of us are noticing HUGE changes in body shape and clothes fitting. My gut is about 4" smaller and due to working out with weights, my chest has almost caught up with my gut size so I look flatter overall. Don't get discouraged if you don't have dramatic weight loss, the body change and health benefits are enormous!

vatonh 02-26-2004 02:00 PM

Re: South Beach Diet
I have been following it now for 10 days and have lost 9 lbs. I love it so far. I love the food....
I want to know what to expect after the first phase. Can anyone post how they feel?

2Beach 02-27-2004 07:02 PM

Re: South Beach Diet

I've been on SBD since October. I have lost 20 pounds. I am 5'7 and started at 140 pounds. I am now at 120 and have met my goal weight. I've never been on a diet before.. when I wanted to lose a few pounds I just never stuck with anything! This has been so easy and I feel great!! I am at the most challenging phase of the plan now.. phase 3.. because there are no food lists and you are pretty much on your own to find out how many "bad" carbs per day could put weight back on you.. that's the scary part!! I just want to say that I love the plan and it has been awesome for me!!!

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