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Metabolism/ a vital part of loosing weight,How can we get it to work for us!!

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Old 07-27-2004, 03:53 PM   #1
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candyapple7 HB User
Thumbs up Metabolism/ a vital part of loosing weight,How can we get it to work for us!!

By the foods we eat, exercising, how to we know it is working or not, rather it is to slow , fast if you thin you have high, and if you overweight , it is low, is that about right! feedback!!How do you work with yours!! What about the person who has surgery, is that their least concerned, or tummy tucks! Are they concerned with their metabolism!!

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Re: Metabolism/ a vital part of loosing weight,How can we get it to work for us!!

Well, one way you can 'up' your metabolism rate is to drink ice water about 20-30 minutes before a meal. It kicks your metabolism in because it will be working to warm the cold water to body temperature and therefore will burn more fat and calories from what you're about to eat.

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DonutsNCoffee HB User
Re: Metabolism/ a vital part of loosing weight,How can we get it to work for us!!

Some ways to speed your metabolism:

1. Exercise
2. Eat more often. If you don't eat often, your metabolism slows down.
3. Eat more protein and complex carbs. These require more energy to digest which will temporarily raise your metabolism.
4. Get at least 10% of your total calories from fat. Your body needs a certain amount of dietary fat. Reducing it too much will slow your metabolism.
5. Stay active. Walk to lunch instead of driving. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk to a coworker's desk instead of talking on the phone or emailing.
6. Gain muscle. This is a more indirect mechanism. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even at rest. However, gaining muscle requires taking in a calorie surplus so you should save this strategy for when you don't have a lot of body fat to lose.

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betterhealth HB User
Re: Metabolism/ a vital part of loosing weight,How can we get it to work for us!!

How can you tell if your metabolism is up or down? I've only been jogging for 3 days now 15 minutes-3xs a day. Do any one know if my metabolism has risen yet?

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dreamer89 HB User
Re: Metabolism/ a vital part of loosing weight,How can we get it to work for us!!

here is a sure fire tool to help determine if your metabolism is high or low take your temperture with a murcury thermometer and leave it in your mouth 7 minutes and take it 3 times a day for a few days and get an average.

if you average about 97 or 96 your metabolism is low or in conservation mode. I know alot of people who have these temps, I used to for years, now it is 98.6 and higher on average.

these people I mention say the doctors say it is okay, it is common for people to have slightly lower temps, yes it is so common the doctors dismiss the subtle disease that causes this condition especially if they test the thyroid and it is near normal.

this condition is called the famine feast cycle. conservation mode is triggored by just plain not eating enough caloires or eating alot of junk and very little real foods. this causes alot of problems.

one is less muscle mass/fat ratio despite an exercise regime, less energy for hobbies and other activities, aches and pains, depression especially mild, pms is made worse then would be otherwise if temps were 98 or above, lack of drive, adrenalin fatigue, you name it without the proper body temps enzymes in the body don't work as well,

of course it could be too that the body is not releasing growth hormones, that cause faster healing,both in response to exercise and while sleeping, so the muscles and tendons don't heal as fast and the damage is occuring faster than they can heal that sorta thing,

another way to tell if your metabolism is up (and I know many will disagree but I am speaking from personal experience as well as observing others)is an increase in appetite without a increase in weight, (fat weight not muscle weight).

if your appetite seems out of control but you have not gained fat weight but are gaining weight (fat is bulkier, if you seem to be losing weight because your clothes are getting larger, because you are getting smaller, and the scale says you are the same or have gained it is probably muscles since muscle is denser and takes up less space.)

Third way is you find your self hot all the time, you find your feet and hands are not cold as often, that you need less sleep, that you need less blankets then you used too that sorta thing, you heal faster, your back doesn't hurt as much (provided the pain was muscular) you build muscles up with little effort, you are a little less nervous (I know that doesn't make sense, but nervousness is a sign of adrenalin surges the body uses to keep you going when other hormones are in lack) which eventually leads to adrenal exhaustion.

another way is the increased desire to move, to exercise and not feeling tired after a normal length and intensity workout, feeling energized the rest of the day,

the reason an increase in appetite without fat gain is mentioned here is that people have trained their bodies to expect only certain amount of food at certain times a day, so the body stops asking for food as often, (which is the famine side of the famine feast cycle) but eventually the body causes a binging when fat loss gets too low below the setpoint it has determined is needed to survive famines it has endured in teh past (diets and their intensity and duration determine that)

this ability is called famine tolerance, the more famine tolerant you are the more fat you will have or eventually have on your body since famine tolerant bodies go right into not asking for fuel as much and as the weight goes down, (as the diet continues the body doesn't resiste right away) the increase in appetite eventually ensures so you will replace fat stores.

also another way to know if metabolism is high, is a craving for alot of real foods and a disdain for junk food like ice cream and cake. you find an aversion to these foods because being off the cycle the body no longer needs these foods to replace fat stores as junk high caloire foods is what a person craves because the body needs energy dense foods to replace fat stores quickly in case another famine happens sooner than the last.

do you all understand these points I mentioned?? nutrient dense foods are poor fat builders because they are lower in caloires, and require more energy to use. and as far as a starving body is concerned a person's nutrient quality diet does not amount to anything when you are dead from starvation, so fat producing foods are a prioity to the body when recovering from starvation (dieting).

those off the cycle do not have this prioity needs so cravings can switch to real foods that are metabolism boosting instead of metabolism slowing.

I hope this helps.


so when a person gets off the cycle, they train their bodies that food is always available and so the body starts asking for it more often because it knows through experince that you will listen and not ignore it and give it what it asks for, so the eventual binging doesn't occur, since no make up eating needs to be done.

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betterhealth HB User
Re: Metabolism/ a vital part of loosing weight,How can we get it to work for us!!

thanks for the response about metabolism. I dont have that urge to eat more and I have been jogging for 1 week now 3xs a day for 15 minutes. So does that mean i need to do something different to get my metabolism up. If so, do you have any suggestions to give it a little more boost.

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