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  • I have hear green tea is helpful in weight loss

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    Old 02-20-2005, 05:33 AM   #1
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    I have hear green tea is helpful in weight loss

    What kind is best? The organic kind, or are regular name brand kinds ok? What should I be looking for on the box to know I am getting a high quality green tea?

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    Re: I have hear green tea is helpful in weight loss

    I can't exactly answer your question, I'm sure that any real green tea will help. But drinking green tea isn't going to help with any MAJOR weight loss.

    Green tea is something that thins your blood, you know. I just want to give you a heads up - my sister tried to use green tea while losing a few pounds and she started getting very easily bruised. I'm not all sure why, but I thought I'd pipe in.

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    Lightbulb Re: I have hear green tea is helpful in weight loss

    First let me say that I am a seller of tea. I have done a bit of research into the different kinds of teas and their
    properties and some things need clarification here that are being discussed about green tea and tea in general. It is not
    surprising that confusion exists among consumers about the properties of tea since there is a good bit of misinformation
    being floated out there.

    The first thing that needs to be understood is that green tea is called "green" because the leaves of green tea are pretty
    much as they come from the Camelia Sinensis plant except, of course, they are dried before you get them, as are all
    tea leaves; but green tea does not go through the oxidation or "fermenting" process that other teas do. It has been said
    that this leaves the green tea in a state which means that it has less caffeine and more phenols (an antioxidant)
    than black tea or oolong which go through additional stages of processing.

    Recent studies, however, are showing that it does not appear to matter if you are talking about black or green tea, both seem
    just as effective and drinking any tea can help cholesterol levels and reduce cell damage caused by smoking, possibly
    preventing cancer and heart disease. Phenols or polyphenols are natural chemicals found in most plant products and tea is no
    exception. In general terms, phenolic compounds or polyphenols, have a similar basic structural chemistry including an "aromatic"
    or "phenolic" ring structure. They are most abundant or concentrated in fruit, wine, tea, coffee and chocolate. These substances
    have a bitter or astringent taste and are most noticeable when sugar is not present, as in dry red wine, baking (or cooking)
    chocolate, or tea.

    As a matter of fact, chocolate has more of these antioxidants than does tea but, let's face it, eating chocolate will
    not help you meet your weight loss goals, now will it? That's because of the amount of sugar that must be added to overcome
    the natural bitterness of the chocolate which most people find very objectionable (ever try eating any plain cocoa or baking
    chocolate?) You can drink several cups of tea a day and not gain an ounce unless of course you load the tea with sugar.

    To fully appreciate tea you should try to drink it with no sugar. If you do this, you will come to appreciate the whole experience
    of the leaf to a much greater degree...I can personally vouche for that. Experienced tea drinkers learn with time, just as
    wine afficianados do, to appreciate the differences in tea (which are much greater than is ever imagined by the casual tea
    drinker) that exist because of the different growing conditions and climate found in the various tea growing regions of the world.
    Some tips that reduce the bitterness in a cup of brewed leaves are: Keep the brewing time UNDER three minutes...even less for some
    teas. If you still find the astringency of tea too much for your taste try a little milk as the British often do. The milk changes
    the pH and smooths the flavor a bit. The three minute rule is very important as the longer the tea is brewed, the more bitterness
    it develops.

    Anyway, to address the poster's questions, there is no "best" kind of tea for weight loss. Weight loss is a matter of reducing
    the number of calories taken in and increasing the number of calories burned through activity. Some so called "diet teas" have
    been touted as helpful to weight loss but you should be very careful that these do not contain ingredients such as Senna (a laxative)
    or ma huang, a Chinese herb used for weight loss which is a natural source of ephedrine and has recently come under much scrutiny
    because users of it may be at risk for heart attacks, sudden death and stroke.

    As for the blood thinning property of tea there are many things, as well as tea, that can be added to the diet like broccoli, cauliflower,brussel
    sprouts, kale, spinach, and many green leafy vegetables that are high in vitamin K that contribute to the body's
    ability to thin the blood, but a person would have to have a steady diet of tea and practically nothing else in order to have
    TOO MUCH vitamin K. Thinning the blood is actually a good thing for most people as it helps to reduce the possibility of deep vein
    thrombosis (blood clots) that can be a cause of stroke. Though I am not a doctor and I don't even play one on TV, I suspect that
    anyone having unusual "bruising" has a medical condition that contributes to this or is taking some kind of medication that can
    also thin the blood, possibly even some sort of herbal product which many people take inadvisably because they think the herbs are
    "natural" and can cause no harm. The taking of ANY medication or herbal should be discussed with one's physician who is in the best
    position to be able to judge the specific needs of the individual patient.

    I hope I have shed a little light on this question of tea and weight loss.

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    Re: I have hear green tea is helpful in weight loss

    hehehe, yes you've shed a lot of light. Thanks for the info. You made me lol when you said you're not a doctor nor do you play one on t.v. TOO FUNNY.

    I drink green tea twice a day, I can say that it suppresses my appetite and gives me energy.

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    Re: I have hear green tea is helpful in weight loss

    Thanks for all of the information you took the time to give me. I appreciate it

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    Re: I have hear green tea is helpful in weight loss

    Since I have started watching my weight, I drink around four glasses of green tea a day. It really helps me feel fuller and more energetic, although I did hear that it speeds up your metabolism a bit and that if you drink a cup a day it amounts to a ten pound loss in a year, but then that is just something I heard.

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