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  • I've abandoned "healthy eating"

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    Old 05-19-2006, 06:07 PM   #1
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    KittyLove HB User
    I've abandoned "healthy eating"

    I've been coming here for about 6 years, and I've tried MANY different diets or "healthy eating guidelines" according to the government and "experts". After years of dissapointment, I'll put this out there...give up the refined sugar and flour immediately if you want to lose any weight. I've been doing low carb, meaning no junk, and I have lost about 6 pounds in 3 weeks. I know low carb has been getting a bad rap lately, but I suggest looking into it more. Low carb basically means sticking to NATURAL foods which is the WAY WE SHOULD BE eating. The refining is THE reason why we are overweight...60 years ago we did not have an obesity problem...think about that. We've basically been brainwashed into thinking "cereal" and "white rice" will help us get thin. It's all about money. Please pass these "healthy" things by and stick to foods in their natural state and I assure you you'll be healthy...and thin.

    Eating processed foods like Special K, breakfast bars, and "healthy" fruit juices are just making this country a fat mess...our bodies aren't meant to digest corn syrup and all these other chemicals they add. The food industry and especially the govenment are not being truthful...there is too much money at stake!! The answer to eating healthy truly lies in eating foods IN THEIR NATURAL STATE. This statement is becoming almost weird because most of us have grown up on processed foods and are "used" to it. I know I am, like "home cookin'" to me is processed foods. My mother worked two jobs, and my father didn't cook, or even try, so we lived on TV dinners. I'm even surprised right now that I even have a yen for foods in their natural state. I feel sorry for the youth today because they are SURROUNDED by the foods they deem normal and "healthy" right now. There seems to be a MAJOR movement from "healthy" foods to "convenient" foods at the expense of our health and the profit of the food industry.

    I just wanted to add that "low carb" does not mean a fad diet to me. I am basically eating just as I was except I forego the rice and potato. (white rice has become a staple in our country, I have nothing against the potato, although I'm not eating them right now) Starches are indeed getting a bad rap right now but that's because the hidden culprit is the REFINED starches. Therefore, the potato is now getting a bad reputation.

    I know most people are confused now about how to lose weight, and I believe the industry benefits greatly from this. My advice is to stay away from processed starches and fruits. I know that takes effort but it's worth it and it works. And if you worry about the hormones and antibiotics injected into our meat, believe me the things they spray onto our veggies are just as bad, or even worse.

    I'm an animal lover too, but I do eat some chicken now and then....I know that's a contradiction , but I believe most of us here do the same thing: eat chicken and not beef or pork and then try to not feel so bad. I do always feel like I'm one step away from being a vegetarian, but then I can't stop yearning for meat. I'm truly confused about this and believe it's almost primal.
    If I think about the way I used to eat versus now, it's about the same minus the processed starches and chemical additives.

    Bottom line: no more "low-fat pastas, cereals, rice, cookies, and cakes" ...these things are making us FAT. While everyone is scrambling to find out exactly what's causing us to be's the's a secret. ..

    "Stick to foods in their natural state and exercise more". Don't laugh, you'll eventually find that this IS the only solution (after years of trying everything else)

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    chocolate29 HB Userchocolate29 HB Userchocolate29 HB User
    Re: I've abandoned "healthy eating"


    I totally agree with you. You've just stated everything I've been wanting to say. The so called 'health bars', 'juice drinks' (that have sugar/corn syrup, but will soon be replaced with aspartame/sucralose, which is nothing but poison), 'healthy cereals' that one eats with chemical filled milk. Have you noticed also how much dairy products are pushed? The list can go on forever. You are very right in stating about the refined sugars and flours.
    The so called 'experts' are always changing their minds, one is wise to not believe everything that they hear. The smart thing to do is to search it out for oneself. Yes! people can think for themselves! One does not need to run to the experts or whatever their called. Go back to the basics and eat what is natural and what comes natural that is the best thing. Yes, mostly home-cooking now-a-days is a bunch of processed foods too. For the most part I make food from scratch and add wholesome ingredients, and it just seems so sad that now-a-days most people just don't have the time to do that, with work and the way life is lived now. It really is a lot easier to run into the store and get food that is already cooked or only needs heating etc....
    It all is really very sad.
    Now they are probably going to take all the 'sugar soda drinks' out of schools and replace them with 'diet' drinks full of aspartame and sucralose which is worse.
    If some people could learn self control when it comes to soda and food then they wouldn't have the overweightness from drinking too much soda and eating too much processed foods. A lot of it has to do with portion control. People just over do it.
    It is addicting too which is sad. But if one starts only eating very healthy foods: fruits, grains and vegetables, then that gets addicting and one craves the healthy food. A lot of it has to do also what your body is used to.
    NOTE: this is only my opinion and I don't want to start any flames

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    Re: I've abandoned "healthy eating"


    You should read The Paleo Diet and Food Politics. The former puts forth the very idea that you've stated, which is that the western diet is killing us and that if we just eliminated processed foods, we'd all be in much better health and wouldn't have an obesity epidemic. The other book is told by a government insider who spills the beans about the food industry influences government recommendations and policy. The author explains why the food pyramid has no credibility.

    On the one hand, I feel bad for today's youth because they're surrounded by junk food and marketed to heavily by food companies. But they're going to have to learn to deal with it since that's what they'll be seeing out in the real world anyway. The sooner they learn to tune that stuff out, the better. The problem is with today's parents. With both parents working, no one wants to cook so they use that as an excuse to get takeout or frozen dinners.

    The approach you're taking will definitely get you results. But the benefits go way beyond weight loss. I've been eating like this for a while now and not only am I leaner than I ever have been, I'm also stronger, healthier, and have more energy. And I don't even have to count calories cause eating the right foods and just listening to my body evens things out for me.

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