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Hoochie 07-24-2006 01:02 PM

Counting Calories
It may seem odd to you but it seems like alot of work to count calories. Is there a little booklet that you carry around with you so you know how many calories you are consuming. It probably is easy after a while but I don't want to click on a website everytime I eat to see how many calories I am eating. How do you make this easy? Everyone says to count calories so I thought I may give it a try. I need to lose 20 pounds by December. Help me all of you who count calories. Whats the easiest way to do it?

chevyman 07-24-2006 04:08 PM

Re: Counting Calories
yes I have a little pocket booklet I carry around with me,and a log
but if you start counting calories you will learn what foods and how much you can eat calories wise!
I use the pocket booklet (caloire/carb counts) if I'm not sure of how much calories something has in it then I turn to the booklet ect,,,ect,,,
it would be funny to see someone with there ''lap-top''checking on theire calories before each meal.

seriously tho

its keeping up with your calories that you consume> thats the hard part.
I also write down every little old caloire I eat.
breakfast, supper, in between snacks, and what I have for supper... and log them down And what it was I ate > in my little log book...after each meal (snacks included)
At the end of the day I talley the calories up.
I'm trying to not go over 1700 caloires daily, some times I GO OVER BUT NOT OFFTEN MOST OF THE TIME I TRY TO STAY BELOW THE 1700.



Hoochie 07-25-2006 08:53 AM

Re: Counting Calories
Thanks, I guess it's going to take some getting used to if I have to count calories. I used to do Atkins and I carried around my little carb book but for some reason calorie counting seems harder....maybe I don't want to admit how many calories I'm eating!!!!!YIKES..
Anyways thanks Chevyman!

chevyman 07-25-2006 11:08 AM

Re: Counting Calories
Oh no problem,
It is hard keeping track of your calories, and you will probably be hungry starting out..I know I was..but I just ate something like a fruit, or nuts like almonds,pecansbut just a few or just nibble on something low you keep up your motativation you will learn what foods is low calorie,and the counting gets a little eaizer, but you have to remind yourself the reason your counting the calories in the first place, and if you stay true to yourself the weight will come off, some people just know what and how much to eat and they do good loseing weight but for some of us we have to be reminded how much and what to eat, because most everything we eat has boo coos of calories, rather or not it has lots of carbs or not.
to me its how many calories that something has in it that makes you gain weight. my typical calorie day starts off...I exercise every morn..then showe clean up, eat a bowl of cereal , with strawberries or shaved almonds...the calories count I use is 350 caloires for breakfast.
dinner I usally eat something like grilled chicken on 35 cal whole wheat bread, water...maybe a slice of fruit...thats about 250 calories.
supper usally the same as dinner but I have two different types of veggies steam, stir-fry is good low cal meals, if used with bake chicken/turkey breast.that meals is about the same only I had about 60 calories for the veggies 300 see thats already alomst 900 plus calories...but I add about 200 calories to all that to make sure I /m not going to go over 1700 see 1100- 1200 calories now...and if thats all I have for that day then I stop eating...but with that said 1200 calories I still have 500 calories to play around with and if I feel the urge to eat something like a low fat ''light yougart'' (100 cal)I have one or a fruit maybe...but before I started eating like this it was hard to just stop what all I was eating but the beniffitts are greater than anything eles becausee I'm more healthy lost a lot of weight and it just kinda grows on you to be fit after you get just seem to care about your well being more...anyway thats my way of thinking.
counting calories and exercisng...also if you get hungey and its where you can exercise..exercise by all means..but if its where you can't just go get yaa piese of fruit/yoguart or something...something low cal that will curb your apetite.
This post maynot be to accurate on the calorie count but its actually pretty close...I just use a booklet that telsl me how much a piese of bake/grill chicken is or any type of meat and I go by size and don't weigh my foods...I may start weighing it?? but I have did just fine the way I been doing...I figure if it works why bother to weigh stuff? just adds to the frustration of loseing weight.

Try to remember to eat things that include your protein/fiber and all the nuntrints that has a well balance affect on your body!!..counting calories sometime its eazy to ''neglect'' things like that...I'm way guilty of it.
just use a little common sense.

Hoochie 07-25-2006 12:19 PM

Re: Counting Calories
What kind of foods do you eat that are low calorie but fill you up. I am a little scared of being too hungry. I don't eat a whole lot of fruit. I love veggies but I don't think they would be too filling. I really wanted to try that Lipodrene but darn it all, they don't send it to Canada so I will have to use my own willpower to do this. I turn 40 this December and I really want to look good!!!! Yesterday and the day before I had great days. I don't know how many calories I ate but I do know that my portions were smaller and I survived! Anyways, thanks for the advice once again Chevyman.

bluejbirdie 07-25-2006 12:55 PM

Re: Counting Calories
The Key is Fruits and Veggies! if you eat half your calories in Fruits and veggies you wont be hungry....actually you would probably be too full to eat half your calories in fruits and veggies!

chevyman 07-25-2006 03:15 PM

Re: Counting Calories
I agree with bluej,
I don't think that you could ever eat to many of fruits and veggies and gain weight but if you did it probably would make you don't try

(I.M.O.) In my Opinion
theres some processed foods that are low calorie and they will fill you up a bowl of cereal fills me up better than a bowl of oatmeal...that bowl of wheaties or post honey bunch or even special K...I use double as to whats on the box like if it says 170 calories with a 1/2 cup fat free milk/cereal..I use at least a cup of cereal and a cup of milk add strawberrries/ blue berries half bannana,or what ever I have to add to I double the calories to 350/360 calories

I think the most healthy low calorie foods are in our fresh/frozen fruits and veggies...the meats you eat depends on the kind of meat? and how it's prepared...baked is better than fried (obviously) and red meats tend to have tripple the calories..I suppose because of the fats in them, vs chicken/turkey, fish/and some sea foods is low calorie if its not breaded..again depends on how the food is prepared!

some veggitables have more calories than other veggies some meats have more calories than other meats, here in the U.S.A. food labels will let you know pretty close as to the calories based on portion size and a 2000 daily diet, but I'm not sure if ''Canada''does that or not?
try to stay away from breads but don't deprive yourself...I eat a butter bissicut with fried eggs sometimes and a couple slice s of beacon but just like once a week...if you eat the things you love in moderation its fine even if your dieting...a l;ot of people don't agree with that but thats what I do and my reason for counting calories you basicly can have the foods you love but in strick monderation.

usally a rule of thumb a low fat diet's is low fat calorie food, but you have to be very carefull and read the food label..1/2 cup vs a cup ect,,ect,, or based on 5 pieces, or something like 2 tbs of something like coolwhip or a whip topping whip-topping says 2 tbs equals to 25 calories..thats stupid I know but who can just eat 2 tbs of Mmmm
so what I do I look a tthe suggested estamated calories and take into concideration that amount but I also eat in monderation...I do cheat on the topping but its not to bad...sometimes theres things you have to cheat on but just make sure its not to much chetating...if that makes a lick of sense?

also be sure to watch out for any trans fats or hydrgenated might say o trans-fats but if it says anything that has out with that said the whip-topping has the corn suryp hydrogenated vegetable oil...I guess thats why the labels say 2 tbs....
but even if somethings bad for you don't mean you can't eat it...thats where monderation helps and thats why I like counting calories.

Ms hoot, its great to find a miracle pill to help curb the apptite but nothing works better to eat healthy and watch thos calories and exercise.

and also your present health conditition makes a big differance in dieting.
I'm just baseing all my information on what I do and my condition, thats why things may work for some and others it don't, also some people are reluluctant to weight loss but if its addressed it can be over come..anyone can lose weight if the problem is look at head on and identified.
its always a good idea to check with your Dr before going on a strick diet/exercise.
I wish you the best.

denise6433 07-26-2006 08:01 AM

Re: Counting Calories
Here is something kind of easy that I do. I am using the [[I]removed[/I]] progress journal. I am doing really well with it. They have a spot where you put in everything you ate for the day and it adds the calories up, just read the labels before you eat it and then write it on a notepad or something and when you come home you can log it. Then there is a fitness part where there are SO many activities and even everyday stuff like mowing the lawn (riding for 25 minutes makes you lose 105 calories!!! guess who mows the lawn a lot now :-) Then it will log the calories lost. And then the next part is goals. It's like a little diary about your goal for the next 2 weeks then how you feel today and stuff like that. Then to the right of it is where you measure yourself in the waist hips and bust/chest and everyday or everyother day measure yourself and see how its going. but you really should exercise if you expect to lose a bit of inches, at least 30mins to an hour. and there is like a scale thingy where you enter your start weight, current weight, and then goal weight and it will show you progress on how you've done. That REALLY helps me to see that.

Hoochie 07-26-2006 10:48 AM

Re: Counting Calories
Thanks for the advice-it's a daily struggle but I am really determined right now. I appreciate having this website so I can chat with all of you. Thanks, Hoochie!!

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