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Slowly losing weight

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Old 08-02-2006, 08:32 PM   #1
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RcCubed HB User
Slowly losing weight

I'm 5' 10", I used to way in excess of 240lbs but i decided to try to get healthier. currently my scale at home says I'm 215lbs, but the scale at the gym says I'm 230lbs so lets just say that I weigh 225lbs. Within the last 2.5 months I've lost 10lbs. I used to be a really unhealthy eater; McDonalds at least once a week, constantly eating chicken wings, always eating out in restaurants, always eating huge portions. For the first month and a half of that diet I was taking jiu-jitsu 5 times a week (45 minute classes, you'd come out of there sweating like crazy), and then the gym 5 times a week (with about 20 minutes of the treadmill before working out I was attempting to eat healthier by almost completely eliminating red meat and eating mostly chicken breasts and various other foods. I'm also a heavy beer drinker. Some weekend I'll drink a two-four worth of beer

I wasn't noticing any weight loss and by that time I was working 40 hours/week. So I had no time for the gym anymore. I then started playing soccer on mondays and tuesdays, jiu-jitsu wednesdays, thursdays, and fridays, and then volleyball saturdays and sundays. I stopped eating breakfast because I had no time to eat it in the morning. Instead I'd end up drinking about two cups of coffee at work until lunchtime where i'd make myself two scrambled eggs with a lot of rice. Then for dinner I'd have whatever that was at my house.(canned pasta, canned soup, macaroni and cheese, chicken breasts...etc.. and occasionally eggs with rice again). So somehow I managed to lose 10lbs but now I seem to be stuck at this weight. I rarely drink any kind of pop but I drink a lot of beer. I switched to light beer but the calorie difference isn't that huge.

I made a quick estimate of what I ate today and I'm thinking that my calorie intake is probably too low which might be reducing my metabolism.

1 Centrum forte multivitamin (I take one everyday)
1 banana for breakfast (roughly 160cal)
3 tim horton coffees (with 1 milk in each) (27cal but excluding the milk)
4 timbits
400g of a penne salad with feta cheese (not sure about the cal intake)
1 sausage (160cal)
1 chicken burger with bread/ceasar (roughly 300cal)
3L of water

In no way am I trying to purposely have the lowest calorie count possible, it's really that I sometimes don't have the time to eat which I'm making more time for it.

I'd like to lose another 15lbs but I always have a hard time getting past this set weight of 215. I'm doing a lot of cardio with my soccer/volleyball/jiu jitsu which I won't stop doing. I've been cutting back a lot on my drinking but I'm never going to eliminate it.

Any help would be appreciated

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Old 08-03-2006, 08:51 AM   #2
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rubato HB User
Re: Slowly losing weight

Yes, your calories are too low. And, where are the veggies? The amount of cardio you are doing looks good. I, too, love the beer. If I had my way, I'd drink a few a day. Instead, I only get them one day out of every 2 weeks. That has been the hardest thing to cut out, but it's made the biggest difference. It's all about calories. You can lose weight drinking beer, but to get your calories low enough, you'd have to cut out a lot of food that your body needs for nutrition. Hope this helps.

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Lenin HB UserLenin HB UserLenin HB UserLenin HB UserLenin HB UserLenin HB User
Re: Slowly losing weight

I don't think it's too little becasue that penne salad can easily go for 900 calories or more and I think you are WAY light on the 300 calories for that chicken burger with bread and guess is more like 600+ calories. (If we're talking about a deep fried breaded breast, more like 900 calories.)
Vewry few sandwiches are 300 calories because just two slices of bread is close to 200

Dry pasta, BTW, goes for about 100 calories per ounce or 29 grams. ANd Caesar dressing goes for about 100 per Tbsp or 200 per 29 grams (ounce.)

You might be high on that banana or else it was VERY big.

<Not sure what timbits are.>

I'd guesstimate something pretty close to 2000 calories for you. That's probably a decent level for good weightloss with very little to worry about metabolism-wise.

Old 08-04-2006, 11:02 AM   #4
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Holly4k9 HB User
Re: Slowly losing weight

Timbits.. lovely little doughnut balls... Those are BAD for calories.. check out the Tim's site. Just one of those little things can be 75 cals!! I was so upset when I realized lol No more timbits for me!

Old 08-04-2006, 07:20 PM   #5
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chocolatefor3 HB User
Re: Slowly losing weight

I too love timbits and coffee! However, the timbits are loaded with sugar and are empty calories. I put a lot of sugar in my coffee, so I had to cut that out all together. I agree, you are probably around the 2000 calorie range. I am 5'10" as well and my caloric intake in order to loose weight should be around 1400-1600 a day. This depends on my activity level. Obviously, the more you work out, the more calories your body needs to recoup. I just had a baby in June and have about 20-25 lbs left to loose. I think the last 20 is the hardest to get off.

A friend of mine who just won a body building competition gave me a diet to follow. It basically contains high proteins like chicken, lean red meats, salmon, tuna, lots of veggies, and some fruits. Berries are the best to consume as they don't have as much sugar in them. Stay away from bananas - they are loaded with sugar & fat. Women are notorious for being bad carb burners. The body stores it as fat and when you eat sugar or bad carbs, it raises your insulin level and your blood sugar drops. This causes us to gorge ourselves when we get hungry again.

Make sure you eat 5-6 small meals a day or your body will shut down. Sugar and bad carbs are the worst... stay away from them. Try eating oatmeal for breakfast and put a little Splenda in it. It's a great carb. Baked sweet potatos with nothing on them fills you up and are good for you as well. If you want pasta, eat the whole wheat kind. If you crave something sweet, try a whey protein shake. You can buy whey protein powder anywhere. Mix it up in a blender with some low fat milk, ice and some frozen fruit. It's really good and satisfies my sweet tooth. Beer and wine are my downfalls too! I LOVE Guinness!!!!! I try to stay away from it, but I have at least one a week. If you crave something (mine is chocolate), eat a little bit of it to satisfy the urge. Otherwise, if you ignore it, you'll end up eating more than you want. I sometimes get a small can of chocolate icing and have a teaspoon of it during my week moments. Another great thing to eat is protein bars. They are sweet and depending on what ones you eat, are low in carbs and high in protein.

Anyway, this is probably more information than what you're looking for. But, thought I would share in the event you are looking for some diet suggestions.

Good Luck to you!

Old 08-04-2006, 09:09 PM   #6
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Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
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imaginarydivabc HB User
Re: Slowly losing weight

In the last year and a half I've lost about 60 pounds. It was not very easy doing it. And there are many things that I swear by that helped me along the way. The first thing I did was do some research on weight loss and support groups on the net. I found a free Fitness Manager at [removed] and it works terrific. You input everything you eat, and it calculates everything to the last measurement from carbohydrate to protein intake. Combined with your workout (it even estimates how much calories you burn from just putting in that you walk from your cubicle to the water cooler), it gives you an evaluation at the end of each day as to what you are not eating enough of and what you should be watching out for. It also gives you your daily requirement for supplements for the type of diet you are on. And if you keep it up, it projects how long it will take for you to lose the amount you need. It's really cool guide. I lost my first 30 lbs that way. Look for it at [removed] and Find the Managers tab and click on Fitness Manager. It is such an awesome tool. Now I'm maintaining, and of course, there are different rules to that game. Good luck!

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