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bluejbirdie 08-10-2006 09:08 AM

Water, Weight, The Scale!
Water! We Need it. Our Body is made up mainly of it!
Weight! We all want to lose it!
The Scale! its what most of us use to measure our success!

The Problem is that when you combine all these things together you can get results that are not even close to being accurate.

The Makers of Diet Pills and Diet Plans use these 3 things to Trick us and make us believe things that are simply not true.

The first thing is that we All should be aiming for FAT loss and not weight loss. Weightloss on its own is not a sign of success.

1lb of fat is 3500 Calories. This means you need to have a calorie deficit of 3500 calories in order to lose 1lb of fat, like wise you need to have a surplus of 3500 calories in order to gain a lb of fat.

What exactly does this mean? It means that the next time you see you weight change by a lb or more over night you can be pretty confident that the change was not a fat gain or loss. IF you need 2500 Calories a day to maintain your weihgt then you would have to have -1000 calories in day to lose one lb of fat. Not only is that extremely dificult to do but it is also extremely unhealthy. The Same person would have to eat 6000 calories in a day to Gain a lb. While this is more easily done then -1000 calories it is still unlikely that most people would consume that much.

So if it is isnt fat then where is that gain/loss coming from? Its coming from Water! There are so many places in the body that hold onto water...which means there are so many places that can lose or gain water.

The Next time you step on the scale and you see a change you must realize that much of that change is due to water.

Atkins/Low Carb

One thing people should realize is that on an atkins style/Low Carb Diet. your Glycogen store are always running near empty. Most people can hold up to 500g of Glycogen and every gram of glycogen holds 3g of water. This means that jus tfrom Glycogen your weight can go up or down 2kg (4.5lbs) depending on it it is full or empty.

It is this Weight that makes people believe that CARBS make them gain weight. Well I guess carbs to actually make you gain weight....but not Fat!

IF you cut down drastically on carbs your glycogen will run on empty and your will see an immediate loss on the scale......And thenwhen you start eating carbs again your glycogen will fill up and you will see an immediate gain. AMny people have seen this happen and it helps them to believe that Carbs truly do make you fat.

This same thing can be seen with a very low calorie diet. on very low cal diets Glycogen also gets very lose a few lbs quickly...then you go off your diet for a day....your glycogen goes up and you gain a lb or two. This make speople that that it takes far less to gain weight then it really does.....It will make many people stay on too low calories of a diet because they think they will gain if they dont! (But its only glycogen and water!!!!!)

Then there are Diet Pills. So many of these things dont do a thing except make you lose water! It makes you think the pills are doing wonders, when they really they are not.

Dont Let Water fool you and Dont Let WEIGHT be a gauge of your success! at least not early on. The Scale will give you an idea of your success over a long period of time....but in the short term it is one of the worst things to use to gauge success.

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