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sometimes i want to slice all my fat off

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Old 04-15-2007, 11:19 AM   #1
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sognoazzuro HB User
sometimes i want to slice all my fat off

I am 22 and I've always had weight issues. I've always been a "little bit over the average" as my doctor once said, but in the past 8 years I've gained nearly 10 lbs a year! I'm 210 and I started going to a professional gym at the beginning of March. I feel much healthier working out for at least an hour 5 days a week, and I'm also doing strength training so maybe that is why I dont weigh less. This issue consumes my mind all day, everyday, and I'm exhausted from being concerned all the time. My friends tell me I'm beautiful and I have some nice features, I dress well for my body but I feel under so much pressure from beautiful people in the media. I want to lose weight so bad but I don't see light at the end of the tunnel. I dont know what its like to be skinny, I can barely imagine its possible. I have not dated one person in 4 years and that really depresses me because I have a lot going for me and I'm a well rounded person with a number of talents. How can I make the weight issue less hindering on my mentality and turn that into a confidence that will make me more attractive? Any advice or people going through the same thing? I've done weight watchers several times but I cant follow plan anymore, I always cheat and I'm not strict enough on myself. I need something new. I dont have health insurance so I cant see my doctor or a nutritionist, I just saw an ad for Slimquick, where its supposed to help you lose weight against factors like bloating, pms, stress, and a bunch of other factors that hinder weight loss that men dont have. has anyone tried this? i dont want to be dependent on diet pills and i know a lot of them can be dangerous (i did dexitrim and that was scary) but im wondering if I should take something to aid my mentality while I work out and chose what I eat.

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Old 04-15-2007, 02:32 PM   #2
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kristy_26 HB User
Re: sometimes i want to slice all my fat off

Can you maybe give us a better idea of what you eat everyday? It's great that you are working out so consistently, but sometimes physical activity is not enough to offset the amount of calories consumed.

You indicate that you can't follow the Weight Watcher's plan because you "always cheat". Unfortunately regular cheating adds hundreds of extra calories to the diet and results in stalled weight loss. There may be some lower-calorie alternatives to foods that you "cheat" with. You don't necessarily have to follow a specific plan (if you don't like them), but you DO have to control your portion sizes and reduce your overall calorie intake. Losing weight does require some self-control and discipline.

From reading your post, my first thought is that you have the physical activity part of the equation in place, but the eating part may need some work. That is my initial impression but some more information on your diet would be helpful.

Also - since you have started your fitness program, have you gone down in clothing size? Do you clothes feel looser? Have you lost inches? Those are all good measures of progress rather than just the scale, which can be very frustrating.

Old 04-15-2007, 03:44 PM   #3
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innerstrength86 HB User
Re: sometimes i want to slice all my fat off

I am also interested in your diet. I still have trouble with weight loss because I cannot stick to a balanced diet...I make excuses for myself (It's a holiday, my friend's birthday, my mom's in town, I'm not feeling good), but that of course gets me NOWHERE.

You seem to have some emotional issues too. I have been very inconfident recently too. IT SUCKS. I was popular in high school and then in college I got into an abusive relationship and everything went downhill from there. Food has become a huge comfort for me. Is it for you? I'm still learning how to separate my emotional hunger from my physical hunger...

Be proud of yourself for how far you've come! You are exercising and wanting to make a change - that is huge! It takes time to find what your body needs, both mentally and physically. Don't give up or be discouraged.

You may not look in the mirror and see a beautiful person, but I'm sure there are PLENTY of people who love and adore you for who you are, not what size you are. Accept yourself as you are now - I think that is what is most important - and then you will have the confidence and determination to make the lifestyle change you have always dreamed of.

Old 04-15-2007, 09:50 PM   #4
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ustalaughalot HB User
Re: sometimes i want to slice all my fat off

Dear Sognoazzuro,

First of all, beauty is only skin deep. Do not even try to get down to the size of the Hollywood Beauties, many of their pictures are airbrushed. It is an unrealistic goal and many of them do it in unsafe mannors. The rest can afford to have a nutritionist prepare their food and have personal trainers and can afford to work out 3-5 hours a day. So put your feet down in the real world. Strive for mini goals, they are easier to obtain. Tell yourself, ok by the end of May, I am going to be 10 lbs. lighter than I am now. Kristy has some good information. It is about calories and burning more that you ingest. For women, 1200 calories is the minimum intake you need to remain healthy. Vary it between 1200 to 1400 daily. To loose weight on an average of 2-3 lbs a week is best as it helps prevent saggy loose skin and tends to be easier to keep off long term . Do not weigh yourself every day, not even every week, the scale is not your best friend when you are trying to loose weight. Gage your success in inches. I am seeing a gastric weight loss MD. My insurance does not cover it so I am paying out of pocket and it is expensive. When I started almost two weeks ago, I told him that I was going to a birthday party and I already knew that she would have my favorite cake there. Yes, I am a cake snob and only really like this particular brand. I told him that I can't and won't resist it. He said that is ok, have a small portion. The word diet should actually be removed from all of our vocabularies. You should be doing something that you can maintain as a lifestyle so that once you have reached your goal you can maintain your weight loss. When you think you are hungey, drink a glass of water and wait about five minutes, you may find out that you were really just thirsty. You are putting way too much pressure on yourself which is causing a cycle, you feel pressure and stress about how you look, it upsets you, you go eat thinking it will make you feel better, then you feel worse because you ate ice cream or cake or what ever food your comfort food is. Then, if you are anything like me you eat even more throughout the day because at lease, I tell myself, what the heck, you already blew it today. Please do not think that I am trying to lecture you, you just remind me of me. If you eat something that is fattening, just have a small portion and keep sticking to your new lifestyle. Depriving yourself will only cause you to binge and that isn't good either. Been there done that. None of the people on this board put our extra weight on over night, and none of us are going to loose it overnight. There is no magic pill. Try to eat lean protien, 2-4 oz per meal depending on what it is. Eat your veggies, raw is best, steamed is good too.Have your fruits. Eat whole grains and drink at least 8 8oz glasses of water per day. For dairy, try to stay with low fat, yogurt, skim milk etc. Try not to eat out a lot, if you do eat out, ask them to prepare your food with as little fat as possible, and ask for dressings and sauces on the side. You can eat three meals and a snack a day or you can try breaking your foods into 5 or 6 mini meals a day to help rev up your metabolisim. If you are wondering which foods are best to eat, try to eat like a diabetic person eats. Get yourself a good multi vitimin like one a day weight smart. You will loose weight. If you want a goodie or treat, have one, just don't do it all of the time and keep it small. You sound like you have the exercise part down pat. Good job! incase you are wondering why I am seeing a specialist md, it is because I wanted to have gastric bypass surgery. My husband and the rest of my family are dead set against it. So I agreed to try the medical weight loss diet supervised by an md to help keep me on the straight and narrow, plus I just quit smoking about the same time as I started trying to loose weight. I can't do the exercise yet like you either because I just had back surgery seven weeks ago tomorrow. I know this was long, but I would be glad to share tips with you if you need support. You could ask your Dr. about an anti depressant, but most of them cause people to gain weight. I totally believe that with the support of the people on this board that if you really set your mind to it, you can do it. Just remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. Take baby steps towards your goal and you will be suprised how quickly it comes off. Per my pcp, do not take otc meds to loose weight. She has already put 3 people in the hospital this year for hoodia. I hope I didn't say anything to upset you, like I said, you remind me of me, I just wish I was your age again. You can do this honey. Chin up!! Let me know if I can help you in any way. I dare you to give this a shot!!! Lynn

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Twanked HB User
Re: sometimes i want to slice all my fat off

Originally Posted by ustalaughalot View Post
Dear Sognoazzuro,

First of all, beauty is only skin deep. Do not even try to get down to the size of the Hollywood Beauties, many of their pictures are airbrushed......Chin up!! Let me know if I can help you in any way. I dare you to give this a shot!!! Lynn
*Twanked Claps hands*
as said intake is the biggest thing in the world in losing are half way there on the weight loss train...hitting the gym is 1/2..Eating habits/lifestyle change or"Diet" is the other. i now drink only water and green tea. but it took me a good 2 months to get to that point. i use to drink 5-6 soda's a day...i started out by cutting out 2 sodas a day and drinking at least 20oz of water a day..then to 2 sodas and 40 oz of water... and so on and so on.. i drink all water now and tried a coke last week and i just wanted my water that alone helped me lose some of my weight..the tunnel may look dark but there is light..just keep day you will run into someone that seen you at your peak of weight and they will have to take a double look...and then you will have a face like

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Old 04-28-2007, 07:02 AM   #6
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sognoazzuro HB User
Re: sometimes i want to slice all my fat off

Thanks for the responses everyone. I dont eat the same thing everyday but for example, yesterday I had an everything bagel with butter, a cappuchino cooler in skim milk, a half of a sandwich made of gouda, lettice, sundried tomatoe bread and smoked turkey, a bowl of french onion soup, a small bag of chips, 2 pitas with hummus, sushi made of brown rice and avacado, half a beer, a weight watchers icecream bar, another asiago cheese bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese spread..and i think thats it. i know that is WAY over what I should have calorie wise in one day. The week before my period I want to eat everything. Typically I drink a lot of skim milk, about 3 glasses a day. I go through eggs and wheat bread regularly..I like fiber one oats and chocolate bars. I drink a good amount of water, some days more than others. I havent had a lot of meat in my diet - I've had a lot of vegetarian burritos in the past week consisting of cheese, lettuce, sour cream and salsa. I bought peanut butter and fluff and I was having that to sort of fill me up and fool me. So you see I eat a variety of things. I almost never to go your fast food places like mcdonalds, burger king, wendys, etc. I prepare things myself or eat at school (chicken finger wrap with blue cheese, hot sauce, black olives, green peppers) i try to add veggies on things whenever possible. i know its an issue of calorie intake. i was thinking of trying a detox system to cleanse myself out and maybe that would give me a boost of energy. any comments now that you know what I eat? its really appreciated.

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chevyman HB User
Re: sometimes i want to slice all my fat off

I agree with the others lowering your calorie count is the most important more important that exercise, you don't have to exercise to lose weight.
but with that said its eazier said than done.

Foe some people even if they lower there calorie intake they don't lose weight .... stobborn bodys I guess..
but the kicker here is you have to keep on with the low calories if you want to lose weight bad enough, it will come but for some it just takes a while, like when I first started lowering my calories I was hungry all the time and just not happy, I lost a few lbs at first but I was so hungry all the time and when I weigh in and seen no loss that is frustrating but for some reason or another I just keep on the low calorie intake it took me 5 weeks to see results at the scales, and from then on out I would loses about 2/lbs weekly, lost about 30 lbs and started exercising and in 15 months I was at my goal weight, and I did have plateau's along the way the key is don't ever give up no matter how frustrating it maybe...thats the price we pay and believe me you will be sooo proud of yourself because its all about you and its all up to you.
Good Luck.

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