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Annmarie12 06-15-2009 08:52 AM

Detoxification and cleansing for weight loss

Has anybody have experience of detoxing and cleansing to lose weight, i would be happy to hear about experiences, problems and if weight loss occured

I look forward to everyone opinions


dgillmore 08-04-2009 11:47 AM

Re: Detoxification and cleansing for weight loss
Gentle cleanses, are very good for you, but generally result in a loss of only a few pounds. I have done many cleanses of various types over the years and have lost some weight, but I generally do it to clear out environmental toxins. More severe cleanses and fasts can result in significant (20-30 lbs) weight loss. However, weight loss is best approached as a life long change in healthy diet with moderate exercise. Cleansing the body first can make that more efficient and easier.

There are many reasons for doing a detox or cleanse. One is to remove mucoidal build up in the colon. This in and of itself can result in a loss of from one to several pounds, if the build up is heavy. Mucoidal build up can also be a source of toxicity to your body on a daily basis. It can form pockets in the colon where harmful bacteria and parasites hide out. These release additional toxins back into the body creating many non-specific symtoms such as food allergies, skin allergies, head aches, loss of energy, and the list goes on ... Cleansing the colon can also improve absorption of the nutrition from your food. If you have never done a cleanse, then it is advisable to plan on doing more than one with a week or two between them.

We do not want to believe that we can have parasitic worms in our bodies, but round worms are actually very common and can be picked up from soil, food or water contaminated by their eggs. Recently, much to my surprize, and some what to my disgust, I passed a 13" long round worm. I immediately started a parasite cleanse (a six week long process due to the length of the worm's life cycle in our bodies) and so far have seen no other evidence. However, I am now a believer and give more credence to the possiblity that others may have large infestations, which besides creating massive toxicity and possible blockage of colon or bile duct will add to one's weight.

Hope this was helpful.

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