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sandragon 08-15-2009 11:18 PM

The Balance Factor

I've been reading The Butterfly Plan by Leda Fox because I have to lose about half my body weight as I am diabetic and I am worried about my heart. Also I am embarrassed for anyone to see me, particularly my kids friends. The plan is for forty days and it is different from all the stupid fad things I've done before. It is all about balance. I've always thought that I have to eat almost nothing and work out to get results (which never happen or don't last) but this book has taught me to get real balance in all areas of my life because if you are angry or depressed or frightened (of food and putting on weight) it can effect your metabolism. I've been following it for two weeks and a day and I feel really good...I can see how my attitude to life, weight and people has paralyzed me and stopped me from getting healthy. I'm eating great balanced food but no bread and just walking and keeping a journal. I really wanted to share this with anyone who needs something to help keep you on track. The book is kind of like a guide and I hope someone might benefit. Good luck to everyone with getting healthy. Without your health you have nothing. <[COLOR="Blue"]removed[/COLOR]>
love Sandy

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