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Can I lose weight with this diet?

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Old 06-10-2011, 08:02 AM   #1
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Daniel1990 HB User
Can I lose weight with this diet?

OK, so I am a 20 year old overweight Male and wanting to lose weight, I don't want to go one one of those crash diets as they never last and cost a bundle. Besides, I don't want to be on a "diet" rather I just want a general healthy lifestyle change from junk food, Soda etc.

I have been eating like this for 6 days now.

OK, so here's what I eat, drink and do:

Most days for Breakfast:
Small bowl of Muesli with skim milk and a cut up banana and a sprinkle of Sultanas.
Small bowl of porridge with skim milk and a cut up banana and sprinkle of Sultanas.
A small bowl of low-fat yogurt with a swirl of honey.

and the muesli and porridge I buy I make sure is low in calories, sodium and sugar and they are all low

Most days for Lunch:
Ham and salad sandwich on wholemeal bread.
(Lettuce, Cucumber, Beetroot, 1 slice of Cheese, Spinach Leaves, 1 Slice of Ham)
(I think Ham is generally salty so I only have 1 slice a day max and only 2 slices of the Wholemeal Bread a day max too.)
1 Egg scrambled with 1 slice of Ham and a handful of Spinach Leaves mixed in with 2 pieces of Toast with Avocado on them.
2 Eggs scrambled with 1 slice of Ham and a handful of Spinach Leaves mixed in but no Toast.

Most days for Dinner:
OK, so here is the part I know most people are going to go argggh, but, I can't cook.. and I am terrible at portion sizes, so I have 1 Healthy Choice frozen meal every night for dinner. I always choose the low calorie ones (I won't go over ones that are 450 Calories) and as low sodium ones as I can find (I won't go over ones that are 800mg) I pick the ones that are as balanced as possible with meat, veggies etc too.

So, I know they are not ideal but mixed in with the low fat, low sodium meals I have for Breakfast and Lunch I am still under the recommended healthy Calorie and Sodium intake for one day.

Plus I may be changing to Lite & Easy for dinners only soon.

If I am ever peckish in between meals or late at night I will have a small handful of Sultanas or Unsalted Cashews or A piece of Fruit or maybe occasionally a small bowl of Fresh Water Tuna.

I only drink water. A minimum of 1.25 Litres a day.

Cheat Day:
Now..I do have a cheat day, most people have them once a week, I have it once a FORTNIGHT, And I suppose I don't have a cheat DAY to put it better, more a cheat DINNER. But even then I don't want to overdo it, say for example if I was to go to McDonald's or something I wouldn't go and get a Double Quarter Pounder, I would go for the healthier option of Burger they have (I know they're still not healthy but hey, It's my cheat day!) maybe a Chicken Burger or something and only a small Fries.

As I said I am overweight at the moment so I can't do TOO MUCH right now, but at the moment I do 40 minutes of walking on the treadmill at 6.2 KPH a day while holding small ½ KG dumbbells in each hand and with the treadmill inclining upwards to the level 4 incline every other minute.

I do 100 star jumps a day and am planning on buying a skipping rope to do maybe 5-10 minutes of skipping every day too.

I also have a proper dumbbell set which i do 3-4 sets of 10 reps with each arm a day in different types of positional lifts to work different parts of the arm and body etc.

Also, I exercise 6 days and rest 1 day per week.

OK, So people, please help, it would be very much appreciated, do you think this lifestyle change will help me lose weight??.

I have asked this question before in other places but just got spam and people saying about their own diets, but I am just after whether people think this diet I am on now which I listed will help me lose weight?

Thanks, Daniel =).

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Re: Can I lose weight with this diet?

Sounds a great diet to me. Well done, it does take time for the weight to fall off, it sounds a really healthy diet as well.
Dont take this the wrong way but Im as skinny as a rake. I have had to alter my own diet due to Candida and Sugar is a big NO NO for Candida.
I didnt want to lose weight cant afford to but after cutting out Sugar I lost 14lbs in just over two weeks. (Thank God Ive lost no more since). Its difficult as Sugar is in so many things. Give it a try and Good Luck to you. Solofelix.

Old 06-10-2011, 09:19 AM   #3
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Daniel1990 HB User
Re: Can I lose weight with this diet?

Thanks for the reply Solo, sucks to hear about the Candida thing, that would be extremely annoying having to specially find things that have no sugar, especially with all the misleading tactics today.

At least you lost some weight from it (although you probably didn't need to) It's good you're not losing any more though if you are already very skinny!

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Yavanna HB User
Re: Can I lose weight with this diet?


You didn't say how overweight you are but you can calculate how many calories your body uses up per day by using this method. Make sure you eat at least 75-80% of that number per day or you'll put your body in starvation mode and won't lose weight at all or very little.

If you do start exercising you need to add in the calories you burn while exercising to your RMR (resting metabolic rate) and eat 75-80% of that new total.

To find your RMR:
Step 1
Weigh yourself. If you weighed yourself in pounds, convert your weight to kilograms by multiplying your weight in pounds by 0.5. Multiply this number by 10 to get your weight factor.
Step 2
Measure your height. If you measured yourself in inches, convert the number to centimeters by multiplying total inches by 2.54. Multiply your height in centimeters by 6.25 to get your height factor.
Step 3
Multiply your age by 5 to get your age factor.
Step 4
Calculate your resting calories burned by adding your weight factor to your height factor and adding 5. Now subtract your age factor. The resulting number is your approximate resting calories burned per day.

The diet you mentioned sounds good but I'd suggest more lean protein (protein shakes, chicken, turkey, tuna, fish, etc) which will help you build muscle (and muscle burns more calories than fat).

Old 06-11-2011, 09:40 AM   #5
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JohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB User
Re: Can I lose weight with this diet?

Being that you are changing from junk food to better food, you likely will lose some weight. Generally, the healthier the diet the more likely it is that you will be successful. But only time will tell.

I realize that everyone may have a different idea about what constitutes "junk food" or "fast food". But there should be no mistake about such things as ham or frozen Healthy Choice dinners. And I believe most boxed cereals qualify as fast food, (fast food being a polite way of saying junk food). :-)

For lunch I would suggest making a big salad in a big salad bowl. In other words, at least 3 cups full. That's six servings! This will give you a lot of fiber (good for healthy weight control) and other good nutrition/phytochemicals. Your salad could have lettuce (dark leafy greens) tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, celery and avocado, just to name a few possibilities. That's what it takes to maintain a healthy weight, in my opinion. You could even include a half cup of beans. Garbanzo beans are good but almost any type of bean will do. And you could still have your one egg. A good healthy dressing for your salad: Olive oil (one or two teaspoons) and lemon juice (two teaspoons).

Old 06-14-2011, 07:46 AM   #6
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iris2009 HB User
Re: Can I lose weight with this diet?

Hi Daniel,

I also experience the same way as you do right now and I understand. I tried a lot of weight loss program and even try a crash diet. It was horrible!. I have a friend who advise me to combine eating raw foods with not too much exercise. But raw food is so ewwww!!! Can't even swallow it. Then he recommend to have it as a smoothie. What I did every meal I drink a glass of smoothie (like fruits and any vegetables), a very small meat or fish or maybe chicken not fried but steam cook and a slice of bread. I did it for 2 ,months then now I loss 10 kilos for that. I also myself have a cheat day but ever since I try that smoothie diet I already find Carbs an ewww!!!!. I would love to show you my pictures from before and after my diet but theirs no space here to attached that. And also if you like to have the best blender I would recommend Omni Blender because it really process your smoothie very well that you wont even taste or feel any fiber in it.

Old 06-23-2011, 01:03 AM   #7
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rssandey HB User
Re: Can I lose weight with this diet?

Hi Daniel:

Though it seems a very reasonable diet plan for any person; what is important to know is that how much calories you are taking in and how much you are burning in a day. Moreover, to burn a pound of excess fat that you might be (or possibly) having deposited under your skin, you need to take 500 calories less that what is needed to maintain your current weight. The other way would be to do enough exercise to burn 500 calories extra on daily basis. Now sometimes it can be very difficult to either cut down 500 calories in diet or burn extra 500 calories.

It seems you diet plan would like you calories anywhere between 1500 to 2000 (including cheat days/dinners). I would suggest you to include Carbohydrate blocker and fat burner diet supplements in your diet plan. A good quality carbohydrate blocker can block anywhere between 300-500 calories of carbohydrate from being absorbed in your body by inactivating carbohydrate hydrolysis enzymatic reactions from the site of food absorption/metabolism.

I have recommended both these dietary supplements of good quality in the past to few of my friends and they seemed very happy with their result.

Hope this helps you.

Take care

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Old 06-23-2011, 03:44 AM   #8
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Daniel1990 HB User
Re: Can I lose weight with this diet?

Are you sure it would be between 1500-2000 calories?

The muesli I eat says it is around 2-300 calories

The lunch I eat is a salad sandwich lettuce, cucumber, beetroot etc on wholemeal bread with just 1 slice of ham

and dinner is a meal which is around 400 calories?

that = 1500-2000 calories?

Old 07-06-2011, 08:17 PM   #9
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villania HB User
Re: Can I lose weight with this diet?

wow what a nice and great steps yavanna in finding RMR (resting metabolic rate) this can really be so helpful one.....

Old 07-16-2011, 06:49 PM   #10
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beatbox HB User
Wink Re: Can I lose weight with this diet?

Hello Daniel,

Your post was really inspiring so thank you! I have been on a lot of diets and really commend you on the path you have taken "lifestyle" is a better choice than a "diet" for certain although some would argue it is a matter of semantics. Your choices seem great. I am a chef and prefer to try and keep everything made from scratch so you know what does in everything you eat.

The big salad is always a great way to get all your nutrients in, and doine the right way, can be low in calories as well as long as you keep out the fatty meats.

I wish you the best. If you want any recipes for your favorite foods, please feel free to ask and I will send you some.

Old 09-04-2012, 04:37 PM   #11
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Daniel1990 HB User
Re: Can I lose weight with this diet?

Hi Guys, just thought I would give an update, can't believe it's a year on already!

Basically When I wrote this I was at around 138 KG, I am now at 90kg and feel so much better!

Before I wore jeans that were size 42 around the waist, Now my jeans are 32.

Before I wore t-shirts and jumpers from Target from the "big" zone and were around 3XL, Now I wear t-shirts and jumpers from Target from their normal area, size medium

Before I started I could only walk on the treadmill, when I tried jogging I lasted about 25 seconds going at 7kmph and was absolutely gone, now, 7kmph is my warm up speed and I can jog for around 20 minutes at 11kmph.

I pretty much stuck to the diet I listed, I for a while did replace the frozen meals with better quality Lite 'n' Easy meals and also mixed in with cooking my own portion controlled meals like steamed veggies and chicken breast, wholemeal pasta etc etc

In the end with the amount of exercise I was doing I started feeling quite faint when I exercised and I realized it was because I wasn't eating enough so I actually had to up what I ate.

Over the last 3-4 months however i have put a bit of weight back on due to my Costochondritis flaring up and getting sciatica which will just not seem to go away so I have not been able to exercise, it wasn't until I couldn't exercise anymore that I realized just how heavily I depended on it for motivation as much as anything and my eating habits slipped because of it.

Now I've noticed I'm putting a bit back on and although I can't exercise I have kicked myself back into gear and am fully eating right again to try and shed some more kilos and go hopefully beyond what I was when I got injured!

It was a shame too because I was getting myself fit and had joined a soccer team and was going to play for the first time in 8 years, then I got injured, I hope to be right for next season though.

So yes, there is my update, hopefully other people who wanted to lose weight have achieved what they wanted to and are happy!


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Old 09-06-2012, 04:51 PM   #12
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ToxinFree HB User
Re: Can I lose weight with this diet?

Wow - good on you. That's awesome. I've just joined and I know what it's like to be obese - I also know what it's like to lose a lot of weight and keep it off for 20 years. I read your first post a few minutes ago. I haven't read all the comments in between, but just wanted to give a little suggestion - you're best off avoiding the processed meats like ham and salami because they contain some really nasty chemicals (almost all processed foods in general really). You can lose weight eating them, but you'll be healthier without them. Good job though - keep up the good work!

Old 10-04-2012, 10:30 AM   #13
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nick779 HB User
Re: Can I lose weight with this diet?

Hi, my aunt use to be 68 kg.. She does a bit of modelling so he worked on reducing her weight and within 2 months she lost quite a bit! when we asked, she said all she did was cut down on carbs, so i guess you should try that. it really helped her lose a lot and in quick time too!

Old 10-10-2012, 03:39 AM   #14
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Steve09 HB User
Re: Can I lose weight with this diet?

I think the diet you have mentioned will definitely help you to lose weight. Just increase your protein intake and reduce your consumption of fatty foods.

Old 10-10-2012, 04:01 AM   #15
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Re: Can I lose weight with this diet?

congrats on the weight loss I'm so jelly!!!! I'd like to mention something about the sciatica, there are some gentle stretches you can do for that just research them online. Take it easy at first. I have the same problem and be sure to continue to do them once it goes away. I have to do my stretches every morning. good luck, Cathy, and great job on the weight loss!

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