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Trying to get life on track: Suggestions for Diet & Exercise

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blondielou HB User
Trying to get life on track: Suggestions for Diet & Exercise

I also posted on the nutrition board, but posting here because I'm wanting suggestions on exercise & nutrition based on what all I'm going through.

Hello, I'm a newbie looking for advice.

I've had an ankle injury since April of 2010 and haven't been able to fully walk (had to walk with a leg brace) and very, very limited walking distance. I had a very rare injury and long story short I basically had a hole inside my bone in my ankle. I just had ankle surgery last month which involved using a cadaver bone, cartilage and pieces to do a bone transplant. They cut out the bad section of bone and implanted the new bone & screwed it all together. I haven't been able to walk for six weeks.

So, about 4 months ago I got tired of being a guinea pig and on a bunch of pills (my 1st Dr.'s team couldn't fix it so they had me on all kinds of pills to make my brain think I wasn't in pain) so I got off all my medications and decided that if I was going to be in pain for simply barely walking I was going to try and do something. I'm overweight & it didn't help that I was very limited on any kind of movement for a year so I went back to the gym. I lifted weights, did a lot on they cycles (around 10 miles per day) and then did a mile or so at a pretty brisk pace on the treadmill (this was the hardest for me to do because it was painful).

But my problem is my nutrition. I HATE VEGETABLES. It's not really a matter of personal choice, when I eat most of them, they make me gag. I can't stomach them because they taste so bad they make me vomit. I can't eat any salad stuff without throwing up, and I've tried all I can to eat it. It's easier to list what I can stomach than can't:
Steamed carrots (soft) and I try to stomach raw ones but it's bad.
Green beans

And that's about it. I love fruits, like pineapple & oranges but I was told they weren't good to eat a lot of due to the sugar. But while I was trying to eat better I figured a can of pineapple (in its own juice) was better than a bag a chips or junk food. I tried to incorporate grilled & baked chicken, baked fish, and some ground turkey. I opted for wheat bread and brown rice, low fat & low sugar oatmeal & yogurt and LOTS of water!!

I went to GNC several times & started OxyElite (due to my hunger being awful, it seemed like once the junk food was gone, that hunger was BAD) and started some CLA. He suggested that I think of incorporating protein shakes, not for building mass but because I don't get enough protein due to the veggie problem. He said that if I get enough protein that would not only help for the nutrition but it would help the hunger (and my overall health). This was all combined with working out about 4 times a week (the cycle for about 10 miles, a mile or so on the treadmill, and the weights) for about an hour and a half a day.

I really miss going to the gym because I'm ready to live a better life. I want to lose weight of course, but I'm done with the diet pills, I'm done with the crash dieting, I'm done with all that hype--I'm ready to live a better life, overall, especially because I'll have about a year more for my full recovery & may never be able to fully walk normally again. But my food diet options are limited because I don't eat hardly any veggies because they make me sick. Opinions? Advice?

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dropkickcassie (07-02-2011)
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Re: Trying to get life on track: Suggestions for Diet & Exercise

What veggies have you tried? And which ones do you hate the most?
I'm getting over the same thing with fruit. Whenever I tried eating fruit, I'd just gag. And it wasn't the taste that bothered was something about the texture and maybe something else. I dunno. But I just started eating fruit a little at a time. Just even trying to swallow a piece maybe once a day and then upping my intake. I know it's not the same problem, but I know how it is not being able to eat something.

Some veggies I cannot stand raw or cooked. So you may have to experiment. Like, i can't stand cooked carrots. But I can eat them raw...

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dropkickcassie HB User
Re: Trying to get life on track: Suggestions for Diet & Exercise

Hi hun,

I've recently lost over 30 pounds. With diet and exercise comes discipline. They say you should feed your body every 4 hours, and you are supposed to eat at least 6 meals. Which would indicate 3 snacks, and 3 little meals. You should always try to plan ahead with meals, and if you pack something to eat for work make sure it is portion sized and reasonable. You can eat oranges and pineapple, but you have to limit them, like say an orange and toast for breakfast, or a few slices of pineapple and a granola bar for breakfast or a snack or whichever. You should start yourself off slow. If you could get at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise in at least 4 or 5 days a week you will start yourself off in the right direction. That exercise doesn't necessarily mean you have to kick your *** on a treadmill running 10 miles an hour. You can just take a nice relaxing walk, also when going to the store, it helps to park farther away from the store, because you are burning calories as you walk. I used to drive to the mall and just window shop and walk around for a couple hours. You can slowly but surely make your way up to higher levels or exercise. You can move from: walking to jogging and make your mark to run. When I first started out, I couldn't run but maybe 2 minutes on the treadmil without wanting to die for water. I can now run straight through 2 and a half miles easily. I've made my way up to running about 5 miles everyday during the week. If you limit the calories that you take in with drinks you will start to notice a huge difference. I don't drink pop, or sugary soft drinks. If I do drink something I make sure it is water, powerade zero, green tea, diet lipton green tea with citrus. They also have 0 calorie packets that you can add to bottle water or glasses of water, take for instance, mio. It will help you a lot to limit your sugar intake. You can eat anything you want, the only thing is you have to know when to say I am done. If you drink a full glass of water before your meal you will become full quicker, which will limit the amount of calories you take in. Also know. If you eat small bites and slow, it takes the human body about 20 minutes to feel full, so if you eat slow and chew your food fully you will also train your body and mind of how to fuel it. I recently ordered and read the book The New Abs Diet for women. It has a lot of healthy foods in there that help you burn fat and boost your metabolism. I read it after I lost weight and realized that I was already doing all of those tasks. You should also write a little message down for yourself, so that every morning when you wake up and see it, it builds your confidence and helps keep you pushing forward to meet your goal. I wrote mine down on my white board next to my desk for when I am doing college homework. It truely does help. You could also keep a little day planner and write down what you had to eat that day just to keep track. When I first started my diet I would drink one of those slim fast drinks for break fast and then have a granola bar for lunch and then have other snacks and then my meal for the day. Drinking something high in protein will make you feel fuller longer, plus it also helps you burn fat and build muscle, if you drink a scoop of whey protein powder and mix it with water, it will help you feel full, and if you work out as you drink it, it will help build you muscle. Protein is also very important to fuel up on after a long workout. I usually drink some before I go work out, I will have a couple sips inbetween workouts, and then once I get home to relax I will finish the protein drink off to replenish my muscles. I know this seems like a lot to take in, but I am always willing to help. I hope this helps. I could be your motivational speaker.

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blondielou (07-02-2011)
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dropkickcassie HB User
Re: Trying to get life on track: Suggestions for Diet & Exercise

Also hun if you don't like veggies, you can get your vitamins elsewhere. You can take a one a day womens vitamin for your daily vitamins, you can also get vitamins in different fruits.

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blondielou (07-02-2011)
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