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Shipra22 09-23-2011 03:58 AM

Diet and weight remedy
Hi ,I am 25 year old female and my height is 164.59 cm & weight of 66 kg.
Recently I have started a diet plan in which :
I m doing some excercise and skipping in early morning and then have one glass of water to drink and 1 large cup of tea.
At 9:30 am I have breakefast of 3 small idly with large cup tea.
At 1 pm I eat 4 phulkas and vegetable gravy for lunch.
At 6 pm I went for brisk walk for 1 hours and after that I eat fruits and bitter gourd juice (1 glass)
And for dinner around 9 pm I eat 2 phulkas and vegetable gravy.

I want to know it enough for weight loss or I need to do some more effort.

Jose2357 10-16-2011 12:51 PM

Re: Diet and weight remedy
I hope you don't kill yourself.
Let me tell you your body need X amount of vitamin and and nutrient to maintain energy and at the same time enhance the metabolism and help you keep the necessary fat for to be healthy for the every day work and exercise.
What you need is to use organic and fresh products, vegetables, and ingredients to make your meals, no box, bagged, canned or process of any kind.
look for healthy recipes and that is it.

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