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elle119 11-26-2012 07:38 PM

Need Help
Hello all, I would really like some advice. I am trying to lose weight, and it seems as if my body/metabolism or whatever is at play here, has given up, lol. I used to 'purge' (sort of like Bulimia) and ever since I have recovered, I have gained 30 pounds.. I really hate this weight gain and want to lose the weight that I have put on since stopping this (which I have heard is normal) but it seems to be very hard and my metabolism seems to have just given out or something.

The amount that I eat daily is not very much, and I would think that it would make most people lose weight, instead of staying the same or even gaining, however this is not my case.. It's as if I have no metabolism any more.. I used to be able to lose weight easily, (before purging) by not eating much daily, then- of course the purging caused me to lose it fast..

Why can't I lose weight that I have put on after stopping purging? I realize that I have put my body through quite a bit, could it have to do with this? What can I do to start loosing this weight?

Trish0102 02-19-2013 07:13 AM

Re: Need Help
You must be having hormonal imbalance that is why you are gaining weigh uncontrollably. Try to consult your concern with your doctor.

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