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jkon26 11-09-2007 11:21 AM

west nile virus and antibiotics
my father entered the emergency room with a fever of 102, bloodwork was done, 3 weeks later it was confirmed he had west nile virus, during those three weeks they were pumping him full of antibiotics. since antibiotics dont help virus', I'm wondering if this worsened his condition and if he would have received a quicker diagnosis what the outcome would have been:angel:

DizzyAmber81 11-12-2007 11:27 AM

Re: west nile virus and antibiotics
Antibiotics wont help west nile, but they really cant make it worse. Usually for west nile you just push fluids and have plenty of bed rest. If he was up doing things then it probably would have been better had you guys found out sooner. DId he just have west nile virus or was it encepilitus or meningius which are more serious forms of west nile?

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