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ldy46 03-25-2017 04:23 PM

Can Bacterial Vaginosis Cause Urinary Urgency?
As of February 9th of this year, I've been having the constant and often times severe urge to pee, even after completely emptying my bladder. After a couple weeks, it started to fade and became very slight and almost unnoticeable and stayed that way until March 22 when it flared up and became very severe once again.

When it first flared up in February, I remember there was a thick discharge with a slight odor that accompanied it and went away when the pain started to fade. When it came back just a few days ago, a strong foul odor and thick discharge and slight itching started on the same day. I'm with the understanding that this is BV. What I want to know is if its the BV that is causing my urgency?

My urine has been tested 3 times since this began and has come back negative for UTI each time, although I've had 2 within the last 6 months. I've also had an ultrasound done and there were no issues. Any help is appreciated.

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