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ReggieC 07-28-2003 03:58 PM

Heavy Periods
My periods have usually been right at 30-32 days. I have have been pregnant twice and have a daughter while losing my second daughter at 6 months gestation. Only on those two occasions have I gone over 45 days. In April, my period went 62 days and was very heavy, clotty, long... filling a pad a hour. I went in to my GYN and he said that I should go on the pill to regulate the periods. My regular doctor tested my Thyroid and my PAP came back normal. The next period was 40 days and not as hard. I began the pills on that period and have started another BAD period now... pad an hour - before the pill pack is even done and not in the plecibo line of pills yet. I have to set my alarm during the night to wake up an change my pad or my bed will look like a murder took place. Calling the doctor today, he said to stop the pill pack and begin a new pack on Sunday. I asked if I should come in to have an ultersound to look for fibroids or the like or for a D&C and they say no... I should try the pills for 3 months. Should I get a second opinion??? This is TOTALLY abnormal for me. Could there be something realy bad going on here so that "putting things off" will be potentally detrimental??

jessilynn68 07-28-2003 05:37 PM

Hi Reggie -

Before you even mentioned it, I was thinking fibroids. If you are even thinking you need to see another doc, I would go with that instinct. A good friend had this same problem - was on just about every type of pill there is, and nothing helped. Wasted a lot of time feeling miserable. She finally went to another doc, had a laparoscopy done, and they found fibroids. They removed them, and she feels so much better now. I would ask for an ultrasound, and then a lap. Good luck, and keep us posted. :)

hollygirl05 07-28-2003 09:52 PM

Hi, I'm pretty much going through the same thing. Heavy periods, every 2 weeks, no pain. I'm having an endometial biopsy next month. My doctor said it may be fibroids, pcos or even endometrosis. I sometimes spot between as well. She even mentioned insulin resistance. Maybe you could ask about those. Good Luck Becky

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