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yoga1st 08-08-2003 01:50 AM

how would you know if you had a tubal pregnancy?
what would the symptoms of a tubal pregnancy be? i have had my tubes tied but i skipped last mth i am 2 wks late, i usually 4-5 weeks late anyways every mth
and would an OTC pregnancy test ,,test positive if it were a tubal pregnancy?

Greenoctopus18 08-08-2003 03:09 AM

Hi. I think a home pregnancy test should pick up a tubal pregnancy as there would still be the pregnancy hormone present (I forget what it is called).
When I went to the doctor complaining of pelvic pain they done a urine pregnancy test to make sure that it wasn't caused by an ectopic(tubal) pregnancy.
The signs start out the same as with any pregnancy (eg. nausea, increased urine frequency, tender breasts, etc). Did you have any spotting after your missed period? Or cramping and sharp pains in the abdomen?
These are all symptoms of a tubal pregnancy.
But if it is common for you to be late I wouldn't worry (unless you are experiencing any symptoms)...


Pandabaire3 08-08-2003 06:59 AM

If there is enough of the pregnancy hormone in your body (in other words, if your only 2 weeks from conception, a pregnancy test may not show positive, but if you tested in another week, it might be) it will show on a pee stick test. You can have a blood test done which will detect the hormone more easily.

Other symptoms you may experience: fever and chills, tiredness/lethargy, bloatedness (feeling as if your going to menstrate but nothing happens), vaginal bleeding (this doesn't always occur - like when I had my ectopic), cramping (this can be mild "I don't feel so great" cramps and/or the grab onto the counter type of massive cramps), lower back ache which may radiate toward the abdomen (and this is the type of pain where you feel like your back is going to crack in two - it's debilitating. This means a tube has burst open. You won't feel comfortable sitting, standing, laying down or anything), suddenly your stomache may stick out and look like a small ball, and finally just a general anxiety and feeling of uneasiness.

Symptoms other women have had that I didn't experience: fainting, dizziness, vomiting.

If any of these symptoms occur, go to a hospital immeadiately.

yoga1st 08-08-2003 08:58 PM

i had my usual migraine about the time i should have started , and they were way worse ,i had to go to the dr for a shot in the rear, i am nursing right now so the only times my breasts are tender is when i get chomped ~bad baby~ i will give it another week then go get a test,
oh i did have spotting a little but it was old blood and only when i wiped

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Pandabaire3 08-09-2003 06:03 AM

Oh man, if you just had a baby you shouldn't be expecting your period to be normal for quite some time anyway. Don't panic, that's totally normal to be off.

normorcrazy 08-09-2003 07:08 PM

I've had 3 ectopics and only experienced pain with one of them. It was actually my last one, but I think most of my pain was caused from scar tissue. The test will show positive if you have enough HCG in your urine to cause it to do so. However, sometimes with ectopics your HCG levels don't rise appropriately meaning it will not show as soon as it should.

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