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musiclover 08-17-2003 12:19 PM

long story....
ok... don't ridicule me... lol anywayz... my story is ... me and my bf had dry sex a while back... and being as uneducated as i was... asked if you can get pregnant... still not quite sure i got a clear answer... anywayz... i was worrying a lot... and stupid me... i don't keep track of my cycle... i just think i start at the end or beginning of the month... i could have been late... i finally... the first day i started... and part of 2nd day... i had really horrible cramps(worse than i'd ever had them in my whole life) i couldn't move at all... and now its over... and for some reason i still feal bloated.. but its different from what i have felt before... its like my abs (or lack there of haha) are pushed out more... (making me feel fatter.) but last time i checked my weight to see if i had been eating too much or something... i had LOST three pounds.. anywayz.. i've had discharge.. but its prob b/c of ovulation... but sometimes i have little pains (im not even sure if they matter) in my sides and then some occasionally close to my belly button area... (weird) anywayz... i was just wondering if anyone had some thoughts on any part of my situation... thank you...

Shel1974 08-19-2003 11:01 AM

Well if you are concerned you are pregnant go get a home pregnancy test just to put your mind at ease. And then take it from there. Periods can get irregular from time to time, and the bloating can be from too much salt. It could be many things. Do the HPT just to rule that out, and then go from there...

Good luck to you :)

musiclover 08-19-2003 09:18 PM

But just asking... if we were both wearing 2 layers of clothing (equaling 4 layers) is it possible to get pregnant?

Shel1974 08-20-2003 10:38 AM

OK, I guess I didn't realize what dry sex was.

You mean you were grinding each other, but you were both fully, I mean fully dressed? No penetration and both FULLY Dressed? Then there is no way you could be pregnant.

sorry for the misunderstanding.

BuGaBoO2006 08-21-2003 09:31 AM

i've never heard of dry sex before. but if you had clothes on the chances of you getting preganant are slim to none. i ocassionly get pains when im not on my period to on my sides or around my stomach. but they never last long. there just like quick sharp pains. and the cramps thing. most of the time your period is a little different than the one before. rather it be a little lighter or heavyier. so i wouldnt really worry about it. if it bothers you just go see your doctor.

IsabellaC22 08-21-2003 01:24 PM

YOU CAN GET PREGANT BY HAVING DRY SEX. but the more clothes the less likely it is.

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