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besafe20 08-28-2003 11:24 AM

vary angry with hospital misdiagnosed BV
well I just realized I have bacterial vaginosis from a pap smear taken at my first prenatal visit. I went to the hospital about a month before that complaining about a strong fishy odor that matched the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. The hospital did some cultures and he told me all the tests were negative and basically sent me home without any explanation. The following month I had a pap smear done and it read "shift in florra suggestive of bacterial vaginosis"! I am so upset because I knew something was wrong and I cannot understand why it went undianosed. Now I am finally going to clear it up with prescribed medication. Has anything like this happened to anyone else. omg, and why would my gynocologist tell me this was an STD!!!!

texmiss32 08-28-2003 12:15 PM

I can sympathize with your problem. I've been struggling with recurring BV for 2 years so I know without a doubt when the symptoms are indicative of a BV infection. I went to a GP and explained the symptoms and she ran the tests and told me everything looked fine. I knew she was wrong so I went to another different GP who ran all the tests and told me I did in fact have BV. I was so mad! In the future, if you know the symptoms you are having are BV and the doctor tells you you're fine, have them run another test. We women know our bodies better than anyone else and we have an intuition about things. If they run the test again and still no positive BV, go to another doctor. It's highly possible that the original doctor doesn't know what to look for BV under the microscope.
The fact that the doctor misdiagnosed you doesn't surprise me when I hear that he/she told you BV is an STD. It is NOT an STD. You can treat your partner but studies have shown that treating the partner is ineffective. BV is caused my fluctuations in your vaginal pH that allow for the "bad" bacteria to flourish while the good bacteria diminish since they can't survive such a hostile environment. So many things can change your pH and often times it's due to hormonal changes before, during and after menstruation. It can even happen during ovulation. My advice to you is to find another doctor.....your health (physical and emotional) is too valuable to put in the hands of a quack.

normorcrazy 08-28-2003 11:15 PM

I will try to explain what many doctors do and why some consider you to have bv while others wouldn't. First of all, the sample is put into saline or else they drop saline on top of the sample. If there is too much saline dropped on the sample it will dilute the sample making it look like there is not much bacteria there. Many doctors use a type of system that goes by the quantity of bacteria. If that quantity is low some doctors don't feel it's necessary to treat, while others do anyway. Sometimes, low bacteria can correct itself. So that may have been the problem. Either your sample was diluted and inaccurate or you showed low bacteria present. Of course, I would be upset if someone told me I had an STD when I didn't.

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