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hobogirl 08-22-2003 05:37 AM

Why am I tired all the time?
I have been having this problem for several years now. I have been to different doctors about this and they all tell me the same thing, exercise. Even when I do this it does not help. They have checked my thyroid and say that it is fine. I have tried taking vitamins and that does not help. Does anyone out there have any advise for me? Thanks!!

Sarah68 08-22-2003 06:50 AM

Rather than having your thyroid checked, have you ever had your Hb level checked? If this is low, then you will feel tired, as you do not have enough circulating oxygen in your blood, due to lack of red blood cells.

If this is the case, then you should be taking a Vitamin B complex and eating lot of fruit, veg and some red meat to boost your Hb. Even though your Hb is normal, this does not necessarily mean that you do not have a problem. Your iron stores can also be low (Ferritin) levels and this can lead to tiredness too. Try eating some red meat and fruit and veg. Try liver, as this is high in Vit B and try taking a B complex vitamin to see if this helps.

If this does not help, then go and have some further blood tests to make sure. Tiredness can also be caused by infections such as Mono or a simple virus, that could take you a little time to get over.

Good luck

PaNik5717 08-22-2003 08:29 AM

If it is any kind of anemia, like Sarah is talking about, the interventions she mentions will take a long time to work. You can take vitamins and eat right and exercise and it can take a long time (months) to make more blood and build up iron stores. It is a good idea to get a blood test to see if you are anemic and what type of anemia you have. Then, it won't just take vitamins and diet, you will need to try to figure out how you got that way.

Like Sarah said, it could be other things, too.

mlgable 08-22-2003 09:52 AM

You do need to see the doc again and have them do a thorough investigation as to what is causing your lack of energy. In the meantime though start on a good mulitvitamin as well as a good antioxidant supplement to help keep your immune system healthy. The doc needs to check more than just your thyroid etc so go back and ask him to run a full battery of tests to find out for sure if anything is going on. Also if the mulitvitamin you use doesn't make you feel better all around then you need to try a different one that does help you feel better all around. Your best bet would be to try one that has a money back guarantee so that if you don't feel better you can at least get your money back.

Audrey-B 08-22-2003 06:44 PM

What all the above posters have said is correct. However, when i went through chronic tiredness, lack of energy and no motivation, it was ALL due to the massive build up of candida in my stomach. I was eating right, but my body wasn't absorbing the vitamins from the food and my liver wasn't working properly. I had been to a series of doctors and had blood tests and took vitamins and nobody knew what was wrong with me. Then by chance a family friend mentioned that she had her son and herself tested for allergies by a doctor and he had found they both suffered from an overgrowth of candida.The candida in her son casued him to by very hyperactive in class and suffered from low grades. After treatment his teachers couldn't believe he was the same child, who now behaved and was getting top marks in class.

I went to see this doctor and was placed on a special diet for 3 weeks and told to take acidophillous, multivitamins and oral medication called nicostatin (sp?). After only two weeks i felt like superwoman and couldn't believe the energy i had and how alive i felt.

kimzi81 08-23-2003 12:43 PM

I too suspected that I had a candida infection. I'm tired alllll the time, nauseous ALL the time, especially after I eat. I don't get yeast infections much, although the last time I was at the doctors she did tell me that I had a little bit of a yeast infection (without me even having any symptoms!) but she said if it didnt bother me, she wouldnt treat it. so my question is.. what kind of test did your doctor run to confirm the candida infection in your stomach? i'm going to a new doctor this tuesday and I'm hoping that she can help me. the nausea is driving me crazy. i cant eat more than a few bites without feeling sick to my stomach. i also get dizzy/lightheaded a lot. are these the same symptoms you get? my blood tests come out normal.. my CBS's and chemistrys are all normal as well. If anyone can help me or suggest anything, i would appreciate it! I was on the pill for about 5 years. I started experiencing these symptoms about 3 years into the pills. I have stopped taking birth control for about 2 months now, but none of the symptoms have gone away so I don't think that has anything to do with it.

Audrey-B 08-24-2003 05:40 AM

What you are experiencing doesnt sound good or normal at all. I didn't experience any nausea, but the tiredness was chronic. I'd get a good night's sleep (approx 9hrs) and i'd want more sleep, or i'd wake up refreshed, eat breakfast and then feel as though i'd not slept at all. I also suffered badly from irritable bowel and my stomach would hurt so bad after eating lunch or dinner. It got so bad i was afraid to eat out b/c of what could happen to me after eating.

The doctor i saw was a bio-chemist and he basically did an allergy test. He used something which was connected to his computer to press certain poinst on my fingers and on one of my feet. The computer then gave readings of the percentages of certain things i was allergic to. I was allergic to certain plants (i get hayfever) and the candida came up with an extremely high percentage.

My personal view is that a lot of doctors could fix yeast type illnesses, yet they probably don't want to as they are possibly getting kick backs from pharmaceutical companies to keep prescribing the usual creams/pessaries they prescribe. I realise that's a whole other issues, but i still get mad thinking how many years i suffered from yeast and the allergy doctor was the ONLY one who wanted to help and did help.

Your illness could be something entirely different to mine, or you may have a combination of the candida and something else. I'd not give up if i were you. I don't know which country you are from, but surely most countries have allergy specialists. You seem to have had everything else tested, so an allergy test wouldn't hurt. Best of luck and let us know your results.

kimzi81 08-25-2003 12:34 AM

Hi Audrey,
Thanks so much for your help! I looked up candidiasis and i have EVERY symptom listed.. including feeling spacy/ drunk (i guess alcohol is the byproduct of the yeast) I will definately bring this up to my doctor on my appointment on tuesday! I too have IBS and I feel the same way you do.. I instantly get tired during/after meals, and I get scared to eat out because I know my stomach will act up. It's really embarassing! Im happy that at least I'm not alone - i really thought what i was experiencing was all in my head! thanks so much!

Audrey-B 08-27-2003 06:51 AM

Hi did your doctor's visit go?

mysteryangel1971 08-28-2003 07:33 AM

Hello Audrey,
Could you tell me what your diet consisted of? I am going to try to cure myself because I believe I have the same thing. I just returned from the Dr. and he said he would not test me for something he doesn't believe I have and that even if I did it isn't an immediate threat. I cant go see anyone else because of our insurance we are only covered by the Dr. we joined up for annually. AAARRRHHH. Can you help?

kimzi81 09-01-2003 03:30 AM

Hi Audrey,
My doc says that there is no such thing as candidiasis and that we all have yeast so there is no possible test for it =( It was really not the answer I was looking for!! Instead she told me I have gastritis and gave me famotidine. I decided to self treat my symptoms so I bought acidophilus and bifidus pills. I take that along w/ the famotidine and its helping me eat more.. but the other symptoms are definately still there! I'm scheduled for an abdominal ultrasound in a couple of days. I wonder if yeast can show up there?

Audrey-B 09-01-2003 06:00 AM

As i'm not a doctor, i can't say that what you ladies have is exactly like what i had. The problem with a lot of doctors is that they just go by their text book cases and they wouldn't consider half the stuff if we didn't find info on the net and put forward our own ideas.

Whole other issue, but i'm having acupuncture also to regulate my menstrual cycle and i discussed the yeast issue with my acupuncturist and she also verified that people with regular bouts of yeast infections need to fix it in the stomach, not just applying yeast creams vaginally. This whole thing is a real issue for me as i suffered from yeast to the point i wished i was dead. I know that sounds drastic, but i had it so bad and felt i had no quality of life. Unless a doctor has gone through that, he/she isn't going to give a damn and will continue to parrot whatever pharamceutical companies tell them to tell us.

The doctor i saw wasn't an ordinary GP. He is called a bio-chemist and i basically went for an allergy test. I never told him that i had problems with yeast. I didn't tell him a single thing, just to test him and see if his tests reveiled what i already knew. Normal doctors don't do what he does, or at least i've never come across one who does, i think maybe allergy specialists might use the same equipment he had. Come to think of it, i've had a couple of friends who went to see naturopaths and they helped them out with what to do and what foods to not eat.

Here in Australia we don't need health insurance to see an ordinary doctor and we can chop and change doctors whenever we like. The more i read, the less i like the medical system you guys have in the states. The bio-chemist cost $150 for the first visit and he put me on the diet, gave me acidophilous powder, multi vitamins and Nycostatin tablets (don't remember the spelling, but i'm sure a doctor or chemist could verify) The Nycostatin was important as it fights the candida in the stomach. As for the diet, it was basically no yeast, no sugars, no caffiene, no dairy, no peanuts. You can find loads of info on the net about what sort of foods are good or bad to fight candida. At first i thought i'd go hungry and there wasn't much food to choose from, but that's b/c we are so used to eating biscuits, cakes, breads, alcohol, coffee etc. I was only required to be on the diet for 3 weeks.

Hope some of this info helps. Perhaps if you posted in the "Alternate Medecine" section of this health board somebody might be able to give info on naturopaths helping in regards to yeast problems. Be sure to keep posting your results and i hope i hear good news soon :)

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