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calliesplit 12-21-2003 03:14 PM

Implanon - never ending period.
I have polycystic ovaries and have chosen the Implant Implanon for my contraception and to save a few eggs.

Ive had implanon in my arm for a month now and have not yet stopped bleeding.
Im looking for non hormonal methods to help stop the bleeding.... so far ive found this online:

Vit E daily for at least a week
NSAIDs (eg Ponstan, Brufen, Nurofen) at an adequate daily dosage (often 2 tds) for at least a week
Tranexamic acid (Cyclokapron) 1 gm tds (2 tabs 3xday) for at least a week

Before I start any of these - has anyone else got any suggestions on whats good to stop the bleeding?

Id rather use vitamins and natural things than more harsh methods on my body.

My doctor isnt really much help.

oh, im also taking 2 x 100 mg 5Htp every day to assist with my depression/anxiety and moodswings.

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