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  • Severe pain with period

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    Old 05-11-2004, 03:17 PM   #1
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    Exclamation Severe pain with period

    A few days ago, I woke up with excruitiating menstrual cramps. I usually have really bad cramps with my period, but this time it was different and much, much worse. The cramps coincided exactly with the onset of my flow and felt almost as if I had food poisoning (severe intestinal cramping and dry heaves.) After 5 minutes of this horrible pain, more symptoms started occuring. I had profuse all-over sweating, dizziness, and shaking/extreme chills. However, after about an hour, the pain had (rather abruptly) subsided. I waited until Monday to call the doctor, but since my doctor is on vacation, they made an appointment for next week. I was concerned that maybe this would be too long to wait, but they said it should be fine unless the pain comes back.

    The problem now is that I am worrying myself sick over what could have caused this. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a year and a half, but have been unable to do so. I also have very irregular periods, sometimes not getting them for 2-3 months at a time.

    What could have caused this? Do you think it is okay to wait until next Thursday for an appointment. (I've felt fine for the past 2 days, no other symptoms of anything being wrong.)

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    Old 05-13-2004, 10:02 AM   #2
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    Re: Severe pain with period

    Hello, and i'm sorry to hear about your scary symptoms. does your regular gyn know about the irregular periods? if the doctor does know, is he/she doing anything to discern the cause? as i myself am learning...regular, "normal," and boring periods are a good thing! the ones that freak us out, and the regularity factor actually can have a world of meanings in medical speak. it's important to follow up with your doctor on this last episode, and even if that is dismissed, go get a calendar page that's just for charting your bleeding. there are charts available, probably from your doc, that can help you keep careful track of the kind of bleeding you are having, along with those all-important dates. armed with this concrete data, along with some tests that may be ordered by your doc--thyroid, other hormone levels, blood count, etc. and/or an ultrasound, this information can help explain what is going on with your body. then steps can be taken to see if you are a good candidate for a healthy pregnancy, and maybe just a little stressed these days, or if there is something requiring intervention. take good care of you, and best wishes.
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    Re: Severe pain with period

    Thank you so much for responding!

    My doctor doesn't know about my irregularity, but I am definitely going to tell her after this! Since I've been feeling better, I decided not to go to the ER and just wait until my appointment time this Thursday, so I'm going to have a LONG discussion with her about this then.

    Last year when I saw her for my regular check-up, I had just gone off the pill (which I had been on for 8 years), so I didn't know then that my cycles were messed up. I'm embarrassed to admit that I wasn't keeping very good track for the first few months, so it took me a while to catch on about how irregular they really were. (I get it anywhere from 5 weeks to 3 months...) Even up until this happened to me and I began to do some research, I didn't think that it meant anything. But now I know better, so I will definitely talk to her and have her thoroughly check me out. My husband and I are going to be trying to get pregnant soon, so I hope this won't cause too many problems with that. But as long as that awful pain never comes back, I think I'll be okay.... (fingers crossed)

    Again, thank you so much for your thoughts!!!

    Old 05-16-2004, 11:12 AM   #4
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    Re: Severe pain with period

    The symptoms you described sound a lot like side effects of the excruciating pain. As a teen, I had bad cramps as well, but only during the first six hours or so of my period. When the pain got really bad, I would alternate between breaking out in a sweat and having the chills, and sometimes I had intestinal cramps and diarrhea as well. My gyno eventually put me on painkillers, and they did the trick.


    Old 05-16-2004, 09:17 PM   #5
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    Re: Severe pain with period

    Yup that was my world about 2 years ago.. at the ripe age of 14, I was getting cramps so bad, I would be screaming nonstop and sick in bed for a week. Talk about a mad hormonal imbalance. The first day would start with excruciating pain, so bad i'd scream sometimes from it. I coudln't help it, then the nausea brought dry heaves, the extreme hot/cold flashes, dizziness to where I couldn't stand.. and it was so heavy, i'd get so anemic i'd pass out anytime I stood longer than 5 mins. Then on the third day came the migraines.. horrible ones where I couldn't even see any kind of light & nothing would help until I figured out 2 take migraine meds.. I was very very sick, missing a lot of school & worried about my upcoming work years. I took painkillers at first, starting with Cataflam, made stomach hurt real bad then all of a sudden it just stopped working, then Vioxx, which worked but took THREE hours to kick in..and finally I was put on Ultram/Ultracet, which took care of the cramps, but i'm a rather small person and the narcotics took their toll on me, the dizziness was horrible, I couldn't even lift my head, i'd be so sleepy, any amount of energy put me 2 sleep, I hallucinated, I had "bad trips"(severe depression episodes/insomnia), intense itching, and my throat swelled. I didn't want to go on the pill, I was afraid of gaining weight and all but.. after a year of suffering & the problem was getting worse, I started on Alesse. Worked alright, still needed a day or 2 of Ultracet but then I missed 4 days in one week of it and had my period for TWO MONTHS. Not spotting..had the cramps and all..was carrying Ultracet in my purse cuz I could suddenly get very sick. So I switched 2 Yasmin, and it did the trick..after a few months, mild cramps & the best part- I lost almost 15 lbs.
    So i've been on Yasmin for over a year and a half & now my periods are not nearly as painful as before, nor do I get as sick, and i'm not anemic anymore. I used 2 be very anemic, my pulse was high & irregular from it..but don't get me wrong the pill is no miracle drug. It does not come without consquences..morning sickness is the worst symptom i've come across. Also it's pretty much ineffective if you take antibiotics & then that month you'll get cramps again..anyways I know your trying 2 concieve & all but you really have 2 options 1. Painkillers or 2. Hormone therapy. And just for the record the ER is a useless thing 2 consider in severe cramps..there really isn't anything they can do besides give you painkillers. The chances that this is a sign of a serious condition is actually very remote, despite how painful things may get. Believe me i've been where you are and much worse.. and they say most of the time it's a hormonal imbalance(75% of the time). Other possibilities include PID, cysts, STDs..all of which are very treatable, but it really sounds like just a hormonal imbalance, with your history of difficulty concieving. But, 2 find the exact cause, you'll prolly have ultrasounds(abdominal & reproductive system)(to check for cysts) & blood tests(check for infections, thyroid). Don't worry..the chances are very slim that it's something serious..prolly just a hormone imbalance..some things you can do at home that help are herbal tea(I swear by mint tea, make a tea out of mint leaves, really helps nausea, I hear that chamomile & lavender do wonders), hot bath, heating pad, Advil/Motrin(most effective cramp medicine you can get OTC if you take it at the first sign of cramps), also increase your calcium intake to at least twice your regular intake, it helps a TON, decrease salty foods, no alcohol(REALLY aggravates cramps), no caffeine, do some light exercise/stretching, and keep up a good intake of iron if your period is heavy. Good luck!

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    Re: Severe pain with period


    Have you ever had ovarian cysts? Sometimes those break and can cause severe pain. An ultra sound is the best way to diagnose them. I get them all the time and when they break it causes severe pain. I would definitely tell your doctor to do tests you need to be your own medical advocate.

    Old 05-17-2004, 02:43 PM   #7
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    Re: Severe pain with period

    Thanks again for your responses!

    pibiller - I've never had cysts that I know of, but I am going to the doctor on Thursday so I will make her check that out. I think you're right - it's best to be your own medical advocate.

    crowgirl & blondee15 - Thanks for sharing your stories. I've always had really bad cramps, but except this one time, it was nothing like you guys described. But it helps a bit to know that it could just be from my period or a hormonal imbalance and nothing else. It's interesting that you mentioned that alcohol could aggravate cramps, blondee, because I had been drinking heavily the night before. Maybe that was a contributing factor? Maybe this was a one time occurance and has nothing to do with my irregular periods?

    Anyways, thanks for your thoughts. Wish me luck at my doctor's appointment on Thursday....

    Old 05-17-2004, 04:28 PM   #8
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    Re: Severe pain with period

    Hi I too had horrible cramps from a very young age I was in and out of the hospital for years, my problem a missed ovarian cyst and endometriosis that seemed to get worse when my period would start. Doubled over making you vomit pain where you were eventually crawling to the bathroom. I finally had surgery for the cyst it was 8cm and the endometriosis. The cyst came back and burst which the pain was worse than anything I have ever felt, I thought I had food poisoning I vomited for what seemed like forever until I went to the emergency room and they told me it was a ruptured cyst I was on Lupron for the endometriosis which worked pretty good and now I am on a new birthcontrol where you only get your period once every 3-4 months which is great because thats the only time I have pain. Ask your doctor about what I had they had to do an internal ultrasound to see what was wrong. I also have a split uterus and cervix which even with my yearly annual they never knew until the ultrasound, even then it was still hard for them to see. Could be many things, but see if any of those might pertain to your pain. Oh one more thing my Doctor gave me something for when my period does start to help the pain quite a bit I have it at home so I will post it on here when I get home tonight. Good Luck

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