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  • Tons of questions - Lupron, endometrial ablation, etc.

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    Old 08-31-2004, 08:09 AM   #1
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    Tons of questions - Lupron, endometrial ablation, etc.

    I've had problems with large follicular cysts in my right ovary for the past few years. They cause enormous amounts of pain at times, and the same cyst tends to stick around for months at a time. I also have a history of endometriosis.

    I went to my gyno yesterday for a followup appt on my last ultrasound. Now I have 2 larger than normal follicular cysts in my right ovary and one 2.4 x 2.something cm complex cyst in my left ovary (not that big). She's 100% positive that this new cyst is an endometrial (chocolate) cyst. OH YAY! (grrr). So now, she's positive that the endo is back (even more YAY). Since I'm the world's worst when it comes to remembering to take BC pills, and the fact that they make me sick as hell, my only other option is Lupron injections.. me and Depo don't get along so well either, for some reason, I'll have a nonstop period for MONTHS with it.

    I have been on Lupron before (different gyno, different state), and let me tell you, it was a nightmare. I was only able to tolerate it for 3 months as opposed to the normal 6 months you're supposed to stay on it for Endo. I was then put on Depo for 3 months and when I missed my appt to get the next shot of depo, I had to take a pregnancy test. Low and behold I was pregnant.. yeh I know, holy **** that was quick. That was in 1996, and I hadn't had any problems since then until a couple years ago.

    She says that this time she will put me on a low dose hormone to help counteract the severe side effects that some women get from the shot, but not enough to keep Lupron from doing it's job (boy I've heard some horror stories about that drug).

    She also mentioned endometrial ablation because of my extremely heavy periods and large clots that I have issues with each month. Apparently this will lessen my periods or stop them altogether? Not sure on that one. She said we could do this in October when she does another laparoscopy to make sure that it IS endo I'm dealing with even though she's completely positive about it.

    I'm not sure what to do. So much was thrown at me yesterday.. not to mention now I get to have a mammogram because I have a green discharge coming from my nipples (are my hormones going nutso or WHAT?).

    My last option is to go ahead with a hysterectomy.. my mother had a complete hysterectomy at the age of 25 because of endometrial cancer. I'm afraid of taking that route.. I'll be 30 in October. I know she went through hell with the hormone pills she had to take after the surgery, and that scares me.

    I'm not even sure what I'm asking here.. I think my fears are typing for me. Ok, does anyone have any experience with Lupron? What about endometrial ablation? Hysterectomy? Green nipple discharge? Complex cysts?

    I forgot to add that I also get to see a urologist now because she suspects that I have Interstitial Cystitis since I have constant bladder issues.. urgency, pain, etc. Apparently Endo and IC tend to run together for alot of women. Unfortunately the uroligists here do the cystoscopy to check for it in their offices, no anesthesia, no numbing medicine, NOTHING. Holy freaking ow Anyone had THAT done???
    I'm so not a happy camper today.

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    Re: Tons of questions - Lupron, endometrial ablation, etc.

    I took Lupron for 3 months without too many problems, but many women have severe, permanent problems with it. The problem with Lupron is that it's a temporary fix at best - when you stop taking it the endo will come back. Personally, if I had it to do over again and knew then what I know now, I would not take Lupron.

    I had an eblation done back in May and I'm pretty happy with the results. Mine was the balloon ablation, where they fill a ballon type thing with hot water and scald the uterus. I still have periods, but they aren't near as heavy or painful as they used to be. Some women never get another period again (wouldn't that be nice?). My periods are now what most women would consider "normal". Before I had to take narcotics and stay in bed for about 24 hours each month, and my periods were very heavy as well. So I am very happy with the eblation. It was an easy procedure and wasn't near as painful as my periods were. But if you get an ablation you can't have any more kids, just an FYI.

    I hate the thought of a hysterectomy unless there are absolutely no other options. It's just too severe in my opinion.

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    Re: Tons of questions - Lupron, endometrial ablation, etc.

    Thank you for replying JoJo. I'm still at a loss on what to do, and it's stressing me out SO much. I'm pretty certain that I'm going to go ahead with the ablation though, considering how horrid my period is this time around. I started yesterday (a week early actually), and let me tell you, this is the most I've ever bled in my life!!!!! Normally the first day is pretty light for me, with alot of dark brownish colored gunky stuff, then the second and third days are pretty heavy.. by heavy I mean I have to change pads (the ones for heavy periods - night time pads) every 2 hours. But this time, whoooooaaaa. Just starting yesterday was very heavy.. this morning I woke up absolutely covered in blood, soaked through the front and back of my pj shorts, and I was wearing a tampon and a nighttime pad. I'm also having some severe cramping and clotting this morning. I'm soooo sorry if this is TMI, just wanted to explain why I'm even considering it.

    Was the pain after the ablation bad? I also have suspected interstitial cystitis - I'm being referred to a urologist for tests (NOT looking forward to that one at all - major ow I've heard). So, I always have cramping in that area, and I'd really hate to add more pain. I'm tough and can deal with alot, but I just reaaaally hate adding more pain on purpose LOL

    She said that she doesn't usually do any laser or anything of endometriosis, because in her experience it always comes right back anyway. So she feels it's no use unless there is just tons and tons of it and the patient refuses hysterectomy (yeh that would be me, I really don't want to take that route until I absolutely have to do it).

    I'm still not sure about the Lupron, although I know that I can try BC pills, which just make me sick.. for some reason I've never been able to tolerate them. I was put on them at age 12 to regulate my periods and I've just always had issues finding the right one for me. Not to mention I'm the world's worst about remembering to take the darn things!! Depo, no way no how. NEVER again. The last time I had that, I had a non stop period for over 5 months and got very sick from it. So Lupron or a hysterectomy seem to be my only clear cut choices here

    What to do what to do.

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    Re: Tons of questions - Lupron, endometrial ablation, etc.

    I feel terrible for your dilema. I just finished the Lupron injections for possible adenomyosis and/or endometriosis. The pain went away in my abdominal area but in turn I had a bad reaction to the lupron and was having at least 1 migraine a day, sometimes 2 and there was not one day that my head didn't hurt. My abdominal pain is already coming back as the migraines are subsiding. It is such a crap shoot for each person to decide what to do. Go with whatever your gut tells you. My sister is having a hysterectomy on Sept. 7th. The heavy bleeding is just awful, however, the abalation will help a tremendous amount. As far as the lupron, I won't take it again.

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