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Administrator 09-23-2004 05:26 AM

The Abortion Issue >>> Make sure to read this.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Discussion/debate on the pros and cons of abortion are not allowed:[/COLOR][/B]

On this website, the [U]only[/U] way abortion may be discussed is if the abortion has already taken place and you need [U]MEDICAL[/U] recovery support.

[U]Do not [/U]ask or offer advice for how soon, where, or how to get an abortion.
[U]Do not [/U]ask for yourself or a friend or family member.

[U]Do not [/U]post about how someone treated you in regard to abortion. That is for some other website.

[U]Regardless of your beliefs or opinions about abortion, either offer your support to the woman in medical recovery, without judging, or else move on to other members you can support.[/U]

[B]Do not post hateful or judgmental messages to anyone for any reason.[/B] :nono:


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