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jmh15 05-25-2005 09:36 PM

dark spot
Hi, this is my first post,After I took a shower this evening, i thought I may have the start of a yeast infection cause i was feeling a tad bit itchy, so I wanted to check and see if the area was getting red, and while looking down there, I noticed this weird dark mark brownish/blackish, can't really tell the exact color, trying to get good lighting with mirrors and everything, but something dark like that, kinda a horizontal line, very short though, kinda curves up. Its not painful at all, not tenderness, not sore or anything like that, only noticed it cause I was looking down there tonight, so if anyone could give me any insight to what it is or what not, it would be much appreciated!!! Thanks

southjerseymom 05-26-2005 05:50 PM

Re: dark spot
It could be just a mole. Is it on your skin surrounding your labia? I take it it's flat, since you said it's a mark or is it raised? I have a dark mark( a mole) down there and it doesn't bother me. My gyn has never mentioned that it's "bad" and it doesn't bother me at all. If you're really worried, just have it looked at. If anything, it will give you peace of mind. Try not to worry!

jmh15 05-26-2005 09:50 PM

Re: dark spot
Thanks for the reply, yeah I wasn't too worried, but whenever somethings different you're just a bit worried yeah its not raised at all, I was going to the doctor in a month or two and may just have it looked at, thanks again, its so nice to have boards like this!

southjerseymom 05-27-2005 03:12 AM

Re: dark spot
Yeah, I'd worry too, at first. When you first discover something that seems out of the ordinary, it can seem very scary. I'm glad your're going to the doctor. Like I said I really think you're fine. My husband calls my dark spot "freckle". Really something how spots can appear anywhere on the body! Have a good day! Happy I could provide reassurance!

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