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kirsten07 08-24-2006 10:59 PM

yeast infection treatments
i want to get a treatment for yeast infection. is a one time application/treatment better than a week application? whats the difference? i dont want to use the one time treatment and it not work. could i use the one time treatment and also use a different week-treatment? just wondering i want to clear this thing up ASAP!

cfrances 08-28-2006 12:52 AM

Re: yeast infection treatments
Hello: I saw no one has posted a reply, and so thought I would chime in a few notes. Have u searched google for 'yeast infections'? There are so many different variations on the same theme. I have been having many other symptoms, but was diagnosed with yeast years ago, and treated with antibiotics, that should have taken care of it, but like most people, it becomes recurring. Often Diflucan is prescribed (it is over the counter in the UK, which is great, and i just heard that was glad to, esp. since i suggested the same thing to the gyn. b/e they will only give you one pill, even if you beg, and many times, I have read on the internet, subsequent diflucan treatments are needed. I go back next week to the gyn. I am wondering if I have Candida (a serious type of yeast infections) - if that is what I've developed. I have begun taking vitamins/herbs recommended online for 'detoxing' which is very difficult (I cannot give up all sugars, breads, etc...just not possible, but am taking zinc, garlic, neem, acidophilus, etc... as suggested). Ok, there are at home tests also, if you search online. good luck.:confused:

wakkochic17 08-28-2006 11:14 AM

Re: yeast infection treatments
hey! I recommend the longer treatment versus the shorter. The shorter is "supposed" to work as well, but my doctor said he trusts the longer 3 day or 7 day treatment more since you are treating it longer. Diflucan does work, you normally only have to take a second dose if you have a really bad yeast infection. However if you can't get a prescription the OTC creams work fine.

cfrances.. why did your doctor prescribe you antibiotics for yeast? Are you sure it wasn't antifungal pills? Antibiotics usually CAUSE yeast infections.

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