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leighbee 10-05-2006 06:01 AM

Painful, swollen ingrown hair "down there"
Hi. Please help me - I have an ingrown hair on my groin / inner thigh. I am pretty sure it is from shaving. I have had this happen before but this time, I am in a lot of pain. The bump is very tender to the touch and I am in constant pain. I can see the hair that is stuck but I can't get it out. Does anyone have any suggestions for me as to how to bring it to the surface? Hot compresses help, but its only temporary. I am calling my doctor today.

Please help - I am in so much pain.

ckbarker1979 10-05-2006 06:58 AM

Re: Painful, swollen ingrown hair "down there"
I too have had this really recently and I found that squeezing it only made it worse! The good news is that the fact that it is so sore means that it is almost over and pretty soon it will just burst leaving quite a hole behind. Good luck and dont panic it will soon be over.

Take care x

Dark Stranger 10-05-2006 07:17 AM

Re: Painful, swollen ingrown hair "down there"
I have heard that vinegar can help draw the ingrown hair to the surface. Use a hot towel or a hot pack soaked in vinegar on the affected area for 15-20 minutes three or four times a day. Also, try not to squeeze it. I know I've had these things before, but I'm extremely OCD about any kind of blemish on my skin, so you can probably guess what happened with me :p

gossamerfairy 10-05-2006 09:44 AM

Re: Painful, swollen ingrown hair "down there"
I had one of these before and it almost killed me with the pain. I couldn't even find a comfortable position to lie down in. It was making me tear up it hurt so bad.
I soaked in a warm bath with lots of Epsom Salts in the bathwater. Epsom salts will work to draw the puss and infection out of the sore.
Also, don't squeeze it; pull it. Once the puss is out, trust me, it feels ALOT better. What I mean by "pull it" is put one thumb on each side of the sore and push your thumbs away from each other, so that you tighten up the skin. Push until the sore pops open. Your generally trying to open the sore only slightly, so that the puss comes out. Once the puss is out, it will start to heal, if you keep the wound clean enough. I had no problem with this procedure (and I got this advice from somewhere else).
Hope I could help!

brokenspirit 10-06-2006 04:14 AM

Re: Painful, swollen ingrown hair "down there"
I have had several of these things over the years. Buy you some stuff called boil ease. its over the counter. It numbs it. you might have to get a pair of tweezers in order to get the hair or a needle. burn the end of it then place it in rubbing alcohol and try to get under the hair and pull up on it. I have had to do this to my hubby a few times. once the hair and the pus is out it will feel better. the boil ease eases the pain though very well.

m1e1b1s1 10-24-2006 10:29 AM

Re: Painful, swollen ingrown hair "down there"
Warm bath and epsom salt....

Warm compresses when possible during the day...

It'll pop eventually...I had one right in the crease of my leg/vagina and it KILLED me for 2 weeks...finally it popped after doing the above for 3 days....I used a warm/hot compress every time I went to the bathroom....just sat for a few with it on, I also used neosporin....

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