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amandacoldwell 03-28-2007 12:46 PM

menstrual help
i was supposed to start on the 7 of this month, it is now the 28th and i am still not starting. i am 19 as of today and i have never had sex or had ANYTHING sexual with someone. two weeks ago i had a pink tint to my "fluid". then nothing, two days ago i had the same pink tint. as of today i am pretty dry down there and i am TOTALLY confused..can anyone help?

scoobylou22 03-29-2007 03:41 PM

Re: menstrual help
Hi amanda,
Irregular periods are quite commen its normal to miss a period or two every so often! if you have never had sex before at least you dont have to worry about being pregnant! Have you been under any stress recently? family trouble? college? new job? sometimes stress can cause delay in periods!
I have had really irregular periods recently i sometimes miss 2 in a row.If i were you i would go along to your docters and be put on the pill you don't have to use the pill for just contraception it can be used for treating irregular periods, acne, heavy bleeding and spotting between periods.
I bet as soon as your put on the pill your periods will come like clock work every month, i used to know down to the hour when i was due on lol
hope everythings ok xx

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