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pmarisa2009 04-02-2007 07:06 PM

help! is it possible i could be pregnant?
just called the hospital where i went on friday march 30th because of a closed head injury. i thought i could possibly be pregnant so i asked them to give me a blood test to find out if i was or not before i did the cat scan. i had my stomach shiedled anyway just in case before we got the results.
i had told them that my last period was feb 27th and that i thought i could possibly be pregnant.
what i forgot to mention was that i had bled on march 14th (didnt think it was AF until now) but i didnt mention it because i thought it was implantation bleeding because it was so light and short.
I just called them and asked them if it was a quanitive (measures the amount of HCG) OR a qualitive (which just sees if any is there and is yes/no).
they told me it was a QUALITIVE and it was negative.
since they thought if i was pregnant i would have been further along that was probably the reason they used a qualitive, thinking it would show up since i hadnt had a period since feb 27. but now that i know march 14th was a period and not implantation bleeding, could that have affected the accuracy of the results?

basicly what im asking is would march 30th had been too soon for a qualitive blood test to tell if i was pregnant if my last period was march 14th.

when i looked up an ovulation calculater, if it was correct, i had sex on the day i was supposed to ovulate and a day i would be fertile.

i ordered some HPT's from [url] (REMOVED ) [/url] that were really cheap but supposed to be extremely accurate (99%) from 4 days before missed period. but they are not going to be here till 5-7 business days. i think my next period should be (or hopefully wont come by)around april 5-10.

i just want to know if theres a possibility i could be pregnant!?

livinTX 04-02-2007 07:45 PM

Re: help! is it possible i could be pregnant?
All you can do is wait and see if your next period comes on time. Some of the cheap internet pregnancy tests are more prone to evaporation lines (especially if read after the time limit, so keep that in mind). If you have a Dollar General near you, they sell pregnancy tests for $1 each, but the accuracy is so-so (back up a positive with a name brand).

March 30 would have been too soon for a qualitative test assuming your light bleeding was a period. The odds of conceiving any one cycle (for a couple without fertility issues) and when intercourse is timed correctly is 20-25%, so don't get discouraged if you are not pregnant. It usually takes a couple without fertility issues 6 months-1 year to get pregnant. You might looking into basal body temping to help pinpoint ovulation and understand your cycles. A good book to read is called "Taking Charge of Your Fertility".

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