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sophiekaris 04-12-2007 11:40 AM

missed period again ... a little worried
ok well last time i got my period was feb 23rd 2007 and now i have this tracking thing online where i can track my symptoms. well i didnt get my period again this month and now my hair is falling out again. it seems to get worse when i come closer to having a potential period. so i went to the doctor to get a blood test. he said i was a little bit over weight and that my blood tests came out fine and nothing was wrong except i had cholesterol which was 215 i go to the gym 5 times a week and am healthy. i have a GYN appointment on the 28th of april and im going to see an endocrynologist aswell as a dermatologist to see what on earth could be going on with me. Last time i took black cohosh a herbal vitamin to help bring on my period and two days later i got my period. thing is just read that this isnt good to take long term. :confused: and it increases your chances of breast cancer. I have no period symptoms just a few pains in my stomach now and then and other then that i am normal. although the doctor said my hair loss was due to stress at work. i work a very stressful job and work 13 hours a day then i go to the gym work out and then go home. thing is before my periods have been okay. has anyone ever had anything like this before and what should i ask the endo to check for. i was tested for thyroid and he said my thyriod was normal. i just am very confused to what this could be and a little scared.

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