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case1 04-12-2007 05:23 PM

no period yet!!
hi guys, i posted on here a couple times about me missing my period, none since jan 1. went to doc and they ran all kinds of blood tests, all came back fine, no pregnancy, no premature menopause(i'm only 34), no thyroid problems. i tend to be a big worrier when it comes to my health, since i was 25 i've had to undergo a lot of weird tests for potentially bad diseases and now i'm petrified of doctors. the docs tell me it is probably because i'm underweight and my body is in conservation mode. my question is how much do you have to be under in order to stop getting a menses. i'm 5'7" 115 lbs and have been this weight for like 8 months now. i keep getting period cramping but nothing happens and i do get the clear white discharge like when you ovulate. could it be something bad with my ovaries? and i read so much about abdominal distention, what is that? i get bloated occasionally because i'm sensitive to certain foods, but what do they consider a bloated belly, most people do not have perfectly flat abs. i can't get in to see my own gyno until may 21st. how crazy is that?? but i love her and am at most at ease with her. what do you think may be causing this?? please any replies would be helpful, i'm so scared. thank you case

purplepiegirl 04-13-2007 01:58 PM

Re: no period yet!!
Hi Case1, I honestly think it is your weight that is causing you to not have your period. Do you have a healthy diet? In women, being underweight can result in amenorrhea (absence of periods). Good luck.

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