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cystine23 04-27-2007 12:14 AM

yeast infection??

I'm new here. and i have one question want to ask, i hope i can get some advices here.

Last week, I had a uncomfortable rashlike and itchiness. I described my situations to my friends, and they said I could be infected by yeast.

They suggest i can take Acidophillus or AZO yeast pills ...(i can't remember the exact name).

I want to ask, how do you think about that? and does there any natural cure ways? i really don;t want to take pills.


Lotus_Blossom 04-28-2007 11:18 PM

Re: yeast infection??
When I have a Yeast Infection I immerse Tampons with Organic Australian Tea Tree Oil,use Organic ACV/Warm Water Douche,insert a whole Clove Garlic into my Vagina (be careful to not knick the Clove),take Acidophilus,Vitamin C with Bioflavanoids and as a last resort Gyne-Lotrimin.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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