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Gram4 05-03-2007 09:43 AM

daughter suffers every month
My daughter asked me to post this & see if anyone knows. Every month she is in bad shape, bad cramps etc. Sometimes her hand swells up & hurts, what could that be?

wibsd 05-03-2007 07:36 PM

Re: daughter suffers every month
Sounds like typical PMS. Beside the drastic mood swings associated with premenstrual syndrome, women complaining of PMS may suffer from mild to severe abdominal or back pains, upper leg cramps, tenderness and swelling of the breasts, acne like blemishes, migraine and sinus headaches, swollen glands, a craving for sweet or salty foods, loss of appetite, fatigue, constipation, swollen hands or feet, and/or an inability to handle alcoholic beverages.

The cause(s) of all this lacks clarity. PMS is linked to changing hormones during the menstrual cycle. Some women are affected more than others. Stress and emotional problems don't really cause PMS, but they can make it worse.

Gram4 05-04-2007 05:57 AM

Re: daughter suffers every month
Just wondering, she was put on a thyroid med not long ago, doesn't that affect your hormones too?

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