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BV and Yeast Infection at the same time!

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Old 06-30-2007, 04:26 PM   #1
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jaxen HB User
Unhappy BV and Yeast Infection at the same time!

I could be here all day telling you my story, but I am not sure you have time. I will try to give you the consolidated version.

-I started having recurring YI about 3 years ago. Basically, I had one every clockwork. Always one week before my period.

-This went on for about six months when I finally decided to go to the doctor.

-He tested me for diabetes...normal. He gave the spiel about cotton panties, bathing, soaps, douching, etc... I explained that I had done my research and had tried all of that. He gave me a regimen of boric acid suppositories. They long as I was using them. He explained that my pH dropped right before my period and that was causing everything to go out of whack. He pretty much said, "sorry." "deal with it" was implied!

-When the suppositories were gone, I noticed it started happening again. Around this same time, I noticed I would really start to have a STRONG odor periodically, through out my cycle. I thought it was gross, but something I just needed to "deal with." It got to where the pain of the YI was so "normal" that I stopped treating it because I only had to go a week or so and then it would go away when my period came.

-Life happened and I had bigger dramas going on so I just allowed this cycle to continue for a long time. Eventually, I really couldn't take it anymore and I started looking for other alternatives (none of the other stuff worked). I moved to a different state and started going to a wellness center that said my problem was all about Candida taking over my body. I went on a very strict Candida Detox diet. I took a million supplements and was feeling better than ever...but...the YI didn't go away. After 8 weeks of that, I went to a new doctor. She affirmed my former doctor's diagnosis...YI that comes because of my cycle. She gave me some samples of rePhresh and said to try using it right before I would expect the YI. I did an annual exam while I was there, and a week later I got the results...normal pap...BUT...I had a Yeast Infection and Bacterial the same time. She gave me metrogel for the BV and Fluconazole for the YI. Well, I took them (metrogel first) and really didn't feel much better. Again, I just decided to "deal with it."

-I can't deal with it anymore. Now, my cycle is all crazy. I have my period (which is also all messed up now...4weeks between periods and then 6 weeks...7 days of light bleeding...and then one month it will be 2 days of HEAVY bleeding...also...I have brownish red discharge about a week before my period even starts)...anyway...I have my period and then about a day later I start smelling really bad so I use the rePhresh. I am good for about a day and a half and then I start getting itchy and BOOM...YI. I've gotten to where I treat it because I can't take treat it and then...BOOM...stinky (BV?)...rePhresh...YI...period...start over. Basically, I want to chop myself off at the waist! I finally called the dr. They called in a prescription for Metronidaziole oral 2xday for 7 days and a 7 night prescription of terconazole cream. I have an appointment for Monday and I am not leaving there without some answers! I have to take the Metro first and then the terconazole, so I am pretty sure I am going to have to live with a horrific YI until next week! I really feel like I am going crazy. I am so tired of the burning, itching, odor and discharge (which varies from yellowish to white depending on the day). I am sorry if this is TMI, but I am losing it!

Does anyone have anything to offer? Have you heard of these happening at the same time? I don't know how they can both live together.

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Audrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB User
Re: Persistent Yeast that is resistant to drugs

Vajayjay - that is a viscious cycle to be going through. Fortunately once my dr cleared my system of the candida i was fine so long as i stayed away from antibiotics, then i discovered probiotics somewhere down the track. Do you take probiotics daily?

Sadly most women's hormones change prior to their period, but some women are fortunate enough for some reason to not be affected as the changes are likely very minor. Women like yourself obviously go through a much greater change for some reason. All of us are individuals and from what i've read the alkalinity/acidity levels in our bodies and our vaginal area can differ from female to female. This is why some women are affected quite badly by their partner's sperm,let alone by other things eg: birth control, diet, lifestyle etc. If you are on birth control or on a bad diet then you might want to look into that. Some foods can make your body very acid and on the other hand some foods are very alkaline and calming to the body. You can look it up on the net.

I had never had BV until i met my current partner. We had a little bit of a long distance relationship at one stage and i noticed the times we didn't have sex i had no BV, but once we had sex i would get the BV a short time later. The other thing is that he has had a vasectomy and i came across an article once which stated that men's ejaculation fluids after a vasectomy can become more acid or alkaline (i can't recall which, but i think it's more acid) and apparently this can have an affect on the female regarding BV after sex.
The thing is that i don't understand why i never had any form of BV when i was with my exhusband for ten years as not every female out there is having sex with someone who has had a vasectomy, so there has to be more to it.

On a few occasions a dr gave me antibiotics for more serious cases of BV (eg: when the smell was so bad), but if it was a light case of BV she refused to give me meds. She said that every female gets BV in varying degrees before her period due to the hormones changing and that it should generally clear up by the time the period is over.

I have my yeast issues under control, but for BV i have simply had to wash straight after sex. It's not the most romantic thing to do, but i have noticed that it affects me a lot less if i do that.

You mentioned that your periods when a bit irregular so could it be that your hormones are out of order for some reason and are in turn affecting everything else? Unfortunately it's difficult finding dr's who care and have the knowledge. When i went through my yeast issues no ordinary dr or gyn could/would help. They kept telling me to buy Canestan creams etc. I finally found an allergy specialist/biochemical nutritionist who helped me so much, but unfortunately a lot of dr's like him aren't really recognised by mainstream medecine who only like to pump people full of drugs continuously, but don't wish to find answers or solutions as there is always a reason for why things are happening within your body.

Old 07-01-2007, 05:39 AM   #3
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jaxen HB User
Re: Persistent Yeast that is resistant to drugs

Thanks so much for your reply. I think you are right. I think my hormonses are out of whack! Everything is very out of order down below. I am not on birth control. I have an IUD that does not emit hormones. I got it about 5 years ago and have loved not having to take pills. I have been wondering, though, if this is somehow related to my IUD. I am going to bring that up tomorrow at the dr. I did take probiotics for about 3 months. I did the candida detox diet(a diet that cuts out darn near everything I like to eat) for 6 weeks and then followed with a low carb/sugar diet. I felt good, but still suffered with the yeast problem. As far as the bv...I don't know. It seems like I have been dealing with this for as long as the YI, but I didn't know that's what it was.

You're right about the doctors. They just don't care. I think it just becomes "another vagina." I am not sure they understand how this problem and trickle down into so many other areas and cause issues. Intimacy with my WONDERFUL husband is difficult! When sexual intimacy is strained, so is emotional intimacy. I am afraid to bend down and be near anyone (children, friends, church people) because I am afraid they will smell me! It is debilitating! I pray I can clear up this bv and then move onto the YI. We'll see...

Old 07-02-2007, 07:28 PM   #4
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miria333 HB User
Re: Persistent Yeast that is resistant to drugs

Hi Vayjay, I am so sorry to hear about your problem. Last week I developed a yeast and BV infection at the same time and it was the most horrible experience I have been through! I couldn't even sleep at night, I was so itchy! and the discharge...I never ever want to experience that again. What happened was I douched with vinegar and water on Friday because I still had a little period left and wanted to get rid of it before seeing my boyfriend. Right before that I had been waxing my bikini area with a scented wax and got some on my lips so I had to pry it off. Anyway my bf goes for a long time and that night was no exception. The next morning I woke up feeling not right at all down there. That night when i checked myself I had to decline sex because thing were really bad.. Anyway I saw a doctor asap and he prescribed 4 Flagyl pills to be taken at the same time, and a 10 day regimen of Flagystatin which is a combo of metronidazole and nystatine. I am pretty sure the BV is gone, i feel much better, but of course the yeast is another issue. I still feel it sometimes. But i'm not finished the cream suppositories yet. I've had a YI problem for many years now, so the yeast was not surprising to me. And yes, me too, it always acts up a week before my period! Usually my period clears it up, but once its finished completely my yi comes around again. With all this mess, I started cleaning myself down there with baking soda and water solution, and I find this very soothing. I hope you can figure this problem out...and YES, doctors don't give a damn!!!!!They really don't even try to understand the root of the problem, its so discouraging!!!

Old 07-03-2007, 10:55 AM   #5
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jaxen HB User
Re: BV and Yeast Infection at the same time!

Hello. Somehow my username got changed to jaxen. I am not sure what happened, but...oh, is like everything else in my life...out of my control! I went to the dr. yesterday. She did some cultures so it will be a while before I hear anything. She said that because my period also seems to be quite messed up (my words...not hers) she wants to do some labs and test my hormones. She thinks they may be what is causing the problems. I have to go back right after my next period and she will do the tests. I wait...and suffer. I am continuing with the meds she gave me and I do feel better, but I am pretty sure it is not going to last long. It never does. We'll see.

Miria...sorry to hear you are suffering, as well. I will let you know things turn out. Maybe you can recommend some additional testing. Take care, vajayjay...jaxen...

Old 08-10-2007, 01:39 PM   #6
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jaxen HB User
Re: BV and Yeast Infection at the same time!

Just in case you have been waiting for an answer...I got my test results back. My estradiol (main estrogen) and my thyroid levels are low. They are treating me with thyroid meds and estrogen. I am not sure how all of this is going to effect my constant infections, but I am hoping it does something. Now, I sit and worry about why my levels are low. ugh. I guess it is never over!

Old 08-10-2007, 02:27 PM   #7
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Re: BV and Yeast Infection at the same time!

Im interested in how you are doing, and if it cures your problems.Shannon

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