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For Carrie RE: Resistant yeast infection

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Old 07-24-2007, 11:29 PM   #1
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For Carrie RE: Resistant yeast infection

Hi CarrieG3,...

Just to let you know that I am here and will be checking for your ?'s regarding the above subject. What I had was a resistant yeast called "glabrata" yeast...and the damage it did to my tissues down there caused me unbearable pain.

Actually, I went through years and years of yeast infections and monthly pain, [vulvodynia], burning, severe itching, and then [while in perimenopause], it became so totally unbearable, that I even had to quit my job...I couldn't work the pain was that bad.

It took about 6 Dr's till I found a great [uro-gyn] who was smart enough to identify it. (after praying really hard one night after I fell on my floor crying in desparation...thank you Jesus!) We were able to clear it up in only 2.5 months. I say "only" as I saw many other gals that had it, [on another BB], who were treating it for over a year without success...I took some drastic measures, some without my Dr's knowledge...which I know I really shouldn't have done, but I didn't care at that point....I was SO desparate...he would've too if it were him in that kind of pain. I confessed to him when I see other GYN's and tell them I had that glabrata yeast, they are like..."HOW'D YOU GET RID OF IT?!!??!!??" .... seems it's really hard to treat, but I am proof that this chronic yeast infection, and resistent yeast prob can clear up and go away..and stay away too. Now that my thyroid is stabilized and I'm eating well and taking supplements...I have no more yeast infections! Hard to believe I went through that for...20 some long I can't even remember, to tell you the truth.

Ask any questions and I'll try to help you, if I can. If I don't answer for a few days, it's because this computer got messed up from a bug...and it seems to be resistant too! [lol] [still having troubles with it] God bless you, and I hope you can get yourself well soon...

Take care..

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Old 07-25-2007, 05:55 PM   #2
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duse77 HB User
Re: For Carrie RE: Resistant yeast infection

Please tell me what you did to get rid of this yeast infection? I have been having problems with YI for over a year now.. I feel that I may have a resistant strain too.. Any information you can provide me with would be helpful. Thank you.

Old 07-26-2007, 07:07 AM   #3
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commodorecutie HB User
Re: For Carrie RE: Resistant yeast infection

I've been getting treated for yeast and BV since March. and I'm desparate for a cure also!

Old 07-27-2007, 02:16 PM   #4
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Re: For Carrie RE: Resistant yeast infection

It's such a long story... i had recurrent yeast infections for so long, like i at least for 20+ years. They were cyclic....I would get them before my periods, with pain too, extreme burning going up my vagina...sometimes pain on the outside too, [vuvla], and lots of yeast, then I'd get my period, and once it was over, it would [strangly] clear up on it's own, [it seemed], and i would be fine for least 21/2 more weeks, or so...and then it would start all over again. Sometimes I would go to the Dr. and they would give me a tube of monistat, but nothing seemd to make any difference. (that was before we were able to purchase it OTC)

Then, I was going through perimenopause, and in 2001, I just had constant, it seemed, never ending yeast infections....and the pain had increased, a lot. (I had a few other symptoms too, but figured they were all caused by my being in perimeno) So all of 2001, I used that monistat crap over and over and over again....(the 7 day cream)....and i could NOT understand why the yeast just wouldn't seem to go away...and the burning was getting worse and worse.

So it was becoming unbearable, like i said before, and i was trying so hard to keep going at my job...but it was getting too bad. I ended up going back and forth to my clinic getting checked by different gyn's [including the master, big head honcho, "hormone guru" over there, yet he missed it too], and differnet NP's...altogether, I believe it was at least 6 of them. I told them all that I was certain that I had yeast, as I would see it in the toilet when i peed. They all told me that I was wrong...even that [so called] master GYN over there raised his voice at me and said "YOU DO NOT HAVE YEAST"....I was like, whatever...I KNEW I DID!!!! They are not God's and I knew they were wrong...and they were. I had made up my mind, I would keep on going to different Dr's until I found one who agreed with me about the yeast, and could help me. (I wasn't about to go home and learn to live with this I think they expected me too)

I finally found this URO-GYN Dr. who was on the younger side, but had been pracicing medicine for 10 years or so....and he was a dream come true. (actually, the answer to my prayers) He took his time with me, and asked me about 50 questions, all pertaining to my history with this problem, with very specific questions. (I could tell right away, he was a winner) Then he did an exam....and I noticed when he used that long know, the one they get a "sample" with? Well....he really took his time, unlike the prior 6 Dr's.

What I saw I couldn't believ. He had one of those little glass vials, filled to the top with (hate to sound gross), but it was yeast!!! And it was [honestly], filled to the top. Like i said, he really took his time looking and scraping around in there. (I read later that that glabrata, [resistent yeast], can hide way up in the upper part of vagina, in the ridges...etc.)

He told me, "don't get dressed yet, till I check this" (In case he needed another sample, I figured) Then he told me to dress and meet him in his office...

So I did, and he told me that i had the glabrata yeast, and although it was considered rare at one time...that when he was doing his fellowship [10 yrs ago], back at that time "they" saw only about 1 case a month, [he was at the mayo clinic in Pheonix]....but he said "today we see women with it in here everyday"

Like I said before, it can be caused by a weakened immune system, [me, as I had Hashimoto's [autoimmune] thyroid... just didn't know it, yet] and he also said that women get it from over using the OTC vaginal anti yeast cream meds, such as Monistat....too many times...and what it does is, it kills off all of the candida albicans...and then the glabrata takes over. (most of us harbor a small amount of glabrata in our vaginal tract) And he also said that it was very hard to get rid of. (I had already read that, and I was somewhat scared)

He wanted to give me that vaginal yeast cream, Terazol 7. (It's a vag. anti yeast creme, that is prescritption only, and it is supposed to work on resistent yeasts, [although i know it doesn' itself], or they even give to women who just have a reg. [albicans] yeast inf. that just won't clear yp.

I refused to use any at that time, as anything I put down there, even aloe vera gel taken out of the fridge, hurt so bad I'd almost scream, and run and jump in the shower and rinse it off!!

So i asked him if he would please let me use an oral anti fungal drug, nizoral. He was not too keen on the idea, but he was very understanding, that I was so sensitive to anything I put down there....and in so much pain. (he said my skin was so inflammed and was "excoriated" down there, and there was redness too"...funny, huh? all of those other docs said "you look fine" when I asked how it looked down there. (I always felt it would look bright red and raw looking)

So he had to give me a liver test first, as Nizoral, [and other anti fungal oral meds] are very hard on the liver.

So he gave me a lab req. for that test, and he gave me a prescription for the Nizoral...I think it was 200 mg a day. I started taking that right away.

Oh....someone just came over here so I will get on here later today, [or tonight] and finish up this story for you....I promise.
Oh...and commodorecutie, I used to live in Jacksonville, at the base, when we were there from 1980-83. (my hubby was career AF guy) Even though I'm a native CA girl, I loved it while we lived there. back later....sorry!

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Re: For Carrie RE: Resistant yeast infection

Deda, please don't leave us hanging too long!!! I need to know what you did to get rid of this curse! What you are saying is so relevant to my experiences...I used to use Terazol 7 each time I had a yeast inf. and it was the only thing that would clear it up, until one day it stopped working! Now its been 7 years that i've been battling yi's and i'm worried I may have that glabrata strain in me. I'm seeing a doctor on Friday and my boyfriend says he is very thorough and even has a microscope in his office, so I am hoping that he will be the first doctor to make any sense in this long ordeal.

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Smile Re: For Carrie RE: Resistant yeast infection

I'm sorry miria...and girls....

My computer is so screwed up right now....and I lost my good reading glasses and I'm wearing my old ones and everything is blurry. So i'll try to type this fast and hit send...and if I have to I'll write more later...before this just shuts off all by itself,..again.

Okay, Miria...good luck to you honey, trying to find a Dr. who KNOWS what the glabrata spores look like under a scope. Whe this great Dr. did identify it, and told me he discovered it, he drew me a little illustration of what it looked like. I wish I had saved that! (he said it had like a long loop, or tail?...or something like that) All of those other docs kept telling me that I didn't have yeast. Well, this guy filled up a whole vial full to the top! (I'm NOT exatuarating (sp?) either. I had read on a website once that it can hide, and get way back in the back of the vaginal canal, and get underneath those "ridges". All i know is...he did take quite a while to get this sample.

Anyway....he wanted to put me on Terazol 7 as I told you before...but I was so raw, my pain down there was horrendous....I had once put aloe vera gel on it, [from fridge] and I was almost screaming in pain...running to the shower to rinse it off! so I asked him if I could try the [oral] anti fungal, Nizoral. He said okay, [kind of reluctantly], but he did understand that I was in too much pain...I was roo afraid to use that cream. So....I started taking that Nizoral and used it for about 4 or 5 weeks straight. You know,....I did feel some relief, not major, but some small relief.....I would even start to have a day now and then with little pain.....but still most of the time it hurt.... :::sigh:::

So after those few weeks, he did a check, and said that I still had tons of yeast. (He said a few times that I must have had that infection for a long long time, as there was so much yeast) Then he said, we have to get you off of the nizoral's just too risky. (chance of liver damage, as it is very hard on the liver) So, buy then, I was getting desparate...and I told him, okay, ...I'll try the Terazole now......but *I* took it a few steps further...and did more than that! (Without his knowledge of permission)

I had an extra tube of Terazole, (I have double insurance, Kaiser and my hubby is retired military so I also went to an AF hospital, and they gave me a tube of Terazole as well, which I hadn't used yet.

So what i did, was I started again taking the Nizoral.... but instead of taking only 200 mg. [as he told me to before], I started taking a 200 mg pill every 12 hours....I thought I'm going to attack this yeast with a larger arsenal...BIGGER GUNS! I know I shouldn't....but when you're in so much pain, and you are so desparate... you don't care. I was willing to take some risks to try to get my life back to normal. So I will write below exeactly what I did and it worked and made it go away. (even though I didn't believe it was gone at first!

1, Took oral Nizoral 2 x a day [200 mg each pill, 12 hours apart]

2. used a full applicator full of Terazol 7, once at bedtime, and again around 12 hours later. [during the day time, I would use a tampon to help keep it from leaking out] I used Terazole for 10 days.

3. I went on a very strict anti yeast diet. The idea was to "starve" the yeast. I ate only whole foods, [for the most part] meat. skinless chicken, fungus food, like mushrooms or avocados, vinegar...etc. Ate shredded wheat, [no sugar], eggs....brown rice, skim sweets WHATSOEVER!!! It was actually easy, as I'm a pretty healthful eater anyway...and when you are so makes it easier. I also ate 1, sometimes 2 sugar free yogurts a day....and took a supplement, P-B-8 2 x a day. (That's an acidolphilis/bacillius supplement....and I've heard PB-8 is one of the best) I still eat a yogurt a day, and drink yogurt smoothies too...sugar free only, and I still take the PB-8, every single day, since this infection was healed in May of '03.

4. wear only cotton panties, and still do.

5. No douching and no sit down tub baths...showers only.

I'm trying to remember girls, if there was anything else, I was doing, [I just asked my husband] it's been 4 years since this happened.

6. Oh,,,...another thing I DO NOT ant to leave out, is my faith in God...I'm not religious....but I'm a believer, and this made me even more so.....I know people can have a hard hard time,..and I've seen a few, [more than a few] women on vulvodynia support groups who were "treating" their glabrata for way over a year. Personally, I think they were just not using seems to me, [from other success stories that I read before] that it takes more than 1 single treatment to get rid of's a stubborn yeast...resisitant like they say...and I thought, [I'm almost sure] that I read it even mutates. Gross huh..... But I do want to say, I thank God for helping me heal.

AFTER it cleared up....I did a "yeast cleanse" with a product called "Candex" ...I think...[not sure]....for a month. (?) All I remember is.....I ordered 4 bottles of it [online] and it cost me $80.00. And I tried, [maybe not so stringently as the first time) to follow an anti yeast diet.

Later to, i had to see a physical therapist who deals with women's issues, as I had been clenching my mucles down there...not even realizing it...and had to do exercises to learn to relax those muscles. (I was grinding my teeth at night as well, for quite a while my dentist said....and lost my bottom back molars because of it.

So....the severe, major burning did go away,...but I did still have some pain....weird sensations down there too....numbness, tingling, pins and needles, etc.....and also in other parts of my body. About 4 months later, from doing a lot of reading, and realizing that both of my mom and my brother had hypo thyroid [Hashimoto's disease], and all of my cousins and aunts.....I figured out that I had that too. This was probably why I had constant yeast infections for 20+ years!! If not, then WHY don't I get them any longer???

Oh...and I just remembered this....even though most Dr's will say it's NOT necessary......before my husband and I started having sex again, I had him do a little treatment too. (One Air Force doc, long ago told me to try this)... I had plenty of that Nizoral left over, (I still have some now, leftover, ...believe it or not...if he thought it was SO bad, [which I've read it IS] then why did he give me a bottle of 30 with 4 refills?? Anyway, I had my husband take 1 Nizoral a day for 10 days, and [embarrassing to say this], rubbed Monistat around his "rim" and underneath it, as that Dr. had told me. I'mm so careful, and so afraid [still] of getting any more infections, [I also used to get BV every now and then, years ago].... that I have told my lovemaking unless we've both showered within an hour. It may sound paranoid,...but maybe I am! (anyone who went through what I did, would be)

Okay girls, i think that about sums it up....if I forgot anything, and remember something else later, I'll get on here, [if this 'puter will let me], and let you all know.

If you have any questions, go ahead and I said, it may take me a little while to get to it, but I eventually will.

And best of luck and God's blessings to each and everyone of you girls suffering with these infections. Don't give up....keep on trying to find a good Dr. that can recognize this rare resistant's such a shame that so many of them don't!

Keep at it...

sorry if there's a lot of spelling mistakes.....I'm blind without my new glasses...and these that I'm using are like 10 years old, and about 10 strengths back as well! When I find my glasses, I'll come back and edit this! LOL

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