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URGENT! in need of advice! PLEASE PLEASE READ!

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Old 08-08-2007, 07:10 AM   #1
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commodorecutie HB User
URGENT! in need of advice! PLEASE PLEASE READ!

Nothing seems to help. I've had this yeast infection for months now. I was being treated for BV from March to June and the gyno just kept giving me more of the same antibiotics. Turns out I had more yeast than BV, and although the BV is gone, the yeast is worse than ever. I feel like I need to take drastic measures. I'm tired of the copays, the hundreds I end up spending on meds that don't work. I'm only 18, and I feel so old and tired. I can't have company or stay the night with friends cause I have to use suppositories, and they always ask questions about all the pills. I'm going off to college in 2 1/2 weeks and I was really hoping this wouldn't follow me there. I've been on diflucan a million times and all it does is leave a bad taste in my mouth. This is what I've been doing for the past couple of weeks:
~ Acidophillus in the morning and culturelle at night.
~ terazol at night, anti-fungal ointment twice a day.
~ AZO yeast 2-3 times a day
~ yogurt for breakfast each day. 8 glasses of water a day
I've been trying to avoid bread and sugar at all costs, but it seems like now that I'm not supposed to have either, they are EVERYWHERE!
I'm thinking about doubling all of the above, and only eating yogurt and vegtables (and some lean meat, but yogurt two or three times.) until I go to school. I'm not concerned about losing weight, I just don't want to have this infection any longer.
Does ANYONE have any suggestions! Please!

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Old 08-08-2007, 07:16 PM   #2
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miria333 HB User
Re: URGENT! in need of advice! PLEASE PLEASE READ!

Ok Commodore, if these meds aren't working why the heck are you still taking them? At this point they are only making your YI stronger and making everything even worse! Believe me I've been there...
You need to be tested by a good doctor who will take the time to make a right diagnosis instead of screwing you up any further. Stop the diflucan cause it does not work, quite obviously, and it never worked for me either. These docs will have you on these meds forever, they don't care believe me. Stop the meds and give your body some time to go back into its natural state so you can get a good idea of what's going on down there, cause all those meds can mess things up too. I would take a break from the natural stuff too cause it looses effectiveness after a while I think. The water is always a GOOD thing and keep on staying away from too much breads & sugars. Try to find a good natural health doctor too, that may help as well.One thing I find really good, that I've tried recently is Rephresh. Maybe when you've taken a break try that, and in the mean time try to come up with a game plan that will make sense. I'm thinking the you're going through what I've been through, and thats doctors making visual diagnoses and carelessly handing out prescriptions without really taking the time to figure out what's going on with you! Good luck!

Old 08-10-2007, 07:45 AM   #3
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commodorecutie HB User
Re: URGENT! in need of advice! PLEASE PLEASE READ!

Thanks Miria,
You're right. I've had two doctors. One was pap happy and did like 3 biopsies on me in a two month span, even though it caused me to bleed heavily ever time. This new one is a lot better, but she just looks. I wonder if she took a sample or something if she could find out what strain it is, maybe i'm not fighting the right yeast. all the boxes of stuff says cures most yeast infections.
I'm afriad to stop taking the probiotics and stuff, cause last time I was on no medication the yeast ran rampant and tore up my skin. It's got a little better a while ago. but it seems like it's at a hault. does anyone know what kind of specialist I could see?

Old 08-10-2007, 08:33 AM   #4
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desperate1 HB User
Re: URGENT! in need of advice! PLEASE PLEASE READ!

Hi there! You might want to take a look at my other recent posts on this board. I can't get any info, which is probably due to the fact that there is so little known about my condition. Anyway, I started out like you, thinking (and being told) yeast, BV, etc.
Long story short, a specialist diagnosed me with DIV after I'd already been suffering for years and now I treat with steroid cream and super strong, specially mixed suppositories and will probably have to do so for the rest of my life. Intercourse is painful, I still get burning, vulva is usually slightly to moderately painful to the touch, and apparently this condition goes inside the vagina and when I have pain, etc, it feels as though it is going all the way up to my uterus. Aside from the obvious physical issues, this also can lead to depression. What woman wants to be "defective" and unable to enjoy intercourse? It's been an awful few years, and not getting much better, even with my most recent "super SUPER strong suppository", which my doctor had specially mixed for me by a local apothecary.
I WOULD NOT WANT TO SEE ANYONE ELSE HAVE TO SUFFER WITH THIS! Read my posts, research DIV (I get more hits if I just look up "inflammatory vaginitis") and ask your gyn. If your gyn has never heard of this, ask to be referred to a specialist, maybe a vulvodynia specialist or someone who does more than general gynecology.
Maybe this is not what's happening with you, but I feel I have to get the word out. A lot of gyns do not catch this and, as with me, if it's left untreated it can become very life-affecting.
Good luck!

Old 08-10-2007, 08:35 AM   #5
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Red face Re: URGENT! in need of advice! PLEASE PLEASE READ!

You poor girl, The meds for the BV caused the YI.(Thats common)Now your body is probaley SO messed up from that AND antibiotics...YIKES! I agree with Maria, TRY the REPHESH. (Walmart 13.00)I had BV and YI for over 3 years, NOTHING helped, My OB/GYN gave me a sample of REPHESH and its ALL that has helped!! I still take probiotica and AZO YEAST but only cause its summer and I sweat alot UP THERE. I only have to used REPHESH about once every other month now, I was using CONSTANTLY for a number of months.(It stays inside you for 3 days)You could try going to a health food store and buying a yeast clense pill.(i used yeast defense). Id also change doctors!!!!! You need someone who will take this seriously. Remember we are always here to help ya! Keep me updated as how your doing.

Old 09-30-2007, 03:39 PM   #6
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gerbilsnout HB User
Re: URGENT! in need of advice! PLEASE PLEASE READ!

I have had the same story going on for years... Now, this didn't solve my problem but kept me out of discomfort for 2 years - the great love of my life - boric acid. It doesn't seem to be sold in pharmacies so I have to special order it at the pharmacy or order it online.

I get 600 mg gelatin tablets (with capsules you can open), dump out the gelatin, fill it up with boric acid and insert it at night. The reason for this is I can never find empty capsules at the pharmacy. Of course I could order them online but this is cheaper.

It leaks out during the day but for me it kept pain and discomfort to a minimum. It never did make the yeast infections go away for me, though. It just suppressed them so I was comfortable. However, I decided to try and get pregnant (apparently, lots of acid is not so good for sperm) so now I am back on the doctor train... Diflucan. Ha. Not working so I decided to try RepHresh again today. Not that it has worked in the past...

I am the world's biggest fan of boric acid because it ended two years of misery for me.... Lemme know if you have any questions. Oh, people have asked if it stings. It might for some people, but it is very soothing for me. It feels like it starts to kill stuff immediately.


"Die fungus die!" - Gerbilsnout

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aphrodite62782 HB User
Re: URGENT! in need of advice! PLEASE PLEASE READ!

Well let me take a stab at this. What kind of body wash do you use and have you changed body wash since you started getting these yeast infections? Do the yeast infections come and go? Or is it one big infection that has never gone away?

Now for some advice based on what I know already. My mom told me to do it and it worked. Go buy plain yogurt from the store and some tampons. Cover the tampon in the yogurt and insert it. You do this two times a day and leave the tampon in for 6 hours each time. It not only soothes the pain but is supposed to take the yeast infection away. It introduces good bacteria right to the infected area and that helps with fighting the bad bacteria without removing every bit of bacteria in your vaginal area. I hope this has helped you out.

Much love,

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Audrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB User
Re: URGENT! in need of advice! PLEASE PLEASE READ!

Often when it's either one long yeast infection for months and months, or off and on again and continuous it is usually due to the fact that the yeast has overgrown and taken control of your system.

I had the most awful candida build up in my gut approx 10yrs ago. I found a doctor who believed in getting rid of it, rather than simply telling me to buy over the counter creams/pessaries etc. By continously using those over the counter treatments it is simply a bandaid effect. You need to eradicate totally, not simply from the vaginal area. Also, using the same treatments is of not benefit as the yeast gets used to the ingredients within the medication and the medication is then not as effective. Each time you buy med's for yeast you should buy a different brand. The other thing i found was that certain brands were not as effective as others and also those supposedly 'fast' acting fixes where you simply swallow one pill or those 3day treatments did not work for me and i would never buy them. For me personally i found those original and messy 7 day treatments worked the best. I also avoided ALL sex until i was totally in the clear as the sex seemed to exacerbate the problem.

I took an oral pill to help kill it off in the gut, i took probiotics, a good multi vitamin as candida stops you absorbing vitamins/minerals, i was put in a total yeast free diet (no sugar, yeast, caffeine, alcohol, certain fruits i couldnt eat, no jams/conserves/honey, plus he excluded all wheat products which made it even harder). It ended up working. To this day, ever since i began taking a probiotic every single day i have never had a yeast infection even when last year i had to take two types of antibiotic during the one time. I was simply amazed and probiotics are my best friend now. I wouldn't simply take acidophilous, i buy one which has 8 varying strains of good bacteria.

I did recently hear of something called Eco Vag which is like a probiotic in capsule form which is meant to be inserted directly into the vagina. Some chemists will have it and you can find info on it on the net.

Ever since my yeast fiasco i make certain that no soap or soapy water goes anywhere near my vaginal area. Even when washing my hair in the shower i will bend forward to shampoo and rinse my hair just incase the shampoo runs down my back and gets anywhere it shouldn't. I dont wear underwear to bed unless it's period time. I rarely if ever wear a g-string as i have heard that the 'string' bit rubs up/down the anal area and can come into contact with the vaginal area and spread bacteria which can cause infections. Not sure how true that is, but after what i went through with yeast i dont want to take the risk.

Yeast is also extremely spreadable between sexual partners. If you are treating yourself then treat your partner too.

Always make certain your doctor does a swab test and not simply a visual test. Certain vaginal infections can have similar symptoms to yeast and genital herpes has similar symptoms to yeast. Not all of my yeast infections had identical symptoms and sometimes there were no actual symptoms until i went to have sex, then it would feel like the skin was burning and as though there was sandpaper being rubbed inside of me. Once i got rid of the yeast everything returned to normal, but it's not an over the night process or even a one week process when you have it so bad, so you truly have to be patient.

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