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my tubes are tied and having pregnancy symptoms

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Old 12-08-2007, 11:04 AM   #1
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Hope2Heal HB User
my tubes are tied and having pregnancy symptoms


I need some advice from others. ALso just an excuse to get some of this off my chest.

I had my tubes tied in aug. 06 during my C-section and birth of my son. I had a very high risk pregnancy with blod clot problems which means I cannot take birth control pills and when pregnant have to have constant monitoring and give myself shots. Besides the fact that my first son died at birth for unknown reasons in 2005. I had gestational diabetes and terrrible GERD in both pregnancies. I am 35 so decided that was it too much stress and risk to my own and unborns health.

So fast forward to now DEc 08. My wonderful son is 15 months. I have sold or given away most of his baby equipment and clothes, and we are in full force toddler land. I have been having fun but am happy to be sleeping through the night again and have enrolled in college, starting in Jan. I have in no way been wishing for or wanting a baby, have been happy with my decision in general. My periods are normal, and I usually don't have anything unusual going on with me generally healthy.

So all of a sudden I get this heartburn a few nights ago. It became very severe and so painful and relentless that I suddenly had a flashback to being pregnant. I do not usually get heartburn at all, occaisonally I do mildly if I ate something crazy. But with both my pregnancies I had terrible heartburn, so bad it was making me vomit and I was taking prescript med for it. I could hardley eat or drink anythng. I actually started taking some of my old scripts from pregnancy this week which were not working at first (strong zantac) and now protonix which I only have a 5 day sample pack. So I make this offhand comment to my husband like, "God I am so glad I will never have to be pregnant again, I remember what a killer that heartburn was. "

Ok so now all of a sudden I start thinking, well why DO I have this heartburn? I didn't eat anythng unusual, if anything I have been trying to loose weight and eating very small amounts and healthy foods. The more I thought about it the more I realized that I have been having a series of odd symptoms over the last month or so that do not seem to make sense but I just deal with and blow off. Then I look up tubal ligation on internet and guess what it is not 100% effective! Apparently, just like some people get preg on pill and IUD (My friend did) tubes can grow back together and you can still get preg. Slim chance it can happen, but slim chance you have perfectly healthy baby die at birth for no reason, and that happened to me.

Here are my symptoms. I have not taken a test though I still do have one from last time but maybe it has expired?

Besides the heartburn I have definite premestrual symptoms and expect my period to come around the 15th. Now that I think about it, my period seemed lighter to me last month, heavy the first day or 2 but I don't remember any usual clots, just bright red blood. Then it was as if went away! I kept wearing pads and not even spotting. Then like 4 days after I spotted slightly brownish and that was that. I though how weird.

Also right before the period was a horrible and very painful yeast infection (my first symptom of my last pregnancy) The med seemed to make it worse and finally after the bleeding stopped it cleared up.

Than around thanksgiving I could barely eat the food. I thought it tasted terrible even though everyone else liked it and I ended up throwing it all up. I felt bad agian the next day and only ate apple pie and ice cream for dinner than later tried again and threw up again. a few days later I ate a pizza burger vegetarian that I keep in the freezer. I have had them before not too bad. I ended up throwing it up. Then after couldn't even look at it or smell it actually just saying the word pizza burger turned my stomach. I figured I had a stomach bug or something. I do have some on and off nausuea that I keep thinking, maybe I am dehydrated, not drinking enough fluid or whatever.

Other symptoms:
slight crampiness and bloating
weird shortness of breath lasted a few days i thought it was allergies or asthyma though had no other symptoms. Also thought I had embolism since I have blood clot in my leg
lightheadedness and dizziness the same week as shortness of breath
slight bloody nose this week
Slight lower back ache this week
slight sore tingly boobs
not loosing any more weight despite eating very light lately
fatigue, napping almost every day when the baby does(i sleep well at night)
emotional, had a crying spell last week, flipped out on my husband than cried on and off all day (I am not a cryer not even during my period)
sense of butterflies or nervous excitement
"feel" like oh my god this explains it I am freakin preg. (despite all rational thoughts that say otherwise)

OH another weird thing. The night before the bad heartburn I had a dream I was pregnant, and had a baby girl and was breastfeeding her. The dream was long and detailed and very visual. I woke up thinking what an odd dream. Ever since my son's birth I have not dreamed about having a baby like I did before he was born. It stood out in my mind.

Anyway, suddenly I am like' well if I was pregnant that would be a miracle so of course I would be happy (yet terrified) but seriously what are the chances this could be? And if it is not what else is going on here? eptopic pregnancy is a risk of getting a tubal but I don't feel any severe pain. Put it this way, if my tubes weren't tied I would definetly be thinking I was pregnant.

Any input, similar stories would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking I will take the test if I don't get my period next week. But in the meantime I am just dying from the anticapation . For some reason I can't think of anything esle! Which is crazy because I don't even want to be pregnant!

Thanks for reading everyone and good luck with all your little ones

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HamuChan HB User
Re: my tubes are tied and having pregnancy symptoms

I would definately take a pregnancy test. Allllll those signs seem to be to much to ignore. Let us know what happens!

Old 12-08-2007, 05:35 PM   #3
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wyldflwr623 HB User
Re: my tubes are tied and having pregnancy symptoms

Just take a pregnancy test - it is easier than trying to get all the different reactions of the people here and will put your mind at ease one way or another.

Old 12-08-2007, 10:59 PM   #4
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Brooke85 HB User
Re: my tubes are tied and having pregnancy symptoms

Wow, I didn't know it was even possible to get pregnant after your tubes are tied.

Old 12-09-2007, 12:52 AM   #5
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barton93 HB User
Re: my tubes are tied and having pregnancy symptoms

Hi Hope.......I remember reading about you during your pregnancys. I would definately take a test. All the symptoms sound like pregnancy. Keep us posted & best wishes to you!!!

Old 12-09-2007, 05:00 AM   #6
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Re: my tubes are tied and having pregnancy symptoms

I also had my tubes tide and that was 18 yrs ago. I did the same thing by looking up tubal pregnancy and I guess it is not a rare thing it very comman. well one day I was get ready to jump in shower an noticed colosrium coming from the nipples and it was the greenish blue color though and that was a terrifying feeling cause I never experienced this in the last 17 1/2 years. I used to breast feed but when I stopped I never took the medication to dry my milk up cause the doc said it will naturally dry itself up. and experienced lower back and stomach pain. I never got morning sickness with any of my 3 pregnancies so with this ordeal with the liquid coming from the nipples and the pain it worried me that i may be pregnant so i decided to come on here and ask any of you if ever experienced what i did and what would you think???????? I am 40 too old for this to be happening now after 18 years.

Old 12-09-2007, 06:05 AM   #7
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Hope2Heal HB User
Re: my tubes are tied and having pregnancy symptoms

HI all

thanks for listening! I am going to take a test if I don't get my period in the next week or 2. With my last pregnancy I was having similar symptoms so I took a pregnancy test on new years eve because we were planning on partying and we had been ttc so i didn't want to drink if I was preg. the test was negative. I was dissapointed but had a great NYE. A whole week later I still had not gotten my period butstill kept feelling like it was coming. Finally i said, well I know my test was neg but I am going to take it again. To my surprise it was positive! I looked up tests online and apparantly this is common if you test too early. Of course I felt bad about NYE but it was only wine! So that is why I don't want to test yet.

I discussed the situation with my husband and we agreed to try and not talk about it until I am officially late for my period. WE agreed that it would prob be a very slim chance that I was preg and if I was we would be thrilled at the miracle of it but we are not going to think ahead of ourselves right now.

I do feel very premenstrual (though for me this is similar to preg symptoms) so we will just wait and see.

Thanks and I am still interested in hearing if anyone has similar experience or knows someone.

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