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jtomishin 01-28-2008 12:04 PM

what to expect after cystocele operation
I would like to know how long a catheter will have to be worn after the vaginal hysterectomy w/cystocele repair that I will be going through next month.. How painful will this surgery be for me?? I absolutely freak out with catheters, and knowing that I will probably be wearing one home really bothers Dr. tells me that it could take longer than 4 weeks also!! could anyone please tell me about their experience with this?? did you experience painful spasms with this bladder surgery?? I would appreciate anyone's output on this please...

mom2eck 02-04-2008 01:32 AM

Re: what to expect after cystocele operation
I had cystocele operation in October. I have had many complications, however to answer your questions about the cathedar. I had a subpubic. Since I was urinating fine before I left the hospital I didn't have to go home with it. I wish I had. I ended up in ER, getting a new catheder the night I went home. I had it for 4 days and was thankful for it. It goes by fast. I had NO pain associated with the surgery and had a hysterectomy at the same time. I urge you to check into ALL complications of this surgery. I am 16 weeks out and headed back for a 3rd surgery since the vaginal incision will not heal.

jtomishin 02-05-2008 07:23 AM

Re: what to expect after cystocele operation
Thank you so much for your answer...I have another meeting with the Dr. after some urodynamic tests they will be doing a week before the surgery, and you can best believe I will be asking him about these complications..I find it remarkable you didn't have much pain associated with this...don't like to hear about the complications you are having though...hope this all straightens out for you...J.T.

mom2eck 02-07-2008 11:11 PM

Re: what to expect after cystocele operation
Good Luck and keep me posted as to how it goes. If your doctor does a super pubic cath., go with it - it makes life so easy after surgery. You can still pee on your own and if you "can't" then you open the cath. and drain it yourself. Once you can empty your bladder on your own the cath. can be removed. It goes into your bladder just above your "hairline". I have a tiny scare that I'm sure it will fade over time. My complications are lingering on with a doctor that has decided to do nothing about my incision that won't heal. You can see my other posts that contain the details.

jtomishin 02-21-2008 02:46 PM

Re: what to expect after cystocele operation
I also forgot to mention that I also have the anterior vaginal wall prolapse along with the cystocele and vaginal hysterectomy...will most likely have the ovaries out also, since I am at an age where I really don't need it anymore...thinking it might help in case anything should develop down the road with them...
what kind of prep did you have to go through the day before surgery, such as drinking stuff for bowel cleanout...was just wondering...did they ask you to take a betadine douche also??

jules3 02-21-2008 03:47 PM

Re: what to expect after cystocele operation
Whew, wait a second? somebody please answer, does everyone need a catheter after a hysterectomy? or is that only with bladder surgery?

Momof2sons 02-22-2008 08:19 AM

Re: what to expect after cystocele operation

I had a hyst/bladder sling 10 years ago. At that time there was NO prep for the surgery, not sure what it is now, or what YOUR doctors prefers.
I also had the suprapubic catheter post op, and I agree, it was a HUGE help!
Unfortunatly my bladder NEVER regained function( BUT IS EXTREAMLY RARE FOR THIS TO HAPPEN!) Are they doing this surgery with assistence of a Laproscope? If not, I would RECOMEND IT. I had a "TVH" (Transvaginal hysterectomy) with the bladder sling. It was done vaginaly, NO Laproscopy was used. This means its a BLIND surgery! I'm by NO MEANS trying to scare YOU, BUT I believe in being FULLY informed when it comes to OUR bodies, and what is being done to them. The fact its a blind surgery, is something the Doctors seem to leave out. At least with a "lap assist" surgery, they can SEE what is being done, its not done by "feel" alone. So less chances for complications.
I recieved "nerve" damage during the hysterectomy part of the surgery, as I said its RARE to happen, but the fact is it CAN. I have been "self cathing" for 10 years now. At this point it is second nature to me, But at the time, I was 33 years old, and it was pretty dawnting. I would NEVER have another "blind" surgery again, and would demand a laproscope to be used.
I'm happy to hear you are going to have the chance to ASK your questions BEFORE you have this done. You have the right to request a lap assist, "IF" that is what you choose you want.
Please remember, I'm NOT trying to scare you, and I hope I didnt, but "knowledge is power" in my opinion. And also remember, what happen to me is QUITE RARE, but truely believe in being FULLY informed.

I wish you the best! And a speedy recovery, which I'm SURE you will.
Take care, and GOd bless,


jtomishin 02-22-2008 08:41 AM

Re: what to expect after cystocele operation
Annette, thank you so much for your input...I have printed your comment and am putting it in a folder along with other questions that I have for the Dr.
My surgery is scheduled for March 10th, and am getting more nervous as the time approaches...
I am truly sorry to hear of the complications you have suffered from your surgery ten years heart goes out to you... and thank you for saying it is my "right" to request an assisted laprascopic along with the TVH... I will be bringing all of this up with my Dr. in a week and half from now...this certainly added insight as to what I can ask for and didn't realize...
You will be in my thoughts and prayers...thank you...J.T.

Momof2sons 02-22-2008 10:42 AM

Re: what to expect after cystocele operation

Your VERY welcome! I just feel we all need to know the facts. I have found over the years (The hard way) that WE are our OWN BEST ADVOCATES, and to be that, we need to be informed.
I can honestly say, that had I known ALL the risks back then, I still would have had it done, because I would have never thought it would have happened to ME. THat being said, It wouldnt have come to such a shock to me, when it DID happen, had I known it was a possible risk, if that makes since. As I said, at this point being 10 years later, it is simply second nature to me, and just another part of my daily rutien, but intionaly was pretty tramatic.
I'm SURE all will go wonderful for you! Please let us know how your DOctor visit(pre-op) goes.
Take care, and GOd bless,

jtomishin 02-27-2008 07:42 AM

Re: what to expect after cystocele operation
Annette, I was also wondering if that suprapubic cath you wore after the surgery was with or without a bag...I definitely do not want a bag to go home with at all..he told me it may take longer than a few weeks, that is wearing the catheter...of course, I never thought of asking what kind, but will when I see him next week....quite a few years ago I had such a bad bladder infection, I had to wear a cath for did not have a bag, it had a cap to it, and all I had to do was turn the cap and drain into the toilet and put cap back on, and this was attached to the side of my thigh with some tape...I even went to work with, of course, it was a type of foley cath. not like what you had, but I was wondering if the Dr. would allow that for me....don't know if the suprabpuic cath comes like that or not, and of course, it depends on what type he wants me to not like the bag ex husband had to wear one after his cancer prostate surgery, and when he was over to see the kids, I could smell urine...that's unacceptable to me, do not want anything leaking, etc... thanks Annette...

Momof2sons 02-27-2008 07:58 AM

Re: what to expect after cystocele operation

No MY suprapubic cath did NOT have a bag. Mine had a valve on the end of it which I opened to drain simular to what you described. I had what I refered to as a "holster" that was taped to my hip, and had a velcro strap type thing that I hooked the valve end to.
You CAN request the type of catheter you want also. Just let him know you dont want a bag to go home with. I requested the suprapubic, rather than a foley, but as I said Im sure he would have no problem setting you up with what you want.

Did you get all your questions answered?

Take care and GOd bless,

jtomishin 02-27-2008 08:18 AM

Re: what to expect after cystocele operation
Annette...many thanks again....I will show him your reply...thank you for answering so quickly...I see him on the 7th (next Friday) have to go through some urodynamic testing that I am not thrilled with, but, oh well.... and my surgery is the 10th...He is on vacation all of Feb. and then starts his surgery for the year beginning March, so I guess I am one of the first ones for the year...will be asking him a lot of questions next Friday, after testing....thanks again Annette...will keep you posted....

Momof2sons 02-27-2008 09:49 AM

Re: what to expect after cystocele operation

I can understand the NOT looking foward to the urodynamics...Oh What WE women go through!..

Do you know what he is going to do for the cystocele? I had a bladder sling procedure, there are other ways they also do the cystocele repair one is also called the "burch" (sp?) procedure, but I think that one has to be done abdomonaly? There are other types too I believe. I know these days they use different material for the slings.
With me they used my own "fashia"(sp?) they took it from an area below my belly button in the pubic area and created a "sling" out of that. I dont believe they do it that way anymore? Thats another question you could ask also is what type of cyctocele repair he plans on. It sounds like he is a good Doctor and covering all the basis PRIOR to doing the urodynamics BEFORE! When I had mine, they DID'NT do any testing other than a exam and that was it. Confirmed prolaps of Uterus and bladder and did surgery. SO you do sound like your in good hands. And thats comforting!

I sure wish there was a site like this when I had mine done! It would have made things easier to cope with.

I'll be looking foward to your report from the Doctor!

Take care and GOd bless,

jtomishin 02-27-2008 11:12 AM

Re: what to expect after cystocele operation
Annette, I can't thank you enough for all that I am learning thru you!!
I didn't even know they could create a sling the way they did from below your navel!! how they do it now, I do not have a clue, as this is all new to me...I heard there is a risk of the body rejecting some of these man made materials???
He will tell me everything next week, as I do not want to be hit with all kinds of things the morning of the surgery...I want to know exactly what is going to be done on me and how ...when he was first examining me he felt a "thickening", it could mean a lot of things, and it may also mean I won't have a TVH...he may have to go through the abdomen, but said he wouldn't know till after the ultrasound...trouble is, I see him immediately after the urodynamic testing...the ultrasound is after I see him....well, I think I may want him to call me at home and let me know, as I really don't want to be surprised the morning I walk in for surgery as I said before, it will be that following Monday...
Thank you so much for giving me all this information...I have till next Thursday to go back and forth on the computer, should I have questions (If you don't mind) but after that, I won't be able to let you know until I am back at work from surgery, as I do not have a computer at home...
Thank you ever so much again.....J.T.

Momof2sons 02-27-2008 12:43 PM

Re: what to expect after cystocele operation

Yes, I have ALSO read how some women have rejection from some of the materials they now use! Major issues with "errosion," I'm not sure WHY they stopped using the persons own fashia, but would think doing so would decrease chances of complications. The area they took mine from was in the pubic area, like a bit below where your hair line starts, if that makes since.
Fashia is the "silver" colored covering over your muscles, so they DO NOT cut the muscle at all when harvesting it. Might be something you could ask about as well.Or at least ask why they no longer use it?
Hmmm...I'm interested in what he says the "thickening" is. Wonder if its the bladder neck itself?
I'm sure if you asked him( when you see him after urodynamic study) to call you after the ultra sound he would.
I dont blame you for not wanting ANY suprises, I've had MANY and would'nt want them again!
Thats why I try to prepare well with my own research prior. For example back in June, I had to have a significant surgery on my head, they made a 3" hole in my skull above my ear, to repair a hole I had within my inner ear, causing Major balance issues, Well I researched to the point I found actual video's online of the procedure, and when reading about any complications, found that "rarely" you can loose the hearing in that ear. Well that was something the surgeon NEVER told me about, and guess what...IT HAPPENED! When I told him he was SHOCKED!..Never had happened to one of HIS patients!..Well Being an honest person that I am(well ..... AND because the LOOK of FEAR he had on his face! As though I would "SUE HIM" LOOK!!) I said well I DID read that PRIOR to the surgery, and I felt it was a small price to pay to have my balance back. Made him feel better! I'm still having issues with total deafness on one side, Very difficult to tell what direction a noise is coming from, hard to hear with ANY KIND of back ground noise, BUT..I KNEW PRIOR, that that could happen. Not that I wanted it to. But my point is sometimes bad things can happen, and being for-warned of any possibilities, makes it somehow more tollerable, IF it does.

Oh MAN!!..You mean I will have to WAIT until you get back to WORK!!??..LOL
I'll be chomping at the bit!

Feel free to ask away. I may not have all the answers but willing to help you with finding them.
Take care and God bless,

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