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laconfundida 05-05-2008 12:29 PM

random question
hi, i just started being sexually active, and had my first pap test done. 1st my doctor told me that i had bacterial vaginosis. i was perscribed medication but as soon as i started it i had my period and couldn't continue :( anyhow, i just finished my period and i was wondering if i should start all over again? or just continue it... i would ask my doctor, but shes very hard to reach.
another question, her secretary just called me this morning telling me i should get a colposcopy done. I'm a little scared now.
also, is it safe to have intercourse in this situation? :$

xtattooX 05-05-2008 01:49 PM

Re: random question
Laconfundida- I'm not sure I quite understand why you discontinued using your antibiotics for the bacterial vaginosis, just because you had your period. Is that the kind of medicine you had, or was it something topical? Anyway, if your doctor said to stop using the meds, then I mean yeah, you did right by listening to your doctor. As for the colposcopy, I continued having sex before I had my colposcopy done, of course after I had it, the doctor advised that I didn't have sex for a week or two after, so my cervix could heal. Hope this helps.

Pickle Eyes 05-05-2008 06:19 PM

Re: random question
Laconfundida, you need to call the doctor's office even if they are hard to reach. They will best be able to tell you what to do regarding the meds. Be totally honest with them about what you have done and haven't done. When it comes to the colposcopy, it is advised to not have anything in the vagine 2 days prior to the test. Are you aware of what they are looking for/why they have requested the colpo? Do you have a copy of your pathology report? If not, ask for one. Also, I suggest you read about what they do/can do during a colposcopy so you are aware. They might just look. They might look and take a biopsy by pinching off abnormal cells. They might do an ECC (endocervical curettage) in addition to either option.

I hope that helps.

mommyandwifey 05-05-2008 06:27 PM

Re: random question
Hi there...there seem to be at least a few things going on so lets try to sort this out.

1st-BV Bacterial Vaginosis- I concur...follow your Dr's suggestion on whether to continue the antibiotic during your period or restart after your period.

2nd-Colposcopy- I would find out a) what is your HPV status b) why are they recommending a colposcopy- usually this is the suggestion after an abnormal pap c) what were the results of the PAP (ascus, CINI, CINII, CINIII) d) when you go for colposcopy ask that they do the ECC (endocervical curretage). I'd ask these questions because its possible that infection (i.e BV) can cause an abnormal pap but my guess is since they're recommending a colpo..that may/ maynot be the case here

3rd- SEX- I would hold off until you can sort this all out. Even if you were only dealing with BV, I would complete the course of antibiotics and leave the vagina free of any unnecessary bacteria that could be introduced during sexual activity.

So I would call the Dr, be sure to follow your appointments and take care.

xtattooX 05-05-2008 07:07 PM

Re: random question
See, I wasn't told to not have sex before the colposcopy procedure, but I wish they would of told me, if it's that important that you refrain from having sex 2 days before you have the colposcopy. Also, when answering your post, I did not even think about the having sex with bacterial vaginosis thing, and its probably not a good idea.

Like the ladies said, just hold off on the sex thing until you get things sorted out with your, doctor. I'm sure they'll let you know what you can and can't do. Good Luck, with your colposcopy procedure, and you can always get good advice from these Ladies.

I myself am still pretty new to this board, and I'm learning new things about many things discussed on this board. Good Luck again!

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