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BlueBellJess 05-29-2008 09:56 AM

Some help please?
Hi Everyone,

I'm very new to the site and I wanted to join to find out more about the problems I am having. I'm 23 years old and suffer from really bad and painful periods. It seems like each one keeps getting heavier and longer with large clots and really excruciating cramping that makes me feel sick, to almost the point of wanting to vomit. I have sometimes felt faint, dizzy, have had diareah(sp) being pale, loss of appetite and periods last up to around 8 or 9 days with it being heavy throughout.

At first I had an iron defficeincy but I had an iron injection a year back and its seemed to have levled. I have also had an ultrasound which confirms that I've got a 5cm by 3cm cyst on my left ovary. I have had two miscarriages at least two years ago now and my uterus is lopsided meaning it fronts forwards I think is what my doctor reckons. I'm wanting to know if anyone else around my age has had similar heavy periods? my breast swells when its happening and they haven't become normal since my last period which was two weeks ago. I haven't lost weight or put any on, I'm 97 kilo's and 5'8 in height and don't drink and don't smoke and try to keep healthy with good food.

I also have been having hot flushes where I sweat quite badly and they leave me feeling tired and wanting to go to sleep. I've had that in the last two or so periods, my periods are regular and last always the same amount of time and I know I'm not pregnant.

Any suggestions?

thanks guys in advance ^^

MSNik 05-29-2008 05:52 PM

Re: Some help please?
Jess, sorry to hear you are in such distress. You should really go talk to your GYN about this some more...what it sounds like is a serious hormonal imbalance. Tests (blood tests) can be done to check your thyroid and other hormonal levels...thats easy enough...but there are also procedures to stop the bleeding, if it is really excessive. You said you had an iron shot a year ago? That helped? Iron shots are usually administered monthly- so you might want to get that checked again to....Iron defiency can do the same thing to a woman.
meanwhile, I hate to say it, but a good physical to rule out other deficiencies would be beneficial...a GYN can do all of that with simple blood work-
hang in there, but please go see a doctor soon.

BlueBellJess 05-29-2008 06:19 PM

Re: Some help please?
Thanks so much Nik, I'm actually seeing my doctor today and I already have been reffered to a gyno but have to wait three weeks to see him. I've had thyroid tests and hormonal tests about six months ago which came back relatively normal. Some things might have been a little out here and there but not big time. It's just concerning me because sometimes even some of the strong painkillers won't help. I've got a prescription for Osteo Panadol which should help for my next period. I can't take a lot of the really strong painkillers because I just vomit them back up again or they just make me feel really sick. Thanks for your advice, I hope to hear more from others ^^


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