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Uneven Breasts

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Old 06-01-2008, 09:09 PM   #1
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Uneven Breasts

I read a post on here earlier about women with uneven breasts. I'm 19 and unfortunately have them. They have always been uneven since I started developing, but I wasn't always that self-concious of it. Now that I'm home from my first year of college (not really being able to look at myself naked in the mirror daily [roommate]), I can really notice it. When I look at myself straight in the mirror, you can tell, but if I turn to either side, its even more obvious. Looking at pictures of myself in certain tops make it obvious too and seeing that only makes me more self concious and, well, embarrassed.
I wear a size 38C bra. My left breast seems to fit well in that. My right breast is now "spilling over." I haven't really tried on different cup sizes to see what the difference is, but it is certainly noticable. I've read about women who have the A/D differences, and I ache for them, but this assymetry is still doing a number on me.
I've been doing some research about this today and found out that surgery is the only option. I read that some think you should wait until the mid-20s or after children to have surgery, and I've also read that 18 is the only suggestion/requirement. I feel like I'm developed...I mean, puberty is definitely over. How much more drastically can my breasts change? Especially when they have always been assymetrical? I have to doubt that they will decide to even out at the very end of my development...
So I have been doing my research on surgery lately. Like I said, I'm feeling very self concious about this and having plastic surgery is very un-like me; I wouldn't ever have it done "for fun," this is something that makes me feel out of place and unnatural. I can talk with my mom about it, but my dad (who I live with), well, I don't know how to do that. I've read that surgery ranges from $3,000-10,000 and its not something insurance will cover. If its on the lower side of that range, I can afford the surgery myself. I've read that recovery time is 1-2 weeks and you're pretty much bedridden for the first 24-48 hours. If I go through with this, its not something I'll want anyone to know about...just me, the surgeon, and my parents. Not even my best friend. The thing with my dad is, he will eventually find out when his insurance company will probably be contacted (I don't know) about doctor visits, and when I'm in pain (even though he does travel on business throughout the week, its never for a full two weeks). I guess I'm just afraid he's going to completely disapprove. My mom will probably understand. I remember complaining about it to her when I was 14/15 after a dance recital when I noticed it. Like a good mother though, she would be very cautious and want to know any other routes first. And so would I; like I said, I wish surgery wasn't the only option.

Ugh. I'm just feeling very frustrated and wanting to fix this. I figure the summer is a great time to have it done...I'm home for a few months, no need to miss class or explain any stories to friends, etc. And I'd rather not have to wait until after children either. Who knows when that will be for me? I want to enjoy my youth and be able to confidently wear swimsuits and cute tops, etc.

In my online research, I read that implants usually need revision every 10-15 years. Does this cost a huge chunk of money each time as well? Can anyone give some testimonies on your happiness/unhappiness with the surgery if you've have it done??? I'd probably have the smaller breast augmented, and depending on the price thing, maybe the right one augmented slightly as well.

Advice please?!?!!? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Uneven Breasts

You definitely should wait until after you have children. That DRAMATICALLY changes your breasts. I had extremely uneven breasts before having kids (one a C, one a D). After 3 kids, they're still asymmetrically, but the C is much closer to a D.

If it really bothers you, try going to an "adult" store (or an "ostomy" store if there's one in your area) and getting silicone bra inserts. I wore some for several years before I had kids to even out the appearance. There are some very nice brands available that will stay put even in a bathing suit.

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Re: Uneven Breasts

I watched a thing on TV about breast implants and one girl who got them had a bad experience, getting really sick and having to have them removed. Anyway, all that aside, her mother was worried the entire time because she herself had had breast cancer and was concerned that if the daughter got it she would not be able to detect it due to the implants. It's something I never thought about until watching that documentary. It's something to consider. That, and the whole kids thing... I would wonder if it would affect your ability to breastfeed? And even if that's not the case, breast implants are often said to change your ability to feel sensation in your nipples I believe. Also, I think sometimes surgery makes your nipples look hard all the time (maybe I'm wrong). I don't think I'd want to worry about looking like I got a draft all the time.

Some of this may be petty, but it's all stuff to consider. Also, if it took you a while to notice your breasts being uneven, maybe nobody else notices. And even if they do, maybe you're the only one that gives any thought to it. It'd be a shame to go through surgery - pain and money and possibly a big charade to hide the fact that you had surgery) just to feel like you have some sort of aesthetic approval from either yourself or others.

Don't get me wrong, I can understand the idea of being less self-conscious seem to make it all worth while, but in reality you don't even know if you'd be happy with the results or necessarily see a change in your self image.

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Re: Uneven Breasts

Hopefully this will make you feel better, to know you're not alone. Majority of women have uneven breasts, some are more noticeable than others. The fact of the matter is that unless a woman has had surgery, chances are very high that she has uneven breasts but either it's a small enough difference not to be noticed or it's more noticeable and she just deals with it.

I'm one of those who has very noticeable difference. I'm 34 and I wear like a 44DD, although my left one is closer to an H cup. It's really, really annoying and I can remember back in high school when I could comfortably wear a 36C without a problem. I didn't really get larger until I put on about 100 lbs after high school, hence they got a lot bigger. Now the left one is really a lot bigger than the right, and it looks stupid but I deal with it. I guess maybe I'm at a point in my life where I just don't care what people think. If I'm with a guy and he's got a problem with it then he doesn't get to play at all, and that's his loss. Not mine. So.... I'm just saying that, while it can be annoying, at the end of the day, it's something that many, many women live with each day.

I have totally considered surgery but I've talked to 4 or 5 women who have had it done and they said the recovery was so painful that they wouldn't wish that kind of pain on anyone. They also said that if you get the wrong doctor, they will come out way more lopsided looking and just not right. So, I guess I'm just living with it and not letting it annoy me too much. I also think that if I lost the weight that they might actually go back to a more normal size, maybe, but I'm not sure yet....that remains to be seen.

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Touch-Me-Not HB User
Re: Uneven Breasts

Which option are you more considering: getting an implant to make 'em the larger size, or getting a reduction and going with the smaller size?

Honestly, I would think the reduction would be the better option. No need to worry about implants then and the worry of how it could effect breastfeeding and what not.

At any rate, you should find a plastic surgeon that you like the sound of and see if they do a free consultation. I was honestly looking towards possibly getting a boob job not too long ago and got a free consultation where I was able to ask questions, he checked me over, and got a good idea about everything. I decided to wait till after I have kids (I'm only 23) to do the surgery, depending on how kids affect it.

So many women have uneven breasts! Mine are uneven too. And hey! I have a girlfriend who doesn't have nipples! And she's totally proud of it. (They are inverted, so she can still breast feed and stuff, but... there just is no little nipple!). So don't you worry! We're all made differently. And really, you are only 19. Believe it or not, your breasts still possibly have some growing to do. Mine were still kicking in then.

Good luck!

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Re: Uneven Breasts

Welcome to womanhood!

Your breasts, your mind, and the rest of your body will continue to change throughout your entire life. Learning to love yourself, just as you are, is the secret.

Looking to surgery at your young age is not the answer. Instead, look inside yourself, learn how to accept the real you. If you need a little bra baby to tuck in one side, so be it!

Your breasts have a much more important job, than to look perfect in a bikini! When the time comes to nurse your babies, you will be in heaven.


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Re: Uneven Breasts

Let me tell you a little story about myself. I was 19 years old when I had a baby and started breast-feeding. I nursed her for almost 1 full year. During that time, one of my breasts always had the tendency to get clogged ducts which would become painful. Because of that I would regularly nurse from that side first to get relief. Unfortunately, I never thought about the possible long-term effects this could have. Since that side was always emptied first, she would get full on the other side w/out necessarily draining it completely. This created a cycle in which the first breast had a habit of producing more milk than the other. In the end I had one bigger than the other. Maybe if I had made a conscientious effort to start from the other side first more of the time it would have been more balanced.

Now, I am no doctor...but judging from my own experience...I would say it is theoretically possible that if you did decide to wait until you had kids and nursed, you might be able to do the majority of breast-feeding from the smaller side in order to encourage more milk flow through it and eventually help even them out. Just something to keep in mind.

On the other hand, if you do decide to go with surgery...I agree with the persons statement (Touch-Me-Not) about going with a reduction on one side rather than getting implants. There are simply too many risks associated with getting implants...not to mention it seems like it would be cheaper?

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