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kmchugh 06-26-2008 09:31 PM

weight gain
Hello, I have a 18 year old daughter who in the past 7 months or so has gained about 15 pounds. The thing is she is basically gaining it in her stomach area only. She actually looks 3 months pregnant. No she isn't pregnant. I have made her a appointment with her women dr. but just curious if anyone has had this happen before? She is on the Yaz birth control but I don't know if her body is just changing or what. She actually joined weight watchers to try and lose the 15 pounds and excersises 6 days a week and hasn't lost a pound.
Just looking for help or ideas.

Reyne 06-27-2008 01:54 PM

Re: weight gain
It could be several things. It could be the Yaz, reaching maturity, thyroid??? Is she taking in empty calories? Maybe her body is not burning calories like it used to?

Sometimes when you hit that age your body just freaks out. I hope the Dr give you some answers.

NELL236 06-27-2008 03:30 PM

Re: weight gain
Hi there - Assuming your daughter's diet is reasonable, you really should have her cortisol checked, both a.m. (fasting) and afternoon. Cortisol is really the worst of the worst for causing rapid weight gain especially around the middle. If you have to, insist, it really is important not to let the doctor brush you off.

There are various causes for high cortisol, but first find out if that's it. Next would be a check for thyroid hormones (FT3 and FT4, TSH) and cholesterol (especially low density:LDL). There is a thyroid-cholesterol-cortisol connection.

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