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Laparoscopy - scared to have it done

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Old 08-21-2008, 03:03 PM   #1
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Laparoscopy - scared to have it done


I've been told I have endometriosis and possible adhesions but have never had a lap to prove it. I don't always have pain that happens only on the right side but some months the pain starts mid cycle and it lasts all the way until I have my period. Sometimes I think I have a bladder infection but I never do. I have pain in the ligament and the hip area and it just very uncomfortable. During this time I also get sharp pains when lifting my leg during exercise (knee to chest). This last cycle, I had sharp pain while urinating and having a BM. That was a first. I mentioned it to my GYN who could find nothing wrong after a pelvic exam. I've had this kind of pain on and off for about 20 years but felt real good during my pregnancies. I've had sonograms, abdominal CT scan with contrast (05) and coloscopy in 05. All normal. GYN's in the past have urged me to try the BC pill to help the pain but I refuse. I don't want to take them for something they "think" I have. My current GYN suggested the diagnostic laparoscopy and said it was strictly my decision to have this test done. I agreed. It is scheduled for this Monday. The interesting thing is at this moment I'm pain free and I think it is because my cycle just ended. I'm very scared to have this procedure because when I had my appendix removed 20 years ago, the pain I felt when coming out of that was excruciating. I've read many accounts where people are in lots of pain from this procdure. Is this true? I know everyone is different but is the pain going to be excruciating? What happens if you don't treat endo and just live with the pain? Will it ever go away? Will a lap make it worse? My doctor mentioned using the laser only if he finds endo. The whole point of this test is to determine if I even have it but I'm truly scared to death and praying I'm not making a mistake. Any words of encouragement would be so helpful. Thanks.

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Re: Laparoscopy - scared to have it done

Okay, believe it or not, surgery has come a long way even in the past 20 years. Pain management is better, most of the time people don't come out of the anasthesia already in serious pain. Laparoscopy involves a very small incision, and therefore an easier recovery. Developing worse long-term problems as a result of the lap is very unlikely. (not impossible, but unlikely.)

Is it necessary? Well, if you do have endo, the surgeon can hopefully reduce your symptoms by removing some of the problem tissue at the same time. Also, you will then know what's going on for sure.

If you don't treat endo, usually the worst thing that happens is continued pain and possible infertility. It might get worse over time, especially if you get scarring inside your body, but it's unlikely to kill you.

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Re: Laparoscopy - scared to have it done

Thank you so much for responding. I'm just concerned about putting my body through this for nothing but if there something going on and they can help it then I suppose for that it would be worth it. I hope it doesn't put me out too long. My doctor said people normally get over it in a couple of days but many stories I've read about others' experiences say differently. I think I've scared myself by reading too much. When they do a laparoscopy do they look at everything such as bowel or bladder? Can they determine if there is also something wrong with the bowel (endo on it) or bladder such as interstitial cystitis? Can they also tell if you have had cysts even if there is not one present at the moment? I've had 2 beautiful children that I'm blessed to have and very thankful for so thankfully infertility has not been a problem for me. Thanks again for your help.

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Re: Laparoscopy - scared to have it done

I had a laparoscopy, and while it was years ago, I do not remember being in much pain at all. My recovery was easy and I was back at 100% within days. Do not stress over the pain, there are lots of pains we go through everyday that are worse than the pain from this procedure. Really. Knowledge about what is happening with your body, whether good or not so good, does bring a kind of peace of mind. Good luck!

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Re: Laparoscopy - scared to have it done

Hey, laparoscopy is not at all bad or scary! I had one two years ago and I am so glad I had it done! It was for removal of a cyst and discovered endo while in there. It has really helped with the pain, etc. And I will tell you, from my experience, that it was an easy procedure for me! Here's what you could expect: A little pressure afterward (like you need to pee) but not bad at all. A little sore like you did too many push-ups but that goes away shortly...just take it easy the first 2 days or so and walking around helped me. Some people say the only thing after that was bothersome is shoulder pain (deferred travels to your shoulder?!)...from the gas they use during the procedure. I never had it, but I've heard it goes away by that evening or so. All in all, you will be so glad to have it done and know for sure if you have endo or what's going on. =) Good luck and if you have it'll be fine! And yes, they can see other organs in the ab/pelvic region to rule other things out as well.

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4dad HB User4dad HB User
Re: Laparoscopy - scared to have it done

A big THANK YOU for making me feel so much better about it. I am at peace with it now. I can't thank you enough for telling me some positive experiences about this test. Thank you for the great detail DQGal of what I can expect. No one has put it like that yet and what you all have said has calmed me greatly. Thanks so much.

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Re: Laparoscopy - scared to have it done

I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy in April and also had some endo lesions removed at that time. Relative to the pain I had to put up with prior, piece of cake.

One small warning, they will pump in a little air to add a little room so they can get around and get a good look around. As odd as it sounds, the pain in my shoulders caused from the air rising hurt more than the small incisions and all the internal cutting. I only used the super pain pills for 3 days and I donít think I really needed them after the first 48 hours.

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