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lourash 09-22-2008 07:50 AM

would you get a 2nd opinion??
I posted a little about my breast cyst and discharge from the other breast before. Anyway my ob/gyn sent me to a specialist due to a cyst on my mamogram and because of green-gray discharge from the other one. When I took my report from radiology to the doc it was wrong. It said I had a cyst in both breast confirmed by ultrasound after the mammo. Well I never had an u/s of the right breast that is leaking , it was the left one. So the specialist refused to look at the discharge like the other doc wanted him to he did an ultrasound and said well the reason you have the green stuff is it must of ruptured cause I cannot find it. WEll DUHHHH its because it was never there. He did find the large one in the left breast and aspirated it in the office . He threw the fluid from it away. He says it may very well come back and it can be drained one more time if it comes back then I have to have it surgically removed. I called the hospital and told them about their goof up , I guess they don't know left from right!! No apology or anything , but they did reread the films and u/s and corrected it to read the cyst is in the left one and nothing in the right one. i still have green discharge from the other and don't know why. My husband wants me to get a second opinion since the doc didnot even look at the discharge. I have never had anything like this and don't want to make a big deal if its nothing to worry about. I am just not sure what to do or weather I should just ignore the discharge and it will go away.Would any of you get a second opinion from another doc?

starissa 09-22-2008 12:41 PM

Re: would you get a 2nd opinion??
i would get a 2nd, if your not comfortable with what the last doc said by all means get another one. One thing ive learned over the years anothe opoion can not hurt

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