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Lovinglife514 10-05-2008 05:19 PM

slight pelvic pain, Strange bleeding (need advice)
So about 8 months ago I went to Dr for some slight pain & found I had cysts that were probably bursting. Gyn ordered another U/S 3 months. I had that & came back fine (cysts again but just follicular) & a thickened endometrial lining. Since that came back he ordered a hysteroscopy & biopsied that (came back benign).

Since then I have been fine. I do still have the slight cramping on my right pelvic area & almost 3 weeks ago at my yearly appt I did tell him that. He said my exam was normal & he could offer me a laparascopy if I wanted it. I did not know how to answer that.. Do I need one? (that is my question). I don't even know what he is checking for with a laparascopy.

So after that appt. My period came normal time & fairly normal. My period normally lasts 4 days total. But this time on day 5 & day 6 (today) I will have one bout of blood just one I feel it coming & I wipe it & its gone (red blood). Then thats it.

I am at a loss. My sister does have endometriosis, but I have no idea if its genetic or if this could even be it. I guess I am bloated at times but sometimes I don't know if I am bloated or if its just my belly post kids. Haha.

Any advice?

Lovinglife514 10-06-2008 10:02 AM

Re: slight pelvic pain, Strange bleeding (need advice)
Doesn't anyone have any input? At all?

Today there was no red blood just some dark brown when I wiped & very little.

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