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alexis1234 02-13-2009 07:50 AM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture

See if you can do a fungal culture. They test that for a month to see if any yeast grows. The discharge with the glabrata is very minimal and it doesn't resemble the typical yeast..."thick, curdlike" at all.


TosinMA 02-13-2009 02:49 PM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture
My symptoms are not of a typical yeast infection. I had a "typical yeast infection" five years ago, and this was NOTHING like it. I have hardly any discharge - and when I do, it is whitish, not curdlike, but in one clump, but not very elastic like egg whites, kind of like the consistency of conditioner. It itches and my vulvar area burns, along with itch irritation around my urethra. I went to a Dr. in New York City who diagnosed me with yeast galbrata immediately. Apparantly he is a guru in vaginitis, he should be for the amount I paid! It took me so long to figure out what was wrong because it is little to no discharge, a lot of burning, with a lot of negative test results.

I started taking garlinase orally, along with acidophilus. I noticed that I don't have as much burning, and my energy levels are higher already! (I have felt so lathargic since I've had this issue). I am going to try the garlinase vaginally in a few days, I started a gynosal 1 treatment on monday, I feel somewhat better. I also ordered grapefruit seed oil and am waiting for that to come in as well.

I've noticed throughout the years, since I've had this, that I crave sweets more, and when I do consume sweets, I get more irritated vaginally. I also have had itching in my ears and pain - but no infection, and I recently learned that this is caused by yeast. So its definitely systematic for me. That would explain why I have been so sleepy as well, even with a full nights sleep. And my mood swings are off the charts.
For that past two years I have been on antitbiotics, several different kinds, at least 9 or 10 times, along with an IV treatment of antibiotics over the summer. So I have no doubt that yeast is what is causing my issue.

Has anyone hard of ThreeLac? I have read good and bad reviews on it for treating yeast, so I am reluctant to try it.


Nenita84 08-13-2009 12:34 PM

re: pain and itching with a negative culture
Hello, perhaps I can help you with my experience..
About a year ago I started to feel very itchy down there, and burning too.. in the past i did develop about 3 yeast infections but they would go away with the proper treatment ( nystatin for 2 weeks, or monistat for 10 days.. yes 10 days. ) The thing is that i thought I had yeast infection again so i would use the treatment.. but this time i never fully recovered.. i still had itch and burning.. that's when my curse started.. I got damn scared abot perhaps having some hidden STD.. went to many gynos always with negative tests, always negative yeast cultures.. so I couldn't figure this out.. why would i still be tchy and so irritated if i had nothing?? gynos alwas told me "just forget about it, it's all in your head" .. i was so frustrated, I tried the candida diet, natural remedies.. everthing!!! ( At least i lost so many pounds,,, jajaj) nothing seemed to work and i was pretty much feeling like i would just have to get used to it.. my own embarrasing curse.. until.. I tried the aloe vera tampon.. it actually worked!!!!!!! for 2 days, but worked!!! I had 2 days of happiness in a whole year, which actually i felt so grateful for.. so i just figured that my whole life i've suffered with skin conditions, like dry skin, eccemas, very sensitive skin.. so i thought that aloe vera helped me because it healed the irritation I researched about products for very sensitive skin.. and came across Eucerin, which is a brand specially created for problem skins.. i just bought this intimate wash.. and i cant belive it already.. the first day i used it .. i felt 50% better, and it's been a week now and I've had 2 happy days, and some 80% to 90% relief... so what is the conclusion???? I just had very dry skin.. i mean.. if the skin of your body is already sensitive of course the vaginal tissues are so much more sensitives.. so please.. try this one out.. I know there are several brands outhere, I tried a very good one first called lactacyd.. which is an excellent product but is not for sensitive skin, the eucerin product is bit "oily" so actually leaves your vagina moist and protected.. the eucerin product have many many medical studies about helping with many skin conditions, even psoriasis, so please try this one out...!!!
Im so damn happy about this.. i cant belive it, in just one week im pretty much myself again after a year and a half...

best wishes!

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